21-27 May 1984

Monday 21/5/84

Late morning. I have a horse cough, now (y’know a deep, hoarse wintry cough) Was cold & windy today. Love it!!! Haven’t got Fi’s present yet – UMAH! Mucked around at lunchtime. Quite boring really. Came home and cried. Don’t know why – just got angry & cried. [brilliant example of inexplicable teen angst, due to raging hormones?] Dad rang and tried to calm me down. He has his own flat now. Jodie S.’s birthday

Tuesday 22/5/84

I GOT MY PINAFORE!! It’s grey but still great! Gave Fi a postcard & I will every day of the week (until Saturday – the surprise party.) Heaps of HW today (Angela’s birthday, too, today) AM worried I won’t get it done. GUESS WHAT?!! Shane is going to the Blue Light with Jenny H. He doesn’t know she smokes. Poor boy – another broken heart!!!! [ah, the naivety of youth…hilarious]

Wednesday 23/5/84

Fiona didn’t get on the bus today. She & Jemima wagged it, together – they told me. That’s quite upsetting. I told Mrs Dunphy about the surprise party & she’s agreed to let Fi go. One problem – Jemima knows. Stuart blurted it out. I’ve got no choice but to lie to her. Hope she doesn’t find out. At the movies this morning were gonna see Footloose as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the shitty teachers made them turn the projectors off. Couldn’t go to tennis – no buses left. Got into Toni’s group for Round Robin. FUN! On the way home from speech someone at the school whistled & whistled & whistled. I think at me! Sounded like it!

A Life in Words
the only photo (to my knowledge) of me with braces

Thursday 24/5/84

Got my BRACES!! They’re not big chunky ones at all (like Lucy’s) They’re good! Stayed home. Watched TV & did History. Went to Toni’s (when she got home form school). Drew up the man for “Pin the dick on the Spunk” game at the party. Went home. Late-ish night.

Friday 25/5/84

Ran late because my teeth were aching & I couldn’t eat quick enough! Wasn’t worried – no one teased me. Parade this morning. Have some new assignments. Talked about party at lunch, while Fi was at Library & Angela at a debating meeting. Ate 3 bowls of ice-cream this arvy, but did a lot of riding after!! Mima came around, asking about the surprise party. I told the truth except that “Karen, Rebecca P. & Natasha” organised it. She was very upset. Riding to tennis tomorrow. (I’m actually allowed to ride!) Fi & mima were planning to go to the Bluelight. I feel I’ve hurt Jemima badly  by telling her she couldn’t come. It seems she hates me for it.

Saturday 26/5/84

Rode to tennis. Jemima didn’t talk to me once at all. Fiona filled in mima’s team; I filled in Beka’s. Had a great day, despite Jemima’s sourness. Beek & I talked about it. She rode me home. (the other two went to the Esplanade). I dressed and went to Dad’s. Found out Peta & Marney both smoke! At home, paced nervously until time to go. Got calls from Lucy. Got Fiona but was trapped. Jemima came back down the hill. They explained about how they found out the truth & said sorry. I cried. Took Fi’s gear up then collected Fi.

A Life in Words Sunday 27/5/84

Was great! We ate & played with water bombs, got beds ready, sat & ate dinner, watched “Porky’s” (was UNREEAL!) Played pin the cock on the man, then Boarding Schools. Watched “Clas of 1984”, then talked & talked & talked. Slept on & off – I got around ½hrs sleep! Angela & Natasha didn’t sleep at all. Some had a swim in the morning – COLD!! Had pancakes the size of piklets for brekky. Mucked around. Came home at 2pm. Slept ½hr. Want to sleep again. I’ll have an early nite!




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