Show Fervour & Binge Guilts (16-22 July)

Monday 16/7/84

Sooo tired this morning! Did exercises & couldn’t take my eyes off the book! When were ready Dad drove us home where Toni was & packed lunch. When we pulled up at school, I finished “Lovers & Gamblers” ‘Happy’ ending but I didn’t like it cos’ too many good characters die. Mucked around today – it went fast. Surprising amount of HW. Did some title pages in Toni’s History & Science books & she paid me with a pkt of chips. Personally, I don’t think that’s enough!…

Tuesday 17/7/84

Woke early, got to bus stop early. Quite tired, in fact, VERY tired, have been all day. At School, Mr Howard was bashed up. (Not at school, dummy) He came with 2 black eyes, bruised nose & grazes. Musta bin in a fight. Went shopping & bought red tights & hair mousse. Hairdressers were booked out – couldn’t find shorts or scarves either.

Wednesday 18/7/84

Day went really quick – was so excited about tonight. Came home, had bath, dressed & went to speech. Fi rode me home coz mum forgot me & was late. Had dinner & went. Was UNNRREEEAL. Am so excited for Friday now! It’ll be Triffic

Thursday 19/7/84 A Life in Words

After a LONG, SLOW day, I gorged on the choccy’s from my Show bags. I’ll never get them again – waste of money. Watched TV & relaxed. Actually wrote a 6 page letter!!! (To Jodie & Mike) [our ‘closest’ cousins – mum’s sister’s offspring] Me? Yes! Have planned out tomorrow; Sleep in, have brekky….

Friday 20/7/84

LAST DAY OF THE SHOW – OHHH!!! Had the usual show day holiday. Planned out my morning – did everything perfectly. Got to mim’s at 1:30, Fi got there at 2:00 & we left at 2:45. Had the greatest time EVER! Went on the Orion: 2, Whizzer: 1, Paratrooper: 2, Ferris wheel: 1, Hurricane: 1 & Gravitron: 1 Truly, totally unreel! Met Justine etc & Jason P. & Mark!♥ But I don’t think he even sees me. Oh well – I don’t mind dreaming!

Saturday 21/7/84

Woke at 7:30. Rushed for tennis – Martin D. dropped us in. After, walked to Stereo World – drove mim & Fi to our place – ate lunch – went to mims & swam all arvy (till 3:00) Went to Fi’s & cooked custard and some patty cakes. At home, slept well.

Sunday 22/7/84

Woke at 8:00 & lazed around all day Umah! Feel guilty about eating between snacks & the HORRIBLE bulges of FAT on my stomach. I want to get rid of them but my will power isn’t strong enough. Anyhow watched TV all day – early or reasonably early night. Am not looking forward to school 2morrow.

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