Nasality, Quadraplegia & Hiding from Cars (9-15 December)

Monday 9/12/85

Earned a further $25 today. Still want more. [Aha, first hint of an earning addiction. Working to earn, to accrue – whether to spend or save – can become a compulsion. While the discipline is admirable, on the whole it’s not great for your mental/emotional health.] Have to work to earn money for Wednesday, too; Beka, Justine, Lucy, me & Sharon D are gonna go to the movies & mum said I have to use my own money, so.. IS BOILING HOT!! Guess what we’re gonna see?!!! For my 3RD TIME – Back to the Future!! OMIGOD I don’t believe this heat! Mum bought some more new Xmas decorations. Adam G & Steven S rode by. (See, Friday arvy, when Beek & I were getting ready for the party, Adam talked to us – Beka reckons he was chatting us up. Anyway I think she might be right cos’ he & Steven were ‘hanging’ round this arvy.) Anyway, am having a (pretty) early night for once (is 9:45 now) So goodnight!!!

Tuesday 10/12/85

A Life in Words
One of the most iconic Australian women’s clothing brands of the 80s

I am afraid – afraid to speak, that is. Everyone at work tells me how nasally I am getting. [Unfortunately little has changed, although I am surprised how few people have mentioned it in these later years of my life. “You have a distinctive voice” was the most recent – and very tactful – description of my voice.] I really want to have my adneoids out. I feel it would help a lot in preventing my allergies (getting totally rid of them) & much of my mucus problem, blood noses & of course (& most importantly) my nasality (& sinus). [Dr Elissa] Today I went to work again (for the money, and the sake). Earned $24. My total is now $132. Went to Kmart this arvy – forgot to take my money. DUMB, huh?!! (No comments, please!) New part looks good – there’s Cherry Lane & some other jewellery shops & ‘sunnies’ shops. Dear me, thinking about it, I think I do go to work not only for the money, but for something to do during the day. (Mum’s usually not home…) [My sister was in Grade 8 and they didn’t finish up for the year until a fortnight after us Year 10’s. And with Mum needing to work obviously I would have been very much alone at home. Everyone needs ‘Purpose’.] Dad’s running out of cash. I’m not allowed in there for some time. Oh dear!!.. Movies (again) tomorrow

Wednesday 11/12/85

Was ready to go to town early, so went to Lucy’s. A Life in WordsGot mum a purse & dad’s running shorts. The movie was good (I’ve seen it 3 times, now) Beka loved it and the supporting film. Warren D & Wayne C saw us at interval. Came & sat near – BLECH! Caught 4:00 Bus to Lucy’s (Sharon D went home) Played board games (Anna & Colleen dropped in.) Beka & I are staying the night. Mucked around – went for a walk around the streets & I (of course, with my Luck it was me) got ‘sprung’. See, we played that we hid from cars when they came. I hid behind a car & Luc & Beek jumped into a bush. Stupid guy fairly blew me up. Fuckwit. Latenite. Read books

Thursday 12/12/85

Woke what musta been quite late, cos Beka got in BIG trouble with her mum. Apparently Mrs H came around to pick her up from work; knocked on the door & no one answered, so she went home & rang up later. For me & Luc, it was a very lazy day. We just read books. Ate very little untilA Life in Words [at this ‘juncture’ a long arrow wound through and around my text, pointing finally to the ‘Cake Day’ sticker, next to which I wrote “Well, I mean I ate a LOT of cake, today!!”] (I got home) Watched a bit of TV & I went home at 5:00 Nana was here. Anyway, is almost 11:30, now. I finished my book about 20 mins ago. Gotta give it back to Lucy before she goes (she’s going on Monday) AM SOOO TIRED. I also have an ‘infected’ eye. Is all puffed up and sore. Mum thinks it’s a bite…

Friday 13/12/85

Lazed round this morning till 11:45 when got ready & went to the Dr.’s! At the clinic I saw J. C-S’s health card & I thought she must have been in there, but up pulled an ambulance & Jodie was in it. Julia said she was on the mini-trampoline in PES – she has a suspected fractured neck. There goes her sporty achievements. He (the dr) didn’t move her out of the vehicle for if he had examined her, & touched/moved the wrong things she could become quadriplegic. My swollen eye was just another side effect of my allergies. Dr H said I must continually use my Beconase – not just for the allergy attacks. It’s like “taking the pill once you’re pregnant.” So I’m on a trial run for 3 weeks. If there is no improvement in my sinus, nasality, allergies or mucus congestion then he will refer me to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialistic who might consider removing my adenoids. The Bluelight was boring in action – but the people were “good”. John Cl- & John Co-, & SEAN! He’s still a spunk. Also, after (on the way home) had to squish in Justine’s car with Jason P, Mark, Martin P & another guy. Funnily enough – I felt nothing towards Mark as I had for Sean. ←I was sure he likes me. STILL A SPUNK.

Saturday 14/12/85

I’m boiling.Today I concentrated on (& got) mima’s letter written. Was quite boring….About Green Is, tomorrow, dunno much. I’m taking Beka & Justine in. Dunno anything else. Will have to ring Justine in the morning. Jeezus – IS HOT. Watching Countdown this arvy (& Wham!’s new unreeeal clip) Andrew Ridgeley (with his new short crop cut) reminded me so much of Sean…. I think I’ve taken a liking to him again…… Watched the movie – is now11:00. Nite! A Life in Words

Sunday 15/12/85

PHEWEE!! I’m burnt again! Except a bit more – I didn’t wear a shirt cos’ the only other person to come besides Justine, me, Lucy & Beek, was S. Poor Shane! on his own – but I don’t think he minded that much. Boy is it hot! We got there 11:30. We swam sunbaked for about 1/3hr then got lunch at about 1:30-2:00 Spent the rest of the arvy (till 3:45) in the water. Bet I’ll peel again, too. Went back to Justine’s (instead of home) to have a swim. Lucy & I walked home around 6:45, Got home around 7:10 – dusk. Big dinner (the Bests were here) I am HOT!! & very tired – “exhausted” Pity no one else came. OH well!! Late nite.

Corporal Punishment & a Lost Opportunity? (24-30 June)

Monday 24/6/85

Mum’s a bitch. She still resorts to ‘the belt’ to punish us. Funny, eh? Fucking hurts, though. I screamed the house down (or yelled, I think) [Wow, I don’t remember getting the belt at this age. That’s impressive!] Anyhow, went to town (Earlville, really) & wasted fucking $30. Bought on impulse a pr. white pants, then nervous about fit – took them back & got red ones. HATE them too. Also got a blue jumper. Mum’s kept it all now. I’ve still got NOTHING. Probly won’t get anything either. Fuckin’ mole, mum. [Liss, it’s not her fault you didn’t like the stuff YOU purchased!] Read dolly all arvy (new one) then watched TV. Played frisbee & watched TV again. Ate little up till tea time when ate whole tin of fruit & bowl of soup & toast. A Life in WordsGuts-ache [To clarify: I didn’t have a gut ache, I was berating myself.] (Mum told me to go to bed, so I’m staying up to watch MINDER!!)

Tuesday 25/6/85

MATTHEW McK’s BIRTHDAY 1 day old! Today I rang mima to tell her I have her basket from the speech concert & we ended up going to town. Was fun. Saw “Police Academy II” not too funny after all. Saw David L, Paul P, Ben P, Rebecca P, Sean H & wait for it …. Sean M. He’s gotten taller. Lucy is going to mima’s on Thursday. So is Brent. And Steven. He had his hair cut & bought new shorts for her. Mima’s nervous. She “knows her won’t like her…she’s so different to him”. Wish I was in her place. [Clearly regretting the lost opportunity. I detested my shyness – which, unbelievably to some, has plagued me all my life. It’s interesting how little attention I gave to the previous crush, Sean M. Over him, much?] Naaah Forget I ever said that. Late-ish nite tonight watching mini-series – LACE

Wednesday 26/6/85

A Life in Words
The Beloved Cardigan.
(This pic was actually taken in April ’86. My hair wasn’t short in 1985 & that’s not a Smithfield High uniform)

Went to town (Earlville & Westcourt.) At ambition, tried on red skirts – too tight, too thick material…. Did a little shopping, but finally got white cardigan from K-Mart. Has red stripes (double) around base, wrist cuff & neckline. Also around left sleeve in the middle. Love it. Watched TV the rest of the day. Ate one hell of a lot. Have decided to go on a diet after the holidays. I worked out the theory of dieting & have decided to do it for my FIGURE, not my weight. However if I lose 1 stone in weight, I should lose some figural fat!!! [Interestingly enough, I actually got that kinda right: ignore the scales, focus on how your clothes fit. But the word ‘diet’ – knowing I meant it in terms of ‘dieting’ – makes me cringe.] At Diane & Kerry’s while mum’s at N. Trust Meeting. Gonna watch a video later!!

Thursday 27/6/85

Did a big fat nothing today. Listened to music, made a cake, ate, played frisbee, watched TV. How boring can you get? Went to see Mandy around 4:00 today. Matthew is beautiful! So small compared to Heath – cute!! Mandy says she’ll go home next week on Tuesday. Today was Lucy & Steven’s BIG Day! Wonder how it worked out. Ready for Fiona’s! Mum’s going to Mackay this weekend on National Trust Meeting. Bluelight, too. So instead of risking it at Dad’s, I’m going to Fiona’s place. Fri night, Sat, Sun & Mon. Morning

Friday 28/6/85

A little homesick aLLREADY !! News has it that the BIG DAY did occur. ‘Good’ news – Steven hates Lucy (apparently she acted like a posh, spoilt rich bitch) & BAD news is that he’s off to the Bluelight with Anna B. Lissa, you can’t see a good thing when it comes, can you?? Today mostly worried about what to take/pack 4 Fiona’s. Watched TV & listened to music in between. At Fi’s talked, watched TV, got a little BORED!! Watched TV then after dinner went to Jemima’s. Polly & mim & us sat in a dark room singing all the songs we could think of. Going to town 2morrow & I have nothing to wear…

Saturday 29/6/85

Woke early. Very early. Went into town with Jemima, Polly, Anna & Fiona. Didn’t have anything to wear! Wore my new cardy. Went to mima’s after. Spent arvy plaiting Fiona’s hair. At Fi’s got ready 4 blu-light. Fi worried about top she bought – how she thought it didn’t match her trousers. It did. Blulight was a boring one. Yes, Steven is very nice & yes Anna & him hit it off well. Shit! My imagination had me thinking he might’ve liked me (at the beginning) but it soon came apparent that he didn’t – well, not that much. Lucy wasn’t there! Others [who?] left at 9:30 to go to a party. Fi & I talked to Andrea and Michelle T (Yes, normally miss snob!)

Sunday 30/6/85

Lazed around today. Woke late. Had late brekky. Played cards for the rest of the morning. After lunch went to mima’s. All (Polly, Anna, me, mima & fiona) decided to ride into town for an ice cream from “Sly Cones”.Was yummy. Had another one at Great Australian Icecreamery. Then we rode to Brent’s. Brent & Steven weren’t there, but Mrs G. (really nice cheery lady) invited us in & we watched a video. They came and about an hour later we left to ride home. Watched movie tonight “On Golden Pond”. Lovely! My 4th time!!

Plasticine & Perm, Part Two (20-26 May)

Monday 20/5/85

Lotsa people liked it! (Or said they did, anyhow. I think Tina S. did cos’ she kept saying things all day & Lucy kept looking at me with a smile on her face.) Fi said it was different. Almost everyone got a ‘shock’ when they saw me! Missed out on heapsa BP HW. Is late. I’m tired. Went to aerobics. mim & pol weren’t there cos’ they had hair appointments. Fi had to ride home ‘n’ most of the streetlights in Freshy were off – noone knows why. Aerobics was good. Went to Annette [hairdresser at the local Freshwater Salon] – got another hair appointment. My hair’s top bits are straight again cos’ they’re sun bleached – (when they’re sun bleached they lose their elasticity so I’m gonna get the top re-permed. Is 9:45 Wanna sleep! Nite!!!

Tuesday 21/5/85

Was colder today – looks like we’re in for a cold winter this year! Boring day today. Today after PES, Rachel (D.) held Fi back (Fi told me this later) & said “why doesn’t Elissa become a model? She’s tall, got a good figure, nice hair & is good looking.” FLATTERY!! A Life in Wordsand to think I thought she didn’t like my haircut!! Made Fi some little things to give her during tomorrow till I give her her prezzy at speech (Not riding 2morrow) out of german plasticine – FIMO which is hardened in the oven (it is there rite now.) Am tired – my eyes are stinging. Gonna check on those plasticines.

Wednesday 22/5/85

FI’S BIRTHDAY!! Angela & Ms Stevenson’s too! She & angela & ms stevenson were skinted!! Angela & Fi in form talk & Mrs Stevenson in our BP class & Fi’s typing class. Those 10 things I made Fi, I hid in her belongings during the day & she got surprised!! My BP test I only got up to half way thru’ the balancing of the ledger a/c’s. Windy & cool at Beach. Went for a ‘quik dip’ and sat ’round till had to go for a walk. Bus came early with all the squash people on it, too. Our bus came late, but when it did come Tim was on it. I thought he liked me, but he doesn’t even know me. Pity. I think I really like him. Na probably not. At Dianne & Kerry’s mum’ll come soon – she’s at Geoff’s Nat. Trust meeting. Am tired. Gotta science test tommorrow.

Thursday 23/5/85

Didn’t learn 4 science, after all (not much) but thought it was pretty easy. Cool again, today. No other skirt but my PE, so my legs were bared to the cold. Boring today. Stayed in most of lunch hour doing art. Little rainy today. At home, rode to shop in a misty rain which (when going fast) stung your eyes. Bought m&m’s & a big packet of mixed lollies. & on way home, who should spring me, but skinner. Gave him a musk stick. Didn’t feel like doing HW, so did necessary stuff, then made an ‘apple’ badge out of that ‘FIMO’ stuff. AM gonna take it out now. A TEAM is finished. Nite Nite!! A Life in Words

Friday 24/5/85

Hate. Boring – Yuk. Wore little apple brooch or badge to skool – but gave it to Angela as a Birthday present. Will make others for myself. Bored today. Fiona was gloomy, made me feel tired & gloomy. Going to town tomorrow – me, Lucy, Justine & Fiona. Didn’t think Fi’d come (cos’ of mima) but she rang me tonite, saying she would. When I got my hair re-‘pazazzed’ mima & fiona came to shop ½ way through. Waited till it was finished, too. Anette didn’t blo-dry it, so it looked Revolting. Looks terrible when it’s wet. Mima & Fi tried to reassure me it was nice but I’ve the feeling they didn’t like it either. Late-ish nite.

Saturday 25/5/85

Time in town went too fast. Fiona bought black shoes & I bought black earrings & lip balm out of the $10 I waz s’posed 2 use on a shirt/jumper/jacket for winter. (But wot can you get out of 10$ these days?) [HA! What can you get for $10 THESE days?!] Saw mima, Fran & Erica in town. At home, moped around, then mima & fiona came around, Got out the FIMO. Beka came ’round. After FIMO cooked, pigged out from the shop, moped around, Beka left & we went to mima’s. She complained about how her outfit looked stupid (but didn’t). I raced home at 5:00 & had a shower. Just starting to put on make up when Lucy came. Beka picked us up at 7:00. Bluelight was boring. Back was good – legs were bad. Mark R. was there – I saw him, he saw me. Sean M. was there, but I didn’t see him (Justine thinks she did) Anthony & Jaqui were there too. Tart. I hate her. [I can’t get believe how much I used such strong emotive words. Then again, I probably was more ‘highly-charged’ in my youth. Thank god I’ve mellowed.]

Sunday 26/5/85

Today was a big waste. (of time) Woke around 8:30. Grumpy feeling. Lazed around – Did nothing all morning. Finally got out my history and english stuff. Wrote 1 line in English. It was too hard. Didn’t do any HW after all. Had soup for lunch & spent all arvy using FIMO & playing with make-up. After Countdown had shower, pizza for tea & watched TV. Is 8:30 now. Would like to go to bed. Haven’t done any HW. Have at least science, Hist & German that I should have done 4 tomorrow. Goodnight.

Girlie Things & Noisy Birds (22-28 April)

Monday 22/4/85

Couldn’t wake up. Ran a little late. At school, didn’t see Anthony or Jaqui. Must have conned a day off, from Jenny. Today was cool & fine. Science was boring – german was boring. History was boring. Art was orright. (Worked on clay at big lunch. Dunno wotta do.) Maths boring & English, too. Boring, plain day today. I hate Mondays, Jeez!! Late nite – 10:00 now. Didn’t have much HW at all. Bluelight 27th. Wot the shit’ll I wear? Hafta make something. Chris (from National Trust) did [fashion] Designing Course ‘n’ said the first year (½) u hafta make 2 articles per week. I CAN’T SEW!!!

Tuesday 23/4/85

Today got in a shit cos’ (I wanted to go swimming &) mum’s tampon wouldn’t fit me – it hurt. Went to school in a bad mood. Boring day. Science more work. English – sick of hearing Rebecca P’s posh voice and stupid reading in the play. Double maths more work. History dictation and German BORING. Jaqui & Anthony were here today. Anthony talked to me, but Jaqui didn’t. Anna sprung her smoking in loo’s. Another shit this arvy, when after mum bought smaller type of tampons, wouldn’t go in again. Later, however got in quite far. Still can’t get it, though. Early nite – eyes stinging when they are open. Lost a lot of moisture ‘cos of all the crying this arvy. [Womanhood – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? I’m sure I can’t have been the only girl to have this kind of brilliant menstruation experience.]

Wednesday 24/4/85

Today was – oh I can’t describe it as usual. Ran very late cos’ tried again to fit a tampon in. VERY UNSUCCESSFUL. Forgot money but Justine saved the day 4 me! Science – quickly, no HW:- pes hot, fun – no HW:- German – late (10mins) picked on me, boring – no HW:- History – boring, long – no HW. Checked pad before getting on bus. Appear to have finished today’s period. Went swimming. Had triffic fun. Beka didn’t – had her periods, too. RAGE! Speech was simply – boring EVERYONE ‘sides Mrs McI. was tired (me too)  Found out she’s been pregnant since ‘afore Xmas. Takeaway dins going to Geoff’s for National Trust meeting. Am tired. Is hot now.

Thursday 25/4/85 (Anzac Day)

Today I ‘guts’ed out. Ate ‘n’ ate. Umah! Woke early to next door’s galahs skwaking. Lazy – read through Dolly ‘workshops’ looking for sewing patterns. After cleaning my room & fussing around with materials & patterns (I gave up &) wrote out my ’84 diary again. Did that til Nana & Nancy (1 of her sisters) Had to show ’em my art & skool work. After they left ‘n’ Jules ‘n’ I mucked around, had a bath & am wotchin’ TV! Early nite I hope. ‘S’morning thort it was Sat & in the arvy & nite, kept thinkin’ it was Sun – BIG mistake!!!! [Another Anzac Day goes unacknowledged. While transcribing, I had no idea at first that this day was even a public holiday, let alone for what reason.]

Friday 26/4/85 A Life in Words

Today was (oh! I’m sick of starting off like this.) I didn’t like today. Cool wind so didn’t get too hot during hockey. I failed my maths test on surds, I’m sure. Bought my leather shoes today & didn’t even have science in the lab! Fiona bought my tin of Kool Fruits. Ended up eating them all today. Also got another english assignment. Just a letter. Want to get it done this weekend. BLUELIGHT tomorrow night! Petra F is going! Thought she wasn’t allowed ’till she was 16! Late nite wotched ½ of 1984 Logies & Dave Allen

Saturday 27/4/85

Fucking birds next door screeched & squawked all fucking morning, waking me up at 6:30 after going to sleep only 7 hours earlier. I wanted to sleep in. Went out this morning. Bought lace & tartan ribbon. Looked at materials, too. Came home & watched TV & lazed about all arvy. Rang mima (didn’t want to ring Mr D – (grumpy-bum)) Got ready 4 Bluelight. Couldn’t use blowdryer – exploded. The cord just ‘teared’ or ‘broke’ or ‘split’ Am now soooo nervous. [I often felt nervous prior to certain social events and indeed, still can.] Oh!! They’re here!!

Was terrfiic!! (Saw Sean 2 times briefly) Neville only stuck ’round ’bout an hour. I Didn’t sit down once – sore back. I think now that mima set Neville & me up in the beginning. Mainly danced with Fi, Beka, Justine & Greg K. John C was there, too.

Sunday 28/4/85

A Life in WordsSlept in to 8:30, cos got to bed 12:30. Today was very lazy day. Woke up to birds squawking at 6.00 or so, but managed to sleep in longer. Read old Dollys, did depilatories (creamed off the hair under my arms, & bikini line) Did most of my HW. When that was complete, showered’n’shaved etc, and went to Clarke’s for drinks. Took science books & english Didn’t do anything, tho. Watched TV – countdown’n’muppets left around 7:20. Early-ish night 2nite. I hope It’s about 8:45 now. I must learn for my science test tomorrow

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A Mandatory Stay with Dad (11-17 March)

Monday 11/3/85 A Life in Words

Today was a boring Monday except that Sons & Daughters is on (or started) again – tonight. & also – in place of New Price is Right – the “Perfect Match”. Is weird show. Want to ring mima soon – it’s about 8, 8:15. Going to say sorry bout how I acted at speech last Wed. (was moody about carnival) Beka also got her hair cut to level bottom of her ears. Looks REVOLTING. Doesn’t suit her at all. About mum going to Brisbane:- co’s’ we’ll have to stay with Dad, we’ll hafta catch the Holloway Bch Bus. That is something I DEFINITELY will NOT DO

A Life in WordsTuesday 12/3/85

Today was my last day at home. Mum is leaving early tomorrow morning. We are at dad’s tonight. He’s going to drop us at our bus stop tomorrow. I’ll get on the bus again in the arvy, for speech & he’ll pick me up after. BAD day. Watched a movie in English “The Voyage of the Damned”. Is good, but boring so far & uncomfy. Double maths was boring: so was science – Fi was going (faking) on about how she had inconstinence or something. “leakage of the bowel”. I almost believed her. [I have on occasion been considered gullible. Admittedly, it is still possible to pull the wool over my eyes…] LATE NITE 10:30

Wednesday 13/3/85

A Life in WordsToday was better than yesterday. Felt better. When rang mim yesterday, after school said sorry & asked about speech HW, then told her about Bluelight. She offered for me to stay the weekend. But dad said no. [All attempts to get out of going to Port Douglas for the weekend were failing.] We are leaving Fri night & coming home monday morning. Science was boring. PES was embarrassing, Ger was stupid, History was dull, Art was fun & BP complicated. Watched finish of movie today, lunch-time. Happy ending! Today I got on the bus before the 1st stop. Got off at Fi’s dis arvy Jules & me. After speech, went home to get more gear then at dad’s flat; I had another late night 11:00

Thursday 14/3/85

Missed catching the bus at Stratty shops, but caught it at Petra’s corner. Harry said we couldn’t catch this bus after all, without paying, saying that as long as we were out at Holloways, we had to catch that bus. But I told him it was only temporary & the whole thing was ‘forgot’! Maths, stupid. PES shame & I put my (left side) back out, Science, boring, Bought juice at L.Lunch, History was dull, BP (the light is dawning ie, I know how to do Bank Reconciliation, now) Big Lunch boring English slow & Art treadly fun. Got off bus & went home. Looks dull & lonely. Hate even being there. Dad picked us up at 5:00 (after we’d had showers ‘n’ gotten things we needed. Late nite – couldn’t find a backpack, nor diamontés. Big shopping load. At flat another late nite 11:00. Am bugared!

Friday 15/3/85

Today woke late-ish. Had to pack things that we’re taking to Port D. & everything else. Have decided now to get on the bus at Fairweather’s (like we did today) cos’ we never know whether the bus has gone past at Stratty shops, or not (like we did today!) School was boring-er!! than ever. After, at home, ate what we could (not much) & did HW, while watching TV. After dad’s run, we went to the Freshy Hotel for drinks, then drove to Port Douglas. Pizza for tea. Late nite 11:30.

Saturday 16/3/85

Today was boring. Got around 8hrs sleep last night. When woke, had to help in cleaning the house & pool. Before 12 sometime went with Jenny (Jules & me) to the Port Nursery and picked out about 20 plants! After a quick lunch the Mulleys arrived during the matinee movie then the others came. Wasn’t a bad party but I was bored. WISH I could have gone to the BLUELIGHT. Just read my book tonight, not hanging round Jackie & her hoony friends nor Amanda & Co cos they were too childish. Am scared. I hate Port D.

Sunday 17/3/85

Last night something was going to happen. In Jackie’s room, the hoony friends, Jackie & Anthony were going to do something to me. Whether it was force me to smoke or get drunk; I don’t know but that’s what I’m scared about. [I’m not sure if I actually knew ‘something was going to happen’ for a fact or whether I was uncomfortable & paranoid, and therefore ‘expecting’ something. My feeling is the latter. I can have paranoid tendencies – most probably borne of an inherent lack of self-belief – but thankfully they have lessened over the years.] I’ll never come here again. Hurry & come home, mum….. Today was just as boring. I want this weekend to hurry & finish. Got about 6hrs sleep last night. Woke around 8:00. Swam all day & mucked around. Read book when everyone had left & watched TV tonite. Want an early night. Want to ring Fiona & talk about Bluelite.

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The Persistent Suitor & a Hangover Memory (25 February-3 March)

Monday 25/2/85

BACK TO SCHOOL for another week. Yuk. Fiona has a cold. She’s bin sniffin’ all day. Lucy has left too. For good – I think. & Justine’s in her own world with Sarah H. Am tired. Nothing really happened today. End-of-unit science test on Wednesday; new PES teacher is Mrs Connors (she’s ooookaaaaay); German another bludge. double History (bigger bludge in the library); art was alright; BP yuk as always. Got the March Dolly & Wham! Magazine today. GREAT x-ept I’m a little disillusioned with the WHAM! thing. Not that excellent. Late-ish nite.

Tuesday 26/2/85

Today was supa-hot, too. More rain this arvy & thunder. Fiona’s cold is bad. I don’t (& she doesn’t) think she should’ve come to school. She had a temperature in the afternoon. Tim wasn’t here today. I didn’t see him, anyway. Mima yelled to me this arvy “Neville wants to know if you like him.” I smiled a sorrowful smile & shook my head; No. I wish he’d give up. I’ve already told (lied to) him that I’ve got a boyfriend in Brisbane. Hardly any HW tonite. Learnt a little for my science test. Nothing on except cricket (BORING!) Am so hot & bothered. Dunno if I’ll get to sleep. Bluelight is on 16th March (or so they say…)

Wednesday 27/2/85

I didn’t like today. (except that science test was easy & got a hell of a lot of work done in BP.) Fiona went home at little lunch, leaving me with Rebekah. Also lost my ruler and after speech, Fi brought up Neville again. She said he wrote, “I love Elissa” all through mima’s HW Diary. I wish he’d lay off. I don’t think I’ll go to the next Bluelight, cos’ (no doubt) he’ll be there hoping to dance & dance & dance….. And I know I’ll blow my stack. Mum went to a National trust meeting, Julia to a disco & me to Mandy & Bills. HOT again today. Got braces tightened. Dr Kadell said this was the last stage in my teeth fixing!! They come off on May 2nd!!

Thursday 28/2/85

Fi was away today. Boring. Hot. Told Beka about Neville (about the “Neville wants to know if you like him” & the “I love Elissa”.) She tried to hid her dissapointment. I told her I wasn’t going to go to the Bluelight, but later in PES (when she’d recovered) she told me I must come & be mean to him. I don’t know why she wants to do that. Rang Fi tonite. Told her about it she says she doesn’t want to go either – she’ll tell me ’bout it tomorrow. [Unfortunately if she did tell me about it, I didn’t enter it into my diary. So we’ll never know why.] Jodie (Julia’s friend) embarrassed me today… Tim (spunky) has bandages on his nose. He walked past & she said aloud “look at his nose”. (he’s broken it, doris!) He turned around How embarrassing!! [SO easily embarrassed?] Mandy came and looked at the tiles. Practised handstands I’m gettin’ betta! Can’t wait till Fi gets back!

Friday 1/3/85

16candlesPOSTERToday was Hot. Again. Yes, again. Fi was here today. School was boring. God Tim’s a spunk. He’s got bandages on his nose. Wonder why?…. (BROKEN, dick!!) Got off at Fi’s stop, cos’ mim told (signalled) me to. We had arvy tea then read books. Then we all went home. Then we got ready to go to the movies. Then the Brewers picked us up & Mim, Fi & I went. Julia was there too, with Petra. Beka SHIT was there too, with Justine. “16 Candles” was a top movie. “Hard to Hold” (before it) was THE pits.

Saturday 2/3/85

Today was plain. (I thought) Woke around 7:30 & lazed & dozed until 8:30. Didn’t start getting ready to go to work till around 10. Dad came an hour late. up till then. I just tried to do my english essay but couldn’t & walked around tidying up stray things. [Textbook Procrastination – a defining trait.] At work, I didn’t feel at all like doing washing drums cause at his new place, there’s no drains (You can’t do it outside in case the grass dies from chemicals) [It amazes me now that no one put two & two together back then: so it’s ok to drain the residual chemicals into our waterways, but not kill the grass outside the premises? How did it take – and unfortunately still is taking – so long for Humans to realise that we’re in a ‘closed circuit environment’?] So I cleaned 4 drums & did 2½hrs labelling – ($11) altogether. Lunch was filling. At home, mucked around watched TV. Had bath. Watched TV. No tea Just snacks. Late-ish nite. Not so hot, now. Fi rang today. She Didn’t ring back.

Sunday 3/3/85

Gutsy today. Ate so much. Woke around 7:30, wanted not to go to Pt Douglas with mum & Geoff, or to Dad’s, but to Fi’s. Rang her, but she rang back 5 mins later, crying, saying I wasn’t allowed. So went to Dad’s. Jenny had a bad hangover. She spent most of the day in bed! Jules & I got words for songs then I spent most of day doing nothing or watching TV, while trying to write my english essay, But I did get it started (finally) and am now almost finished. Is late & movie is stupid. Am full. Jenny left after walk on the beach, then Penwardens came for drinkies! Australia lost to India. Are definitely out of the finals now. [This day was forever etched in my stepmother’s memory. Or should I say branded, with a scorching hot poker? Julia & I played, stopped, rewound & played the song “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head on one of our mixed tapes on Dad’s stereo, over & over until we’d transcribed the lyrics, unbeknownst to us permanently instilling in Jenny a hatred for the song. She was sick as a dog and just wanted it to stop – but didn’t say anything at the time. It’s a running joke now.]  

In case you can’t recall the tune, here’s a link to a YouTube music video: One Night in Bangkok

Year 10 Begins (28 January-3 February)

Monday 28/1/85

Boring day today. Wasn’t hot. A little rain. Poured last night. Woke 7:00. Watched cricket (day match) after playing records. Wrote out my thank-you notes. Didn’t eat too much. Will have a late night. Julia is gonna be rushed tomorrow because she’s staying at dad’s tonight. Experimented with make-up & also went over exercise plan for school days. School. What a depressing word. In Jodie’s letter I asked if she got Andrew’s or George’s (or both of their) autograph’s & if she did, she wouldn’t mind sending me Andrew’s? [My cousin must have seen Wham! in concert. Living in Sydney she had a lot more opportunity to see international acts. Cairns didn’t – and still doesn’t – manage to score many of those.] Haircut tomorrow. Last day Tomorrow. Why???

Tuesday 29/1/85

Well, this was it. My LAST DAY of Bliss!! I woke quite early & completed the (my) new exercise plan – an extract from an old Women’s Weekly. “Victoria Principal’s Lifetime Plan for keeping fit.” [Victoria Principal took over from Jane Fonda in the celebs-as-fitness-professionals game. She was best known for her role in the TV serial “Dallas” – which I wasn’t allowed to watch by the way] I started it yesterday & felt a little ill after it again, today.haircut Julia came home, but was gone 10 mins later. She’s in 8b!! I woz in that in  Year 8!! She has lots of friends with her – Katherine W, Melissa B, Brendan S, Andrew F & Yuri K. Today, I accompanied mother to town. A Life in WordsGot my dolly & the Wham! poster!!!! Lazed in the arvy. Am a little worried about tomorrow

Wednesday 30/1/85

Wasn’t bad at all! No rush or panic or over-excitement when getting ready. I am in Form 10J with Fiona, Rebekah & Justine. Know why? All the above-average kids (or most of them) are in a our form. Yes, that’s Angela R, Natasha W & Rebecca P, too. I hate it in a way – we might get our “goody-goody” label back. [I don’t know whether ‘we’ actually were considered “goody-goodies” (geeks) by others, but this was my self perception, and I held this belief for most of my time at Smithfield High.] Also, I think Sean has left. wasn’t here & I didn’t hear his name called out (I don’t think) in the forms. Got Mr Van Slooten for form, english & history. Today was boring. Just talking (Mr VS) all day. Got home & relaxed. Early-ish night. early tea. Will ask Sharon M if Sean has gone.

Thursday 31/1/85

Today was hot. More boringness – ¾hr parade in the sun. Couldn’t see Sean. I think I do still like him, cause I miss seeing him around. Got Mr Howard for science again this year (in a way I’m glad) Ms Bowelles for PES. Mrs Anderson again for art (good.) Mr “Way” for maths. He’s funny. Ms Stevenson for BP – she can’t control our class. Mrs Westerwald for German again. Today Shelley D came up to me (us) & began talking (at first about my hair) I think she likes us or pitys us for being in a “special” form. Very early night cos’ nothing on TV. Wanna get a new bag, mine’s too big. Chaotic today – all grades were back.

Friday 1/2/85

Did ask Sharon today. She said she thinks Sean’s still on holidays. But she sounded positive!! Extra hot today. Am boiled right now! Will have to get all my books this weekend, as most of my teachers wanted to begin work today. In PES, started  gymnastics – rolls! Forward, straddle, back rolls & I didn’t wear any bummies!! SHAME!! FLASHES!! [In case you missed my previous description, ‘bummies’ were a piece of athletic clothing for girls that actually looked similar to Bridget Jones’ giant undies, but not flesh-coloured. They were worn over underpants, but under your sports skirt – unless you were a true athlete in which case you wore them alone.] with nothing In period 5, had sports team meetings for swimming carnival. (Jules is also in Trinity!) I’m not in anything. I hate exposing my figure! When got home this arvy, mum wasn’t home. That got me cranky’n’since Jules has her periods, she’s hostile too, so we fought all arvy – really bad.

Saturday 2/2/85

BLUELIGHT TONIGHT!! Hope I see Sean! What will I wear? Ended up wearing (borrowing) Fi’s black’n’white striped jacket. With that, wore my black skirt & belt, white shoes & lime T-shirt. Lace in one pocket & lots of things cluttering my wrists (like Madonna.) Today read, before going shopping to get school books & other stuff. At home, covered my books & watched  TV until went up to Fi’s to get her shirt. Got home & prepared for Bluelight. HATED this Bluelight, tho’ I saw Sean quite alot. (Thank God) Well poor Justine & I had to dance with these hoony guys which scared the bog outa me, then this guy Neville hangs around; likes me. I don’t like him – Beka does. I ended up lying, saying I had a boyfriend in Brisbane etc etc & that Beka liked him ALOT so he danced with her the rest of the night. Fi has a new boyfriend. Greg K. he’s nice, suits her! & Liam & Adam G. were almost bashed up!.. I didn’t like it at all.

Sunday 3/2/85

Today woke early-ish, set out to do HW & book covering, but found I kept thinking too much about last night (which made me sick) so I read all day, to keep me occupied. I hate it – I always attract the wrong guys. Ate quite little today, surprisingly. Is rainy & cool. Want to do my homework now, but also want to have an early night. I can’t wait  for school, now. Want to see Sean & forget last night. SEAN!


Last Week of Grade 9 (10-16 December)

Monday 10/12/84

HOT got home at 6:45, to our flat at 7:40. Got to 1st busstop & saw the bus. Panicked but found out that the bus always sits at the stop if its too early. In double BP, had to move typewriters to L7/8. Heat! But at little lunch a giant downpour & wind cooled off. Not hungry tea & toast brekky, choccy thickshake lunch cereal for arvy tea & 2 sausages & sultanas for tea. Sean M. is a spunk. I think he’s terrifically good-looking. Hope he’s seen me. [Meaning, I hope he’s noticed that I exist] Can’t wait for the excursion tomorrow. Maybe something good will happen…?

Tuesday 11/12/84 A Life in Words

Alright. Hot on bus, headache at Brewery. (also a free soft drink!) 1hr at the esplanade, then got bored at the Waterworks. Sean didn’t go on the slides. Kept my eyes open – scanning, but found he spent most of his time on the video games. Hunky, brown trim body. Went to Fi’s tonight while Julia went to her Presentation/Disco/Graduation Night. Late nite. Lysarne P. won the “Citizen of the Year” Award. Jules had been working hard to get that one & bitch features won it. [My opinion of that entire family was evidently tarnished following the attack her mother made on ‘us’ in the previous week]

Wednesday 12/12/84

Boring day. Did nothing in most classes. Di & Kerry are minding us. Watched “Superman” It finished around 12:00. Got to bed about 1:00

Thursday 13/12/84

Great day!! Big bludge. At lunch there was a cricket match – YR8 & teachers vs Yr9. Sean was in the team so I wanted to skip 6th & 7th periods but Ms Clayton kept a few of us in (me, of course) to polish desks & had to go to BP. Just bludged anyway (Talked) In both lessons ¾ of the class were absent. NOT FAIR

Friday 14/12/84

Am not excited, really. Today doesn’t seem as important as it was months ago, i.e. I wish it was still school. Why? Cos I won’t see Sean for 6 weeks, unless he goes to the Bluelight. In PES, sat with Tina, Shelley & Melissa in B4. Mr Martin’s science class was in B1 so I got to see Sean. Left school at 1:00 after a wierd form party & litter parade [enmasse student rubbish collection]. Bored at home. Going to Jay’s party at 6:30. Wish (He) was invited I [some indiscernible word] him. Party was different. Justine & I stayed by ourselves (I had the feeling Jemima was till angry with me) Mum came 2HRS late. (12:30) Anna knows I like Sean now – she thinks he’s up himself. I don’t!!

A Life in WordsSaturday 15/12/84 

Very boring day. Mum finished my orange skirt for the Bluelight. Looks great!! Can’t wait! Rang mim & apologized myself (Polly told me that was wat she was really waiting for) Fiona could have told me earlier. Bluelight – little boring, very hot. Saw Sean 3 times (very shortly) wearing dark coloured clothes.

Sunday 16/12/84

Hot & boring. Made some bikkies, Jules & I basked under the sun (& hose!) Got a little burnt here & there.

Fun in the Sun (8-14 October)

Monday 8/10/84 

The thong I wore today kept rubbing against the cuts. Not many people asked me what happened, surprisingly! Mr Howard let me in the lab, even tho’ I only had 1 leather shoe on. Religion so only 1 period of science. [Wow, I don’t remember any religion lessons at high school? Interesting that it was Science that had to take the back seat…] Chilly wind & overcast but I love it, House is coming along nicely. Louvres in bedroom & front door is on. Pretty good day at school!!!

Tuesday 9/10/84

Nothing much happened today – Pretty “straight”. Wore a non-stick pad over me cut. Is not gonna heal, I know. Got on bus early again (love doing that!) Toni & Natasha are away. Think Natatsha has Toni’s fever. Can’t wait for the Bluelight!

Wednesday 10/10/84

Don’t think I’ll need a thong tomorrow. Last nite did wonders! Left the bandage off and HEY PRESTO! My foot’s almost healed! I can walk on it but from limping the last 3 days, I’m in the habit. Even the cut is now a scab! Lucy bought her dog to speech – after speech went to shop. mum saw a car crash today. An old man (78yrs) died at Aeroglen Drive T-Junction of the Highway near BBC Hardware & Food Barn.. Poor bloke. I feel so sorry…

Thursday 11/10/84

Got a shirt from a different op-shop was $4.50 whereas the one I wanted at the other shop was $1. Got my white shoes too (Like my black flatties) Breakdancing finals was tops!! xcept sometimes couldn’t see a thing cos’ people would stand up in front. Mim found Glenn – they had a good time. He kissed her on the cheek several times but that was all – it was UNREAL!! [I’m fairly sure that I’m referring to the Breakdance Comp here and not the kissing action]

Friday 12/10/84 A Life in Words

Alright today. Got on bus early still; I had shoes on & was walking properly! Have a splitting headache cos I’m excited ’bout the Bluelight. Can’t wait!! BAD false alarm today. Got a really bad pain down near my kidneys. Thought it was my you-know-whats. [Uh-huh. Clearly had no ideas where exactly my kidneys were situated in my body…] HEART ATTACK!! Had laughing fits in History. It has been rumoured that Mr Howard was the other driver in the fatal crash which mum saw. He was at school (but officialy still on sick-leave) & was alright. Had a fire alarm. Have gone crazy over Inspector Gadget now!! A Life in WordsSLOWEST week I have ever known! Bluelight was alright. Toni, Karen & Lucy went for 1st time but we ignored them. Remember 1st Bluelight you went to?? & Mark gave you the funny, sincere look? Well he did it again!! So I can’t wait for Justine’s!! (Party) Met Julie H. & Ngaree went (very unsuccessfully) spunk-hunting.

Saturday 13/10/84

Went to the [Fun in the Sun street] parade today. met mim & Fi, Before it. Julia’s float went past – I saw her – so did Mark & Jason. (they rode) &  came back a little later. (I was thrilled to the bone!) When they had to go, Mark said “scusem wa” & I quickly moved. God I love him. John’s nice too! OH HELL!!

Sunday 14/10/84

Just did HW. Then went to see finish of Fun Run. After leaving the beer tent, went to Dianne & Kerry’s for dinner. Watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (My 6½th time!!!!)

Monopoly & a Stomach Bug (24-30 September)

Monday 24/9/84

Woke about 7:30. Prepared to paint my white T-shirt but worried it wouldn’t turn out & wouldn’t come off . Decided to see “Streets of Fire”. Rode to mim’s (phone’s not working) She wasn’t home so rode to Fi’s. At home, tried to get dressed but got shitty cos’ I don’t have any good clothes. [Outfit-based tantrums were quite a common occurrence…] All shitty with each other. [Mum, Nana & I] Rode to Fi’s to tell her I couldn’t go. Nana was against it [my riding to Fiona’s] so doors were locked when I got back. [Yes, my grandmother locked me out!] Climbed in thru open laundry window – watched TV rest of arvy and forgot about it all.

Tuesday 25/9/84

Went to town with Fi & Mim at 11:30. After a packed day picked up Debbie & went to mim’s. Watched movies all nite. Felt sick (went to loo 5 times: 3 bogs.) Got to sleep around 4:00.

Wednesday 26/9/84

A Life in WordsWoke around 7:00 But dozed until 8:00. Got up at 11:30, watched Mike Walsh, packed up & went home. Still feel terrible. The whole night was horrible. I must be getting a wog or something.

Thursday 27/9/84

Felt good today – no more ugly thoughts about the video party. Lazy day – read a good book, played monopoly with Jules. Went to town around  3:30 → 4:00 & got pattern for orange material. Got home & got ready for Trent’s party.

Friday 28/9/84 

A Life in WordsEarly wakening again. Am ded tired!! Wish I could sleep in. OH! Only 2 days of leisure left. I hate school. Played monopoly all morning. After lunch, packed away ornaments off the chest of drawers [WHY I would’ve done this, I don’t know – I don’t think we were moving anywhere – yet] & watched TV. Geoff came started monopoly but no one wanted to play so I forced them to Scrabble!

Saturday 29/9/84

Tired last night – slept like a babe! Saw the start of the Mall to Mall race (some really weird entries!!) [I actually don’t recall what exactly that event was all about] After got a “great Australian Ice Creamery” cone YUM! & went home (I rode to shop to buy bread.) Went to house. Had lunch. Geoff went. Had a rest. Began making my orange shirt Looks Fab!!!!! Went to Blue Light in Thomae’s combie van with no roof (I mean a BIG sunroof – open!) Fi found someone she liked. He asked her ot dance but then pissed off saying “gotta get my friend”. Never came back. TEASER.

Sunday 30/9/84

Boring day. Watched TV, (Hardie 1000 Car Race) & did HW (caught up on books) Early-ish night. My cough is worse. Since mim’s video party I have’t felt 100%. Thurs. I felt better but was ‘dizzy’ & congested (mucus) Now I have a “Laragitus” (Yelling to everyone last night didn’t help.) & a hoarse cough. Am taking cough & decongestant medicines 2ce a day. Hope it helps. I always feel worst in the mornings.