Days Missing & Earring Dramas (6-12 August)

Monday 6/8/84


Tuesday 7/8/84

I forgot to fill in. Must have been so boring I forgot to. Don’t think anything ‘notable’ occurred…

Wednesday 8/8/84

Woke at 4:30 & rushed a rough copy of my history assignment, only to find in History that Mr Van Slooten had extended it till Friday. Boring, slow day. Had an arvy tea without added sugar! Orange, banana & museli bar! [Oh dear, if I only knew then what I know now! Obviously did not read ingredients on packaging in those days] After shower & speech I dressed for school disco. Only 100 people went but rap dancing was tops! Disco was alright.

Thursday 9/8/84

Booooring – (but isn’t every school day??) Interhouse sports practise in periods 5,6 & 7. I got out of everything! (except being a reserve in high jump) [A vast change in attitude from 1983, when I complained about not being chosen to participate in anything] Mark (the new bus driver) beckoned us on the bus this arvy cos’ he thinks lining up is a waste of time (we all agree of course!) Also, went to block – framing is up & it does make the ‘house’ (area) look bigger.

Friday 10/8/84

A Life in Words

Test was a synch. Got a new speaking assignment & writing essay in English. Slow day. Had a bath & Ruth came for tea with her friend Pat. I wore my frangipani earrings (I gottem from Lucy for my birthday) cos’ I remembered last time Ruth said she didn’t like sleepers. I COULD NOT GET THE RIGHT ONE IN AGAIN. I tried & tried but it wouldn’t budge. Pat (had her ears pierced) tried unsuccessfully, I went to bed without it.

Saturday 11/8/84

Bad at tennis again – lost all games. Went to Esplanade – had lunch etc got home about 2:00. Stopped at Savina Park & had a water fight. At home, had a snack, then went to speech – drama practise. Early-ish nite

Sunday 12/8/84

Very lazy day mum was out, I watched Olympics & ateateate & Julia did her project. Am quite troubled lately. So much is going wrong. Kevin McK. has made changes in the framework without consulting Geoff – now that’s put more pressure on us (have to wait longer for the house) [As in 99% of cases, house-building takes double the expected time. This was the second house we were having built in a matter of 3 years. Why my mother chose to tread that path again, I can only guess. How she managed, I’ll never know, but I damned-well respect her for it. Even though the smoking-like-a-chimney eventually contributed to her premature death] I had an early-ish night.

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