Growing Pains at the Cairns High Fete (13-19 August)

Monday 13/8/84

Practically asleep on my feet today. Not a good day – slow & boring. Mick came late, so we were the 5th bus to leave, instead of 3rd. Got a book out of the library called Manx Mouse – haven’t started reading it yet. At home, rode to shop & bought a ‘Cool Shark’ for arvy tea – there is NOTHING & I mean nothing to eat in our house. [I tried to find a picture of the old ‘Cool Shark’ ice blocks but to no avail. They were literally blue in colour and the thought of that toxic colouring now sends shivers down my spine]

Tuesday 14/8/84

A Life in Words
…and in case you didn’t know what the knees were…

Asleep on my feet again! Am SO TIRED lately! Slow day. Shamed Sharon M. today. She likes John C. & when he walks past our stop in the mornings, well today we yelled out things like “Sharon loves John” etc. Still haven’t started “Manxmouse” yet. At last year’s speech concert, I had to wear a black cotton dress. Today I cut it into a tube. Just belt it at the top & it makes a great skirt!! [My mum didn’t think so. “I wish you wouldn’t cut everything up” became words I got too used to hearing. But I was a budding fashion designer…what did she expect?]

Wednesday 15/8/84

ANOTHER slow day! Went to the dentist: he said I’m his no°1 toothbrusher (with) braces) & I’ll have to have these shitty braces on for 18 months. Stayed in at art in Big Lunch. After speech went to shop & our tree. Ate & got home on dusk! Supposed to get my ear repierced (the right one – the one I couldn’t get an earring into) Pat said it was too small so I’ll hafta go back & get him to do something.

Thursday 16/8/84

Didn’t go to Kevin Shorey today – just forgot! STUART d. has sugar DIABETES. [Type 1, unlike the majority of  children these days, sadly] Fi said he went into hospital today [I have omitted a potentially sensitive statement here] she’s really upset – cries & everything. Mim & I wanted to go & see him but couldn’t. Today was boring – watched high jumps again. Phillip & Matthew were around asking Julia to go for a walk. Kept bugging us but was fun!

Friday 17/8/84

Dunphys may be buying the Sheridan St Newsagency!! And Fi said I could do the paper run but Nana is against it. UP HER ARSE!! Today was also .. Boring. In Double Science ½ of 9B had to come into our class because their teacher was absent (& there were no relieving teachers) but Fi went into 9C. Went to High Jumps AGAIN. A Life in WordsWatched the movie “the Big Bus”. Was meant to be funny, but wasn’t that good. In fact, it was pathetic.

Saturday 18/8/84

Am bugared. Mrs H. drove us to & from tennis. Got home, showered & had lunch. Made my black skirt, dressed & met Karen to go to the Freshy fete. Stayed for ½hr – wasn’t great. Rushed home, changed, picked up Lucy & went. The Cairns High (CHS) fete was fantastic &  great. The Disco was unreal (or at least the breakdancers were) Got growing pains [aching legs] therefore I was tired & bored. Mima was with Glenn C. most of the night (y’know his sister Lynette – the one with all the fashionable clothes.) He is spunky!! (and year 8) Am sooo tired now.

Sunday 19/8/84

Woke up 8:30. Left for dad’s. Stayed at a park while dad had a trial run for triathlon. [It was his debut – and maiden – entry in the major local event , the “Coral Coast Triahtlon”. I am quite certain he was a part of a team, since I don’t recall him ever owning a bike. He was a (fun) runner.] Went to little Di’s place for lunch after & stayed till 7:30. Back at dad’s had soup for tea, got into bed at 8:50 & I hoped to be asleep before 9:30.

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