Year 10 Begins (28 January-3 February)

Monday 28/1/85

Boring day today. Wasn’t hot. A little rain. Poured last night. Woke 7:00. Watched cricket (day match) after playing records. Wrote out my thank-you notes. Didn’t eat too much. Will have a late night. Julia is gonna be rushed tomorrow because she’s staying at dad’s tonight. Experimented with make-up & also went over exercise plan for school days. School. What a depressing word. In Jodie’s letter I asked if she got Andrew’s or George’s (or both of their) autograph’s & if she did, she wouldn’t mind sending me Andrew’s? [My cousin must have seen Wham! in concert. Living in Sydney she had a lot more opportunity to see international acts. Cairns didn’t – and still doesn’t – manage to score many of those.] Haircut tomorrow. Last day Tomorrow. Why???

Tuesday 29/1/85

Well, this was it. My LAST DAY of Bliss!! I woke quite early & completed the (my) new exercise plan – an extract from an old Women’s Weekly. “Victoria Principal’s Lifetime Plan for keeping fit.” [Victoria Principal took over from Jane Fonda in the celebs-as-fitness-professionals game. She was best known for her role in the TV serial “Dallas” – which I wasn’t allowed to watch by the way] I started it yesterday & felt a little ill after it again, today.haircut Julia came home, but was gone 10 mins later. She’s in 8b!! I woz in that in  Year 8!! She has lots of friends with her – Katherine W, Melissa B, Brendan S, Andrew F & Yuri K. Today, I accompanied mother to town. A Life in WordsGot my dolly & the Wham! poster!!!! Lazed in the arvy. Am a little worried about tomorrow

Wednesday 30/1/85

Wasn’t bad at all! No rush or panic or over-excitement when getting ready. I am in Form 10J with Fiona, Rebekah & Justine. Know why? All the above-average kids (or most of them) are in a our form. Yes, that’s Angela R, Natasha W & Rebecca P, too. I hate it in a way – we might get our “goody-goody” label back. [I don’t know whether ‘we’ actually were considered “goody-goodies” (geeks) by others, but this was my self perception, and I held this belief for most of my time at Smithfield High.] Also, I think Sean has left. wasn’t here & I didn’t hear his name called out (I don’t think) in the forms. Got Mr Van Slooten for form, english & history. Today was boring. Just talking (Mr VS) all day. Got home & relaxed. Early-ish night. early tea. Will ask Sharon M if Sean has gone.

Thursday 31/1/85

Today was hot. More boringness – ¾hr parade in the sun. Couldn’t see Sean. I think I do still like him, cause I miss seeing him around. Got Mr Howard for science again this year (in a way I’m glad) Ms Bowelles for PES. Mrs Anderson again for art (good.) Mr “Way” for maths. He’s funny. Ms Stevenson for BP – she can’t control our class. Mrs Westerwald for German again. Today Shelley D came up to me (us) & began talking (at first about my hair) I think she likes us or pitys us for being in a “special” form. Very early night cos’ nothing on TV. Wanna get a new bag, mine’s too big. Chaotic today – all grades were back.

Friday 1/2/85

Did ask Sharon today. She said she thinks Sean’s still on holidays. But she sounded positive!! Extra hot today. Am boiled right now! Will have to get all my books this weekend, as most of my teachers wanted to begin work today. In PES, started  gymnastics – rolls! Forward, straddle, back rolls & I didn’t wear any bummies!! SHAME!! FLASHES!! [In case you missed my previous description, ‘bummies’ were a piece of athletic clothing for girls that actually looked similar to Bridget Jones’ giant undies, but not flesh-coloured. They were worn over underpants, but under your sports skirt – unless you were a true athlete in which case you wore them alone.] with nothing In period 5, had sports team meetings for swimming carnival. (Jules is also in Trinity!) I’m not in anything. I hate exposing my figure! When got home this arvy, mum wasn’t home. That got me cranky’n’since Jules has her periods, she’s hostile too, so we fought all arvy – really bad.

Saturday 2/2/85

BLUELIGHT TONIGHT!! Hope I see Sean! What will I wear? Ended up wearing (borrowing) Fi’s black’n’white striped jacket. With that, wore my black skirt & belt, white shoes & lime T-shirt. Lace in one pocket & lots of things cluttering my wrists (like Madonna.) Today read, before going shopping to get school books & other stuff. At home, covered my books & watched  TV until went up to Fi’s to get her shirt. Got home & prepared for Bluelight. HATED this Bluelight, tho’ I saw Sean quite alot. (Thank God) Well poor Justine & I had to dance with these hoony guys which scared the bog outa me, then this guy Neville hangs around; likes me. I don’t like him – Beka does. I ended up lying, saying I had a boyfriend in Brisbane etc etc & that Beka liked him ALOT so he danced with her the rest of the night. Fi has a new boyfriend. Greg K. he’s nice, suits her! & Liam & Adam G. were almost bashed up!.. I didn’t like it at all.

Sunday 3/2/85

Today woke early-ish, set out to do HW & book covering, but found I kept thinking too much about last night (which made me sick) so I read all day, to keep me occupied. I hate it – I always attract the wrong guys. Ate quite little today, surprisingly. Is rainy & cool. Want to do my homework now, but also want to have an early night. I can’t wait  for school, now. Want to see Sean & forget last night. SEAN!


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