Thai Fish Cakes with Vietnamese Coleslaw


FISH CAKES: 969070_10151766412331833_1455632639_n

500gm white fish fillets (I used Maori Cod)

½ cup fresh coriander (chopped)

¼ cup cornflour

2 tblspn fish sauce

2 tblspn sweet chilli sauce

1 egg

2 shallots (chopped)

extra cornflour (or, I used rice flour) for coating

coconut oil


2 cups shredded cabbage (wombok is ideal)

1 cup grated carrot

¼ cup snow peas (thinly sliced)

½ capsicum (thinly sliced)

2 shallots (thinly sliced)

¼ cup mint leaves



4 tblspn lime juice

4 tblspn fish sauce

4 tblspn sweet chilli


Place the chopped fish fillets in a food processor and process until smooth. Add the coriander, cornflour, fish sauce, sweet chilli and egg and process until well combined. Transfer to a large bowl and mix in the shallots. Prepare a plate with the extra flour, take small handfuls of the mixture, rolling, coating and gently flattening each cake. Cook the fish cakes over medium heat in coconut oil, for approximately 4 minutes each side. Drain on paper.

For the coleslaw, simply toss all ingredients together (except the peanuts) and place the dressing ingredients in a screw top jar, shaking vigorously to combine.

Plate the coleslaw, scattering peanuts over the top, and placing the fish cakes on the salad bed. Drizzle the dressing over the fish cakes and salad. Dig in!


I actually made the fish cake ‘batter’ a day earlier (keeping it covered in the fridge) so you can prepare early. I had in fact made over a kilo of it as well, so divided it into portions and popped all (bar one!) in the freezer for future meals.

The Vietnamese salad is SO easy – I’ve been making it for years. I always vary the ingredients and amounts, as long as the cabbage and carrot are prominent. It’s great on its own or with shredded chicken, and even as a filling for rice paper rolls. Admittedly the dressing is a lazy version of real Viet/Thai dressings, but I love it (again, because it’s simple & easy) and it also doubles as my rice paper roll dipping sauce.


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