Love Lost & Duncton Wood (4-10 February)

Monday 4/2/85

I’m SO upset!! Sean has left! Yes, he’s gone to Cairns High. Miss him!! Looking forward to seeing him today, but when  I asked Jay, who asked Wade, he told me he’s left – oh, woe is me!!! Were all so talkative today. Got our day 1 timetable. In German, Tina was really nice! She asked us to sit next to her & after the lesson, we walked out together, talking. I really think she’s nice!! Shelley is quite, too! She says hello a lot too! [These were some of the ‘popular girls’ so any kind of attention from them was encouraging for my little Ego] Boring in lessons. Was sleepy. Hot at lunch time. Boring on the way home. At home, covered some of Julia’s books. Did HW, while watching “It’ll be alright on the Night – 4” Funnee!! Late-ish nite ……!!!!

Tuesday 5/2/85

Wet, today. Must be missing Sean a great deal more than I thought, as I’ve almost decided to change schools (to Cairns High, where he is) in Year 11. Got today’s & tomorrow’s timetables today! Science first period days 1, 2, 3!! OH NO!! Excited today, in the pouring rain. I love it!! Excites me. Cyclone has passed by Cairns. Poop! I would’ve loved one! [Would have loved a cyclone for two reasons: the first and most significant would have been time off school. The second; they were kind of exciting affairs – Mother Nature in all her furious glory. Mind you, we had never, and I still haven’t, experienced anything nastier than a category 3 storm. My father has and swears he wouldn’t wish it (Cat 1) upon his worst enemy.] Double English was – boring! Nothing-special-day, today. Neville (that guy at the Bluelight) has Beka’s phone no, now. He likes her, THANK GOD!!! Not much else, today!! Early – no! Late-ish nite. Will take some money to school tomorrow I think!! Raining heavy, now!! GOODY!!

Wednesday 6/2/85 A Life in Words

Today was boring, again. I really hate school, now. Or, at least, Smithfield. Wasn’t hot – rainy, a little windy & cool. Got a hay fever attack at the bus stop, which changed my mood completely. Love this book I’m reading!! “Duncton Wood” about the history of “the Duncton moles”. Is excellent – have to read 6 books per semester in English. This is my first. Assigned seats in German. Double History was boring as ever. Bought a choccy milk for little lunch. The guy in front of me in the que [this is the second time I’ve spelt ‘queue’ in this way; strange (& disappointing) considering English was one of my best subjects] was the one who I always (used to) mistake for Sean ←(Miss him.) Geoff bought a friend round for tea.

Thursday 7/2/85

Went back to speech yesterday. Are not gonna do our theory exam, just drama. Told mim about Sean yesterday. she said she hasn’t seen him, yet…. Today wasn’t ordinary – started off – the heavy night rain had caused Freshy Creek to go over, so we had to turn back (on the bus) and go over Thomatis Creek. And at school today, didn’t do any work! Volunteered to cover textbooks. There were many girls at first, but the number dropped greatly after lunch, as the work ran thin. Was fun – talking!! One guy (have I told you?) [yes, yes you have] looks like Sean at a glance. I’m keeping my eye on him!

Friday 8/2/85 

SWIMMING carnival Trinity won!! AGAIN! 3rd year in a row!! Ran a little lat today. Wore my red fullpiece. Took red’n’white striped Sportsgirl shirt & the book (“Duncton Wood”) I’m reading. Couldn’t afford to take any money to spend, but ended up borrowing off Lucy – 50c & Fi – 40c. Found 10c!! Was quite good today. At least, hardly any rain & even a few glimpses of sun!! Wore jumper almost all day. Was actually quite boring. At the end the teachers had a relay against the kids – they wore flippers and won [cheats!]. Ate my apple on bus. Read book at home. Late nite. watching “Pot Black”. After will be Dave Allen!! A Life in Words

Saturday 9/2/85

(Gordon dropped Danielle yesterday at the carnival. God, was she upset) Horrible day, today. A complete waste of time (I think) and a little energy. I JUST READ ALL DAY!! I finished my (thick) book “Duncton Wood” [THIRD mention of the title, in case you missed it in the previous entries…] It was EXCELLENT. But I hated it – I couldn’t stop crying. [Similar to Watership Down if I recall correctly – a bit of death.] Actually, I could, but it was very depressing. A lovely story – you should read it one (or two!) day(s). [My God, anyone would think I was bi-polar. Loved it, hated it, loved it, hated it, highly recommend you read it – so that you too can be as messed up by it as I?] Ate  surprisingly quite little. Julia went to dad’s. A Life in WordsAt 5:10, got ready to go to Pictures. Saw “Police Academy” & “Caddy Shack”. Both good, but Police Academy funniest. Saw (mim’s) Glen, Kim N & the dreaded, hated Neville. [I still can’t believe my choice of words. So…intense. Matching my FEELINGS?]

Sunday 10/2/85

Also saw Amanda & Janelle last night & Nana came over yesterday) Today did, generally, ‘spring’ cleaning & Homework. I rearranged many things in my bedroom, and have found lots of room now! Went through my old books etc, my scarves & air laces & belts! All sorted out now! Ate little, but what I did was fattening. Quite cool today. Mucked about with make-up. Rang Fi 3 times. Got her the last; about essay. She rang back minutes later with more questions, too! Saw Martin & Patrick ride past – WHOOPEE!!!! Late-ish night. Watching a little of the movie. Eyelids are tired but I’m not…oh, well, back to school tomorrow…….

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