Lots of Boredom & A Misunderstanding (4-10 March)

Monday 4/3/85 A Life in Words

Was hot – is still! Boring day. Didn’t hand in english essay cos’ watched “Yentl” in double period. Did more work in Science, Maths & started German Unification in History. German was boring. (as usual) I think Tim knows I like him. Julia embarrassed me in front of him today. He walked past and Julia wiggled her eyebrows at me & pointed (with her head) in his direction. SHAME!! Fiona didn’t (after all the begging I’d done) take me to the [interschool swimming] carnival, so I went with Justine & Beka. Saw Sean. Think he knows I like him. Lots of others do. On a worser note; Neville was there & pestering but I Love S.M.

Tuesday 5/3/85

Fiona looked guilty at the carnival last night. I’d catch her looking at me – & she’d quickly look away. Also talked alot to Angela, Karen M & Sharon M. Today, didn’t talk to Fiona much as possible. I know she’ll tell Jemima, then they’ll both be in a shit with me for at least a month. Otherwise, was a boring day. Karen has changed since our group split up. She’s more ‘shy’ (or quiet) than before & also, less immature – in fact, she’s quite grown-up! I want the Bluelight to come fast. I want to see Sean again. I’m tired. Don’t feel like doing any HW. Wanna watch TV but the stupid cricket’s still on….

Wednesday 6/3/85

Fiona & I started off badly, then it went good until big lunch, but it was her who was doing the isolating act. Then at speech, Jemima was trying to be friendly, but something was different; was wrong. Will ‘write’ notes to Fiona tomorrow. Tired & slow day, ran late. In PES, wet my hair, odourised myself, washed my feet’n’face! Might have a shower off, next time. Walked Lucy to music again always giving (or she’s so hungry) her food. Don’t think Jemima & Fiona like me anymore but I always say that, then change my mind, huh? Also Jemima knows who Sean is now. I think (I’m scared) she’ll say something.

Thursday 7/3/85

Today Fiona was the one in (no, not in a shit, just distant or vacant.) Not really quite there. I think; I know something is wrong. I will ask tomorrow. Didn’t like today – (then again) I don’t like any day of school. Really must stop feeling sorry for myself . I must look so selfish. Had a test in German which I didn’t learn for – just a little one. At Big Lunch, hung mainly around Anna, Megan & Melissa. Teased this girl (Monica) & her friends. Monica burnt her stomach so has to wear dresses & wears the gawkiest ones out (ever since Tues. I think) No HW – not in the mood.

Friday 8/3/85

Today we made up. It was all a misunderstanding. Fiona thought that I didn’t want to talk to her, so she didn’t talk to me…. etc, etc, etc. History was the period in which we made up  & art was fun. Hungry at little lunch. Maths boring & English worse. Big lunch was okay – walked around. PES was okay, too. After, wet my hair again, like I did on Wed. & BP (Fiona U. & I were late) was loaded with work. Went to yacht club tonite. Then had very late & filling dinner at that pizza place again. Am tired! Night-night!

Saturday 9/3/85

Today was……boring, really. Woke early-ish (compared to the time I went to bed last night). Had brekky & moped around wondering what to do. Did a little housework, then mucked around with make up, ‘barbies’, watched TV. Went to Petra’s with Jules after lunch. Bored there, too. At home again got songs off Countdown & watched TV. Movie has finished. Am bursting to go to the loo. Am also hot & tired. Malissa & Jodie (Julia’s friends) also came over this morning, asking Jules to nick some smokes off mum for them!! Jules said no, of course!! A Life in Words

Sunday 10/3/85

Today was even boring-er!!! Woke and felt grumpy. Decided to cut out yellow pictures from magazines. Did well up untill lunch time. Then made some patty cakes. After feeling bored, I began my HW. Got quite a lot done! Diane & Kerry came for tea. Got some more songs off Countdown. Had a shower (shaved, washed & conditioned my hair) then tea. Is now 8:30 (I think) and am bored & tired. Did I tell you I have “Batch #2”? I mean, my periods again. I also might have to miss out on the Blue light next weekend, cos’ mum might go to Brissy, leaving us at dad’s & dad wants to go to Port D. cos’ Jenny’s holding a party (& everyone’ll be there – Mulleys – all the hash guys.) I’ll PROTEST tho’! [A fat lot of good that would do me. I might ‘get around’ my mum, but hardly ever my dad.]

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