A Drug Bust Hoax & An Extremely Intimate Embarrassment (11-17 January)

Monday 11/1/88A Life in Words

Had wierd dream about muppets before I woke this morning: not ordinary ones: the ones (monsters) like out of LABYRINTH [see pic on the right] & THE DARK CRYSTAL. It was really wierd, but good! Well I got up after 8:00 some time, closer to 9.00. I rang Fiona & she said she had to work, but (’cause she rides now) I said I’d ride with her to town at 10:00 and do “nothing” till she had to work. She mentioned on the phone that Steven had said to her “I can’t believe she did that. Mark has finally committed himself to her.” [If you haven’t been following this blog, I highly recommend you read the previous post to understand this statement and grasp the continuing story, in this post.] Great Lissa; he commits himself & finds out this… he won’t ever trust me will he? I really struck out there (well… he didn’t ring me today either) [That sounds like you’ve resigned yourself to an end to the relationship?] So after that I rang Jo, then got ready. It was so windy! I couldn’t believe it… so hard to pedal… I felt totally immobile!! Boring in town: quick glances thru’ shops before riding back to Fi’s Newsagency. I decided (even though the wind was behind me) to catch the (12.30) bus because my bottom was very sore(!!) (Saw Crabbie & Kel too – didn’t recognise them in the car at first!) Listened to BAD on headphones while watching TV at home. A Life in WordsThen nearly fell asleep, so went in to bedroom and slept for about an hour… came out for dinner but could not finish it- felt sick again (see, last night I was feeling extremely nauseous.. very sick, but nothing would happen & I’d still feel horrible: I ended up going to bed with a bucket – moaning. Mum & Julia thought it was because of Mark) [….stress-induced nausea as opposed to an actual stomach bug or other physical health issue…] Thorn Birds is on again, so another late night … have to be at Mike’s work by 8.00 tomorrow: SHIT! I won’t even get to see if there’s any (hate) mail from Mark. I want to send him a bunch of roses & ask him to give me a second chance. See, I’ll have to make the first move, as usual. […so if it’s always the same and you’re not happy with it, change it…] Well, I’ll probably get to bed around 10:30, so goodnight.

Tuesday 12/1/88

I had great difficulty getting to sleep last night. After Thorn Birds, I listened to George Michael & also Terence Trent D’Arby [their entire albums, I would’ve meant] ..before crashing. [Stress-induced insomnia now too…] But I woke early … around 7:00 actually, to a phone call from Mike. I got ready, piled all my art stuff into a bag & got to GERNI around 8:15. About 8 phonecalls all day, one visitor, and mum popping in and out [to check I was coping alright]. I wrote a letter to Mark in the morning (wrote roughly twice before the good copy) and mum got the roses (ordered them) just after lunch, [again, my mother was so good to me… I wouldn’t’ve paid for those roses; it would have come out of her pocket and her only reason would’ve been to try to make me feel better …because I’m quite certain (although I am putting words in her mouth, herewith) that my relationship was a source of concern for her, since she’d (helplessly) witnessed the emotional rollercoaster that it was …for almost a year…] so he would’ve gotten them late this afternoon. The letter detailled my side of the story – how I didn’t intend or want it … and how he should give me a second chance. However, no phonecall [from him] tonight. (Except from CB- good long talk to her) I rang Jo today; she was just going for a job interview at Crocodilliacs. After her, ‘Don Power’ from the Aust. Federal Police called saying there was going to be a drug bust. A Life in WordsI was shocked – Mike & drugs(?) when mum came, she rang Cynthia, who rang this guy she knew, not from A.F.P., but Ray White Real Estate. (It was a joke!) [yep, gullibility is one of my weak points!] so I did my scrapbook for the rest of the day – left around 3.45. Watched TV at home. Am so bored- Fi’s working & Jo may soon be too. What should I do? [Um, maybe YOU should get a job too?] I have no idea. [To be fair to myself, I was thinking ‘bigger picture’: that is, whether I should study or get a job. Study would most likely have been undertaken in another town or city so I was probably thinking there was no point in getting a job there for one month…] Oh I wish Mark would contact me. What shall I do tomorrow, huh? Well, to be sure, I want an earlier night tonight. No later than 10:00 (12:00 or 12:30 or so last night -ugh!) So Mike paid me only $20: that’s disappointing, [hmm, twenty bucks for seven hours: that’s just under three dollars an hour. Mind you, it was hardly taxing work…and it was the 80’s…] but I’ve got to try and make it last (awhile)

Wednesday 13/1/88

No mail from him: no call in the morning. But I had a strong feeling he’d be out tonight. Anyway, this morning Sharon rang around 10:00 or so (a little earlier) and we decided, at 1:00 she’d ride here & we’d ride to crystals. Well, mum took me to the D’s newsagency [I’d left my bike there after riding in on Monday] & I rode home (really good ride!) and at home, did my scrapbook (lauren & tiggy & ‘the tribe’ [some younger girls in our ‘hood] came up & watched me for awhile- a bit annoying). [Not fussed on an audience, Liss?] When Sharon came, we didn’t know whether to go to crystals or not: she was pooped & I thought it was too hot (I was too lazy!) But we decided to ride to the Rocks & see if we’d have enough energy to go on to crystals. Huh! The ride took us more than ¾hr, but we made it (& the ink of pens on my school bag ran with body sweat so my shorts, shirt, towel, all stained.) We enjoyed our swim immensely. A Life in WordsThe ride back was much faster: 20-25mins (& we were dying of thirst so [privacy omission] a can of coke from the Redlynch shop!!) At home I rang Fi and CB. Had to throw all my stuff in a bag quickly & go to Mike’s (to give him his b’day present) Dougie was being very rude & moody & I had one glass of Westcoast [a popular brand of ‘wine cooler’ in the 1980’s]. At [privacy omission]‘s around 6:30, we talked, & I had a shower. Sharon came & so did [privacy omission] (←she’s really nice -hates [privacy omission] too!) Tasha couldn’t stay. We got ready really slowly. I wore my black dress, even though I felt like a real slut [I was ‘conservative’ enough to feel like a ‘slut’ wearing a slim fitting black satin dress… thank god I didn’t grow up in this century, wearing the stuff that girls do today…] (no one else thought so) […because, of course, it wasn’t slutty at all. I think I was feeling more ‘over-dressed’ than vampish. It was actually quite a sophisticated dress.] Sharon, Megan (we picked her up) & I went in the 1st load. Megan got asked for I.D. Keith & Nicole were there. I only had 3 or 4 drinks that night. I saw Mark & Chris & Steven & Cameron (who came up and talked to me – so glad!) [Privacy omission…but to understand this particular character’s relationship to me and the impact of our interaction herewith, read this post …especially if this is your first visit to this site.] came up to me when I was near the bar at one stage – tapped me on the arm & said “Thanks. Thanks a lot.” I said “OK” Freaked out a little after that, but was O.K. When we were dancing, he came on the floor & tried to lead me off. I said “what?” “I want to talk” “NO” “Just talk to you” “NO” I said again. A Life in Words“Well get fucked… fuck this!” (giving me the finger) I felt a bit drained [shocked: I’m non-confrontational and don’t cope with conflict very well] after this & went to talk to Megan. Found Sharon & I saw him dancing with Helen. I asked Sharon to see if he was dancing with anyone & she came back quite a while after saying “Mark’s coming over.” [Hmm, in hindsight I have to wonder if she actually told him to come and talk to me? It’s the kind of thing she might very well have done (and actually had in the past) because it’s the type of friend she was: she cared about me.] Great. I asked him how much he’d had to drink [not wishing to try to reason with an intoxicated person?] & I don’t know… we just started yelling. My voice was already giving way so we went into Smithy’s. It was long, very painful talk. He told me he hated those roses: they were an “insult” (he didn’t want roses, a letter or a phonecall… just me, to talk to him) he hated me & [privacy omission], but had forgiven us. .wanted to know what I wanted (second chance) He didn’t think it was worth it. He said how much he loved me ..how it hurt so much; he put everything to do with me away in a box. He couldn’t stop thinking about me though [privacy omission]. We talked about me & my affairs & he was very vicious. He didn’t want me to take blame, feel guilty, apologise – yet he said so many things which made me feel guilty. Finally ([privacy omission] had left & I was going to catch a taxi home with CB & Trevor (who insisted on waiting for me)) he said for me to go with my friends & forget, tonight, to apologize to Trevor (for snapping at him when he came to arrange going-home arrangements) and want tomorrow or Friday for him to ring & talk somewhere & tell his decision on our relationship. [God Elissa, this happens every time. Why was he always the one to decide the future of the relationship? Why was the ball always in his court? You let it be; you needed it there because you were addicted to and dependant upon him. So …oblivious.] So I went without saying goodbye (I must’ve cried so much – and he’d been wiping my tears away so tenderly, saying that it hurt him to see me cry)…

Thursday 14/1/88

At [privacy omission]‘s, Dean was flaked out on the lounge room floor & Sharon & Cara were sitting talking. [Privacy omission] went to bed & I did soon as I could, too. CB & I had a bed each, and talked (I was so tired) till about 3.30 or so, then bombed. Sharon woke me at 6.50 wanting to know if I was coming… [where to?] I said “I don’t know” and went back to sleep. She came in again at 7:25 & I said “NO!” but ended up getting up almost straight after, anyway. [Privacy omission] & Sharon left & I waited round after packing up (my white turtleneck strangely disappeared) white turtleneck top[Dang, I loved that top. But I’m fairly sure it turned up again: someone would’ve just borrowed without asking…] till mum came. At home, I nearly fell asleep on the lounge when a phonecall at 10:55 woke me. It was Mark. I said there was no way I could get there so he said he’d ring back, but mum came home about 30 mins after, so I rang & said I was coming around. On McManus St, the beginning of Faith was heard on the radio: an omen? Well, our talk was much less continuous: he couldn’t see the point of getting back together (like Fi said: it took him to get hurt to make him realize) basically he was afraid I’d do it again (Now he knows how I feel (felt)) in other words. he won’t be able to trust me too well. Anyway, we decided another go, but this, definitely the last. We are going to remain faithful to each other, even while apart (ie: we’re still “going out” while he’s at college) [oooh, long distance relationships are really hard work. This’ll be interesting, considering the two of you can barely sustain it whilst living in the same area…] so, I could tell he was nervous to touch me & I was, naturally, to him. But, lying on his bed, we eventually kissed: he was extremely passionate. But then it stopped (I was sure it had something to do with thoughts of the past ie. [privacy omission]) [privacy omission] soon made love.. .Sandra getting a shirt just before it and …SHIT… his mum WALKED IN (just after it) [privacy omission] she saw everything. HOW MUCH SHAME! A Life in WordsWhen she went out (she’d hidden her- inevitable -surprise & shock really well – expression did not change as she asked if I was staying for tea) [Kudos to her – I was so impressed by her composure, I’ll never be able to forget it…] Mark said [privacy omission] and laughed. I could not believe it, I was so stunned & WORRIED “Never coming here again” She didn’t know “well, she does now”, Mark said. He laughed – it was a big joke to him. Oh god, we stayed there for about 10 mins – him laughing at my worrying. Outside, Mr W made me stay for tea: oh the shame of it. [What’s that saying? “…I wish the ground would open up and swallow me…”] Although I tried to forget it & we did talk ..about Gatton I felt really bad [entirely uncomfortable] when Mark was out of the room. He drove me home (Paul came, too & I asked him to ring me tomorrow) I told mum & I knew she was shocked, [and possibly a little embarrassed …even for herself: the potential discomfort that may be present then next time she and his mother met…] but she laughed with me. So then I rang Fi, then Jo, then CB & [privacy omission], telling them all the great news (us being back together, that is) My voice was really bad then …Mrs W, Sandra & esp. Paul had laughed nearly all day at it! Watching cricket when Fi came down (830) and stayed, talking, till about 10.00 or so – I had a shower etc & got into bed at 11:00. So tired.

Friday 15/1/88

Well, I was woken at 9.00 (feeling extremely tired) by mum saying to take $50 out for her to borrow. I got up after she left & waited till 9.15 or so before ringing Mark. Thank God Sandra answered (!) […as opposed to his mother…] Mark was woken up  & it was obvious we wouldn’t do anything today.. I said I’d ring later this arvy. Then I proceeded to ring everyone else. Fi said we’d catch the 10.00 bus. Well it was 9.30 so I rang Jo: busy today said to ring back this arvy. And CB & Cara said we could meet them at 11.00 at the mall, but as I thought, they missed the bus (Mum took Fi & I in anyway or we would’ve missed it, too) so we walked around looking mainly for an Xmas present for mima. Saw mum at 11.45 – she took my card to the hospital [I had an appointment there later in the day with the orthopaedic surgeon who attended to me during my hospitalisation after the bus accident] so I stayed in town for lunch with Tasha, CB & Cara. CB & Cara didn’t show up so Fi, Tasha & I got sandwiches & sat in the mall. I went to the hospital at, just after, 1.00 and finally got out around 3.15. Dr Clarke was saying how they might be able to, in the future (far future) stitch up the scars on the inside, to pull the sagging skin together & give it shape. [And this was pretty much what the revisive surgeon did in Brisbane in 1990 (not really the ‘far future’)…] At home I watched TV and got quite a few phonecalls (well Sharon & Jo, anyway) before I rang Mark. Mr W answered (!?!??!) and he wasn’t home. So I watched TV and waited. A Life in WordsAnd waited. And waited. I swore I’d kill him (or punch him) the next time I saw him. Then at 9.30 I got a call. We talked until 10.45. It was a really good call (hated the bit about Nicole[?]: god I hate her)([privacy omission] was telling me today how much she hates her too) So I didn’t get to see him & he tells me now they might be staying over [at Fitzroy Island] Monday night, no, sorry, Sunday night, as well. Why is he not spending all the remaining time with me? Oh well; I guess I’ll have to get used to it. It’s almost 11.00 now. Am very tired. Goodnight.

Saturday 16/1/88

Restless sleep this morning, so I eventually got up around 8.00, to watch RAGE TOP 50 (was up to about no.25, that I saw) rang Jo’s place from 8.45 till 9.30 – no one answering. By then I had to leave. At TAFE, we only just walked in the administration block (seeing a large queue) when a lady asked if she could help us. I asked about reception courses & she said “They’re Monday, 5.30” so we went straight back to the car, and on to KMart to do grocery shopping, all the time I was picturing me & Jo shopping for our flat or house. Wouldn’t it be FUN?! I can’t wait to get working & get responsibilities!! [ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh this is hilarious. And seriously, seriously naive…] I was thinking (mum suggested) reception for WOODWARD & THOMPSON (for Mrs R!) but I was after Hotel reception, even though it is shiftwork. At home, just got home & Jo arrived. We went back to my place to get her “BAD” tape (I drove – can you call it that? – up our street … ha ha, ha!) Then to shop for pies. I didn’t want to swim so lay dozing in the TV room. They took me home around 1.30, before Jo went to work. At home did nothing …scrapbook, watch cricket. Couldn’t get in touch with Fiona. Tasha & Cara were the only ones at [privacy omission]‘s – told me [privacy omission], Sharon & CB caught the 4:00 boat to Fitzroy. That hurt cause I’d seen CB on the way home this morning and had said I’d ring her at 3.30 to arrange the trip & she’d already gone. And when I rang Tasha back, it sounded much like she wouldn’t be able to go tomorrow (& was definitely not allowed out tonight) So I depended totally upon Fiona, who, I found out, after ringing Stuart, Mr D, Mrs D. & finally Mrs B, was at a wedding. I left an “urgent” message with each of them. A Life in WordsIt’s 9.00 now & she hasn’t called yet. If Tasha can’t go & Fiona can’t go tomorrow then I can’t for sure (not with [privacy omission] on the same boat) ITS NOT FAIR. How can they do this to me? Everyone left me totally out (except Tasha – but she couldn’t help being not allowed out) I can just see me not going tomorrow, then Mark staying Sunday night as well. Well, it’s 9.35, and I’ve given up hope. I’m going to bed (we’ve been minding Dougie & Thomas – Julia’s at Amanda’s – so I’m really glad they’ve gone) I feel so depressed & “BETRAYED”

Sunday 17/1/88

Woke at 6.50 and decided I’d better get up. I had no calls till 7.25, so started ringing others: [panic station!] D’s, then B’s, then (Fi couldn’t come) Amanda’s (but Julia, Manda & Cherie didn’t want to come, either) Jude’s (was working) & eventually Tasha’s. She was allowed and had been trying to ring me! [See? It all works out in the end…] So I got to the terminal at 8.05 and bought my ticket. At 8.20 (after seeing Chris & Glyn; ooh) decided I’d better get on the boat. It was 8.25 when Tasha & Cara turned up (I was so relieved!) We lay on the floor for the (long, boring) trip. [I’m quite sure the big old wooden ferries were still operating back then, even though newer catamarans had been added to the fleet. The old ferry rides took longer and were less luxurious so were cheaper, especially with a student ID – which I still had even though I was technically no longer a student. (It didn’t expire until 28 February ’88) Lucky me.] Once there, CB & [privacy omission] met us & we took our stuff to the camping grounds. I saw Mark but he didn’t seem to want to talk, so we ([privacy omission] CB, Tasha, Cara & I) went on the pontoon- water was full of lice! A Life in WordsWe all just got out, when a huge jellyfish was dragged out of the water. It was monstrous! [Although I didn’t specify whether or not it actually was a box jellyfish, it could very well have been because Fitzroy Island was much closer to the mainland than Green Island, and box jellyfish only dwell around the mainland because they prefer shallower waters, and breed in river mouths, estuaries and creeks.] Then, by the pool, sat & swam (Mark at the table on the other side) Nicole (with Keith, Greg & [privacy omission] Rachel (or Wendy C??)) at the table near the end too. We left & went back to get food money & shoes… had lunch (2nd time Mark talked to me – of his own accord, too – told me I could have some of their lunch & told me he was going surfing) [….which I find laughable. The Barrier Reef ensure no swell makes it to our shores (which also makes the box jellies happy) unless driven by cyclonic conditions. Having said that, if someone had a boat and took them to the outer reef, there they might find surf…] then we sat again by the pool .. Cara & Tasha  went for a long walk & [privacy omission] & CB were associating with Nicole in the pool, so I  sat out with Trevor, Jason & Nigel. Then I got in when CB, [privacy omission] & them left on the 2.30 boat (Cara & Tasha were back) Mark got in & we were barely talking – he was really cranky & it annoyed me – he could at least have tried to be nice – just put me down & whinged about about how hot/cold/tired/sore he was. Then, he said he wanted to get out. I said “goodbye” He said “are you going now?” I said “yes” & I got out & packed up & noticed he was in the pool again with his mates. Great. So I left, got very annoyed & hurt at him for not saying a nicer goodbye, especially as he was staying over again. The trip home was, seemed, shorter…. we were on the front dozing & later singing songs. Just before docking, Glyn threw a towel at Tasha; she ducked, and it went straight over into the water!! He laughed so much! We got off & I rang mum. Tasha, Cara, Steven S left & I waited 10 or so minutes for mum. Lazy at home – am so tired … stuffed myself full of ham/pineapple/cheese on toast, for dinner. A Life in WordsRang [privacy omission] & them at 8.30 or so … may go to the movies tomorrow night. SOMEWHERE IN TIME is on now – that beautiful story.. I love it. Well, I’ll sleep in tomorrow & hopefully be able to ‘punish’ Mark for his rudeness. Nah, I’ll forget it in a flash! [I don’t know about ‘punishment’ but I’m also not down with forgetting about how someone important to you has treated you…]

Stevie Wonder, Fisticuffs & The Sleaze (9-15 November)

Monday 9/11/87

A Life in WordsStevie Wonder was excellent! [I saw him twice on this day: he made a special appearance at our school and then I attended his concert …] Today was really good! Got Jo, and at school took last photos, wasted remaining exposures [on ourselves, see right]– folios [proper commercially manufactured ones] not suitable + too expensive (saw Mr. W) late for parade! Everyone loved my new shoes! Bludge in chem & maths. Didn’t see Mark at little lunch. Double art I raced around getting my folio completed – at lunchtime went to the hall. with Cameron, Chris Glyn, Brett, Jo, Justine, Fi & Mima – a laugh waiting for Stevie to arrive. [I don’t know for sure, but I’ve always assumed that Stevie Wonder’s appearance at our school was directly related to the bus accident: a compassionate response by the man. At the time however a reason wasn’t warranted; we were pretty darned excited simply because international stars rarely visited Cairns, let alone to our school.] Stuart smiled at me & I didn’t know what to do after I smiled back – I was really embarrassed! He [Stevie] finally came around 2:00 and talked & sang (a little) till 3:00 (missed eng & biol – yay!) Only talked to Mark a little after school. Picked Jo up around 5:45. . pizza tea. Not many people we knew at the concert – not many people full stop- but they made the noise of a big crowd!! At the end I saw a guy who talked to me (really cute) I think it was James from Playpen. see – I can’t really remember what they both looked like [uh, yeah: this is but one of the many effects copious amounts of alcohol will have upon you] – but he was cute!! YUM YUM Jo’s flipped! [as in, she thought he was very attractive too…]

Whilst I actually can’t recall whether Stevie sang “I Just Called to Say I Love You” during his appearance at our school, I had to include it because it holds the most sentiment for me: firstly – and of less relevance – I think of it as my father and stepmother’s anthem, since they met around the time it was released in 1984 and I remember Dad literally singing it on the phone to Jenny at some stage (I’m fairly sure it was also their wedding song). But at our 20th Year School Reunion (2007) our principal performed an amazing operatic rendition for us (unbeknownst to many of us he was a classically trained singer) not merely because Stevie’s historic visit was a highlight of our senior year, but also for the lyrical sentiment.

Tuesday 10/11/87

talked to Mark a fair bit today. And Stuart, well, it’s really wierd – I’M SHY!! [People still don’t believe this about me, to this day. I am inherently shy.] I can’t bring myself to even look at him, in case he looks at me. But I’d really like to talk to him. Shit. I can’t believe exams start on Thursday & I haven’t even begun to study. All my artwork’s done now (marked too) Oh, I forgot to ring Jo – [she] was away at Fitzroy with Mark [‘her’ Mark, not ‘mine’]. Talked a lot in biol. chris reckons some St’s guys said I was going out with Trevor G. No way! “I barely know the guy.” Chris said “Well, they know you!” SKINT! [At the time, I was more chuffed than confused: “guys I didn’t know, knew of me? Wow!” But retrospectively, I sense this could have had a kind of unsavoury edge to it: I mean, how would a rumour about me ‘dating’ a guy I hardly knew begin to circulate? Had I gained a reputation of ‘some kind’?] Watched the water polo today – Mark in it. What an arse that guy has!! Lost my diamonté bracelet sometime from 7th p. chem. till when I got home (we dropped cameron home this arvy) Great, huh?! […sarcasm about the loss of my bracelet, not ‘elation’ for giving a mate a ride home…] I’m so tired – that’s the only reason I haven’t studied – nearly fell asleep this arvy. Mark rang to find out what prac. it was we had to do for 2 morrow. V. short phone call. We still need to have that “talk” yet, I wonder!!! So tired tonite – I can’t wait! 10 days till it’s all over! (& that’s including days I don’t have exams!) WOW! Great! [I’m surprised I was so eager for the end of school, considering I had no set plans for the future. I think I was more focussed at this point in time on the post-school, pre-Christmas partying I had imagined there would be. Like school holidays but with a more significant sense of freedom. *Sigh* So short-sighted…]

Wednesday 11/11/87

A Life in Words
The back of my skirt was just as – if not more – messy than this…

Today was quite exciting! Our last working day at school. Actually, I didn’t feel emotional at all.. I just had fun running round doing things we don’t normally do – signing each other’s clothes [see my school skirt above] -signing walls tables, etc getting photos taken – doing no work despite exams! Rearranging rooms & furniture! I talked a fair bit to Mark today. He gave me a note – I was speechless after I read it. I don’t understand what he’s trying to say- he realizes he needs me, he thinks I’m changing too fast .. he can’t understand me. Oh dear – we need a talk (big talk) soon. Wonder if that’s what he was going to say on Saturday night He doesn’t talk to Nicole anymore – wonder if he said anything to her? he loves me & needs me. I can’t believe he needs me. Anyway it’s almost 12:00 – I’ve been studying english – I must do well in this – I need to get over 82% Mark wanted to fight Stuart W. today. Why? But everyone’s saying he’s signing his own deathwish – Stuart’s black belt in karate. Well! Looks like TD & him are back together. Stewart P. drove by school this arvy. I had so much fun esp. this arvy.

A Life in WordsThursday 12/11/87

It happened today- Mark & Stewart fought – end of little lunch (after my disgustingly difficult english exam- so much for a VH overall! That was some hard test!) I nearly choked on my hot dog – Mark’s shirt was destroyed- had a blood nose. Why were they fighting? [I never found out. Or if I did, I can’t remember why, but I’m fairly sure that it bore no relevance to me …to my knowledge.] FOOLS. God, I don’t understand… [you wouldn’t Liss, physical combat is a testosterone thing…] we didn’t get to talk today, but before he left, I talked to him briefly- was being very nice. I rang mum – answering machine on. Sat & waited, & waited & waited. At home did 1st chapter – all arvy. Is now almost 11:30 and I’m nearly  totally unprepared for the rest of the exam. I so badly need to do well in it. SHIT! Mark actually rang this arvy – wanted to come around to have that talk, but I was studying. [Damn, you may have had a better chance of discovering the reason for the fight…] He’s coming over 2morrow – after his geog. exam. [I’m] Nervous! Bloody biol. It’s not fair – if only I’d not been so pushed for time, I could’ve started earlier like I’d wanted to. [Um, if you hadn’t been partying like a rockstar for the past four-to-five weeks…] Shit, shit, shit! Am so tired now Please do me a big favour God- let me do exceptionally well in biol- it’s my last hope. See ya 2morrow. Can’t wait for next week!

Friday 13/11/87

Biol wasn’t too bad after all .. I’ll pass it, no sweat, but will I do well enough? That’s the question. It seemed pretty easy, tho’. I didn’t talk too much to Mark today… I didn’t go home straight after the exam either. In fact we waited around till about 2:00! (BORING!) Went for drive (mima had the brown alfa for the day!) Fi dropped me home, where I waited for Mark to come around. I rang his place just after 4:00 and Sandra said he was out .. he rang back at 5:35! I told him I was going out so I’d ring him tomorrow. Well, Jo & I were very late – about 7:45, but thankfully, so was everyone else. [I am only guessing when I say this may have been a dinner for our CAD art class… I can’t imagine what else it could could have been. More detail in future Liss, please!] I had 2 cocktails, and we’d only gotten thru’ 3 courses before everyone started making speeches and crying etc. [Crying? …sounds like our art class…plied with alcohol…] So we all left. At Playpen Jo realized she lost Robbie’s watch and wasn’t happy. Met Angie & we went to Croc. Rock. More people there, but not necessarily a rage. A Life in WordsI was so and I mean so drunk – was really off my face – don’t remember quite a few things, except this sleazy guy who (his friend) drove me home & wanted me to “suck him off…” […and this is exactly the kind of thing parents would fear. The intoxicated girl brushes it off in her sense-impaired state, but what if that ‘sleaze’ had been more aggressive? Oh the risks we take in Life… By the way, in case there was a shadow of a doubt, I certainly didn’t fulfill his wish…]

Saturday 14/11/87

I’ve got lovebites from him. YUK. [Perfect: an unavoidable, (temporary) physical reminder of what getting “off your face” can do to you. The question is, was your lesson learned?] So after stumbling to bed, then to the loo to vomit, slept till about 8:30 (??) Cameron & Glyn came over after weights, for a short while, then Jo rang around 10:00. I rang Mark after that. He said he couldn’t come over – Sandra had the car. Said he’d come when she bought it home. So I did nothing – slept, veged (still drunk!) He came, we didn’t say anything to start with He is sort of going out with [privacy omission]. He won’t say he is- it’s a completely “Physical” relationship. I felt so sick. The talk I feel was fruitless, pointless. [Why? Because you didn’t hear what you wanted or expected to hear?] I wasn’t one bit resolved [the most powerful resolution is the one You make for yourself: there was certainly revelation during this talk… for all your analyzing abilities, could you not reach a resolution for yourself, by yourself?] and after he left (we’d agreed to be friends & build it up, even try before he left [for an overseas family holiday]) But I can’t. Not while I know he’s [privacy omission]. Jo rang, otherwise I did nothing went to bed 7:30 – slept from about 9:30 on. Shit, I can’t do it. I need someone – I’m so dependant – so dependant [this is painfully clear] – God it hurts to know they’re together. I’m gonna have to talk to him Monday or ring him tomorrow – tell him I can’t do it. It’s killing me.

Sunday 15/11/87

Woke around 9:00 – almost 12hrs of sleep! WOW! But it was a little restless, this sleep. Really depressed a lot of the day -didn’t feel like studying – didn’t care. [Excessive alcohol consumption + a negative experience = certain depression] It’s 9:10 now- I’ve had coffee so it’s useless going to bed. So I may as well study_lot of good that’ll do me. I’ll fail anyway. I really don’t give a fucking shit anymore. Not a shit about anything. I might as well curl up and die. Mima visited tonite, Jo rang this morning, I rang Fi twice & I saw Gordon at Licks when we went to get Pizza for dinner. Wishing Well’s on now. [Another Terence Trent D’Arby song (see below). I was so ‘attached’ to his album…] So what? God I’m pissed off. I’m so sick of life. I hate school & I hate work & I hate myself and I hate Mark. That’s a lie. I hate what he’s done to me. I hate him getting his own way all the time. I can’t let him have it all the time. [So…….] What about me? He doesn’t care – just make himself happy Jo said Stewart didn’t say much about me_ _said he’d been keeping in touch (LIE) said he’d ring me – he WON’T. [Wow, I really got dem ‘bad feels’…]

Formal Permission, Hickie Harassment & The Controversial Portrait (1-7 June)

Monday 1/6/87

Keith told me (after Mark had got it out of me before school) that he & Mark had worked out what that sheet was ..my timetable, Mark’s and Nicole’s (last night with saw it just lying there & I got v. embarrassed) [LOL taking Insecurity to the next level! I don’t recall this at all… and for good reason! I’m imagining I’d’ve been trying to ascertain how often they might have come in contact during school hours. What I didn’t know was that this ‘project’ would only feed my angst: not benefit me in any way at all. Geez, maybe I should’ve been a detective?] I thought Mark might’ve gotten ‘upset’ by it ..thinks I’m spying on him. NO! It’s not fair. He can’t think that: it’s not true. [No, really?] Anyway, I don’t think it bothered him much- school, boring as usual, but I got 3 goodbye kisses this arvy Yummy. My art exam was a laugh. I didn’t know anything; I’m sure I’ve failed (no, I could pass, really. Came home after julia got new school shoes (& we browsed at other shoes) & I found a doona on my bed! A Life in WordsUnreal! The only prob is I think it’s too small [here’s the critical perfectionist…] – I mean, it’s meant to fit a single bed, but I’d have liked a bit bigger, but not quite double bed size. [Not asking for much – just a non-standard sized doona, perhaps custom-made? (I’m not sure that ‘King Singles’ existed back in the 80’s?) Pssssh! …Unless I was considering size difference amongst different brands?] Actually did a little HW – maths. I really must get down to some serious study now. Also get classwork done. Esp. art. Copped shit about this hickie, alright – [OF COURSE] Nigel, mima, justine lots (Nicole saw – she kept looking at me SKINT) And Tricia. HaHa. Oh boring school hurry up, holidays. It’s 10:00 now

Tuesday 2/6/87

Gordon C (??) has asked me to his formal. I was really excited (overwhelmed at being asked to another formal) at first, but said later it depended on Mark. I asked him to ring Mark & ‘ask his permission. [Good god Elissa, permission? Are you sure you weren’t born in the 1800’s? So upright, so traditional, so…antiquated!] I really don’t care whether I go or not. I’ll do what Mark wants. [Of course, Doormat!] Mark & I came close to fighting today. (Well, I was hurt, but got over it because he got “down off his high horse” and didn’t let it “carry on.” CONGRATS, markie-poo! (I love you!)) [I just vomitted a little in my mouth…] Otherwise boring day (isn’t every school day?) Mark and his gorgeous smile. He’s so cute! We passed him riding home this arvy (taking Nana back to the [nursing] home) [she still lived in her own self-contained unit at this stage] and I yelled out “spunky” & waved. He smiled & I melted! How can I take 4 days without him? I’ll die, I’m sure! Skin (mine) is terrible. Fixing up tho’. Most people forgetting my hickie now. Beaut cool weather. Wish it’d get even cooler tho’. oh, come on, holidays!

A Life in WordsWednesday 3/6/87

I asked Mark if Gordon rang him. He said yes. [Thank you for playing my silly game, Gordon] I said what’d you say? He said it’s alright with me if I wanted to go. And that was it. I think he didn’t want to talk about, tho I tried to explain I only want to go as a favour to Gordon… I’d rather spend a saturday night with Mark, anyway. Anyway, it was a pretty good day. Better than yesterday Aerobics was sickeningly hard! (I’ve got no co-ordination!) mark came up after & showed me the note he found in his bag (I put it there.) “Aaaargh! How will I survive four days? I love you! I need to see you before you go.” I hope, really hope, we spend it at his place tomorrow night. That’s the best! Hoping he’d ring. Gordon rang me instead. Then I rang Justine (had an excellent idea:) if she couldn’t think of anyone – invite MARK! [No, a very silly, unrealistic, entirely selfish idea] He’d probably refuse. [Yes. Because he doesn’t know these people…] But that’d be great. If he went, that is. Raining now. Not so cold. SHIT. 10:40 SHIT! I ♥ MARK 4 EVA & EVA

Thursday 4/6/87

Ow! My neck’s sore – wonder if it’s out? A Life in WordsTalked a fair bit to him again today. Then tonight he was ‘crazy’ (probably excited about going to Mackay) – we went shopping & driving with Keith. They came back & watched TV at our place .. Mark & I fighting (quite rough) then.. then he had to go. Joking about staying for 4 months ..I said I’d kill him if he stayed away for more than 4 days. [Uh-huh. That’s not displaying dependance-related psychotic tendencies …much.] (Busy day at school today… am doing something in art: Mark! I don’t know if I will though.. it’ll turn out all wrong, I bet. [Oh yes, one of the most retrospectively embarrassing things I did, painting a portrait of  my boyfriend. And it wasn’t a small canvas either. Oh, the shame! Little over-besotted me…] Did chem contract prac in 4th.. & big lunch, with Linda. will just get them finished tomorrow arvy, after school.) Am so tired.. the last 2 days in a row I got out of bed 7:15, when I was woken at 7:00 .. sleeping in!! Usually I’m the last one out of the house! [This doesn’t even make sense to me: how does being the “last one out of the house” relate to usually getting up early? I get that sleeping in = running late = being the last one out of the house but it’s inferred that I don’t normally sleep in?] Boring day tomorrow: ho, hum. 10:30 (by Jule’s swatch) Crikey. Will miss mark. But I’m not suicidal yet; [No …really?]

Friday 5/6/87

(Neck’s still sore) Well, I made it ..no sweat! One day (& night) without mark was O.K. (though I kept thinking (& keep thinking) how exactly a week ago was one of the best nights of my life!!) [Livin’ in the past, girl! A neat little example of how Attachment can cause ‘Pain’: in this case, a positive experience creating Desire for (Wanting, Craving) more…] I did my painting today, mostly & it’s lookin’ great! I’m proud to say I love it! (Of Mark) I can’t believe how much it’s working; resembling him quite well, indeed! [Oh dear. *facepalm*] (Heard Megan, with Tricia, say something & I’m sure she referred to my painting. BITCH.) Everyone else (even Ms Mars.) thinks it’s beaut (NO! Daggy word!) [You correct yourself for a daggy word… when you’re talking about a totally daggy artistic decision?!] Great! Oh I’m tired.. late night shopping ..tried on lotsa dresses in Val Carnes. Liz convinced me red looks best on me (believe it?) And mum & julia too .. so Mark’ll be happy (I can be his LADY IN RED!) [For those new to this serial, Chris DeBurgh’s track “Lady In Red” became a relationship theme song for me one night early in our budding ‘romance’. Here’s the link to that ‘episode’ in late 1986.] Keith rang this morning ∼ 7:15 told me my bankbook was in his car. I said I’d leave it till Tuesday. Won’t be needing it I think. A Life in Words[Oh my, the Bankbook! Most young readers wouldn’t have the first idea what this was. Back in the day, those amazing machines (ATMs) that spit cash out for you at the press of a few buttons, didn’t exist. We had to physically go into a bank (during business hours) and queue up to see a bank teller, to make our manual cash withdrawals. Too bad if you didn’t take enough money out on a Friday afternoon. Ah, the good ol’ days…] Rainy, cold weather BEAUTIFUL!! I’m in a great mood (inside, that is)

Saturday 6/6/87

Boring, wasted day. . couldn’t believe how I wasted it. Woke just before 8:00.. and spent most of morning doing a poster for Cheryl G (TBallers Disco). Then Julia left for dad’s & I watched Airwaves [a locally (well, Townsville) produced music video TV show] alone Having lunch after it, I was going to start study when Amanda & Cherie came. They stayed till about 5:00. [They were actually my sister’s friends too, so it’s even more surprising that they spent the rest of afternoon with me…] So my day was indeed wasted (Amanda & Cherie are so funny, though!) A Life in WordsGot ready after, & mum & I went to the Drive In (to see A Dog’s Tale – FOOTROT FLATS & “COOL CHANGE – an Aussie movie – OK.) Was beautiful and cold! (But not cold enough to dislike it.. just a cold breeze/wind.) I kept thinking about the show & wishing Mark had his own car so we could go to the drive in alone. So now it’s 10:50. And I’m waiting for “RAGE” on the ABC . . (starts 12:30), listening to 4CCR in the meantime (on mum’s clock radio) She’s next door at the Fishers for a quick drink. [Uh-oh. The last time that happened they had to carry her home and worse; we had a ‘prowler’ around our house which frightened the bejesus out of Julia and I and mum couldn’t be woken… see here for that story.] The Perrems are s’posed to be there too. Wonder what’ll happen? So cold & beautiful! (Still, isn’t cold enough!) The wind helps, though. LOVE IT! (Only 2 days left.) Must study tomorrow. MUST.

Sunday 7/6/87

I really have to lose weight. My diet is disgusting. I ate so much crap today. And I did nothing to wear it off. A boring day; I did study. .but only got ½ of bio study done. Have my assignment to do for Friday, yet. Plus bloody chem. study. I have chem, bio & hist. of art tests on Tuesday. Do you believe it? I’m going to fail. And my majors exams start next Tuesday, there’s no way I’ll do well, unless I knuckle right down this week & weekend. I’ve got to do well in them. I’m determined not to cram like I have the rest of my life (this is still cramming though, I guess.. just not overnight .. over a week!) [Uh, yep! While I have a certain ‘photographic memory’ some self discipline would have helped me avoid establishing this bad habit, which only worsened at Uni…] It’s 9:15. Listening to radio till 10:00, Last night I listened to 4CCR all night ..sleeping then waking. A Life in WordsAbout 4:30 turned on “RAGE” stupid heavy metal crap music. So tired this morning – woke around 10:00. Great dream. Raining lots today. These holidays I must diet, exercise & sun bake to get tanned, slim & nice skin for the formal [hmm, many would refute the sunbaking + nice skin correlation these days…] I MUST!! I’m so fat now

Coincidences, Cover Songs & the Sleepover Toga Party (13-19 October)

Monday 13/10/86

Didn’t think Mark was coming – was surprised when I saw him (with Steven) walking to art. Went into town (Cominos arcade) period 3, little lunch, periods 4,5 and big lunch to paint windows. I did 2. Boring. I forgot to bring something to change into. Oh well – I had to wear a nightie to cover up!!! Ha Ha! Saw little of Mark. I don’t care. [Uh-huh] Angie’s party is a toga party..!!! Ragey! And its invitations too – only those invited can get in. Is 10:10 ..waiting for Clive James to come on. Am tired – but I want to watch it. Mr Grossetti didn’t crack about my english Just ‘showed a little concern.’ Hot today My work I am so behind in. I am not  motivated – can’t get interested in school (I guess cos I’m lost – don’t understand anything that I’m doing) It’s on now. Dunno what else to say so Ni, Nite!!!A Life in Words

Tuesday 14/10/86

Mark came late again today but what do I care? Had to do painting again today – lunchtime, p6 & 7. Went late cos Donna & I had to hand in our biology pracs. (still don’t know what I got for that test.) Also have a chem test on Thurs. MUST study. Angie’s party’ll be unreal! Tops! Trying out toga outfits this arvy […despite the massive amount of schoolwork you keep mentioning you’re falling behind in…] Dunno what to wear. Am allowed to sleep over!! Hot today. Finished painting about 3:10 & rushed back to school (made it in about 10 mins! Ran a lot) Am tired. Got little sleep last night Did no HW again this arvy. [Yeah, you already mentioned you played toga-dress-ups instead] Slack, huh? I must try – esp. maths & chem – my biggest problems – maths even more so. Oh well. >SIGH< Is about 9:15. Early night, see if I can get a full night’s sleep. Wanna get a haircut before Angie’s party, too.

Wednesday 15/10/86

Is 9:50. Wanna get to sleep after a quick read over my chemistry text – gotta wake really early (eg: 5:30) to study. I should’ve (would’ve) done it this arvy but speech!! I was in the mood. [Ha! Always an excuse] I have maths + chem + bio + art + english HW. Chem + art + maths was necessary. A Life in WordsOh well. Will try at school tomorrow. My hopes are up that he likes me again. I’VE GOT TO DISBELIEVE. His fav. songs according to Fiona (“he told her”) are Venus (& coincidence(??)) and My Favourite Waste of Time (another coincidence (??)) [I’m not sure exactly why these are coincidences. Bananarama’s ‘Venus’ was my favourite song to dance to, and I think Owen Paul’s ‘My FavouriteWaste of Time’ held lyrical sentiment (click here if you don’t know, or can’t remember this song) – well, ya gotta admit, thinking about Mark did seem to take up a lot of my time? I think I was a bit more ‘superstitious’ then, than I am now. One coincidence for certain is that both of these songs were covers.] strange. Rode today (was hot) got an official invit. from angie today. Replied straight away. I can’t wait!! Must catch up in work. 6 sea shells due Mon. 3:15. CAN’T WAIT FOR ANGIE’S PARTY!!!! For some strange reason, I HOPE CAMERON’S GOING. He’s cutie; got his haircut – is really short. [Wtf? Where did this sudden interest come from?]

Thursday 16/10/86

My hopes are too high. I must think negative. Meanwhile I’m wondering if Cameron’s going. (if he was even invited) Hope he is – that’s someone to talk to. [Oh god girl, you are confused!] Can’t wait!!! Chemistry exam today – I think (I’m sure) I passed – that’s something to be thankful for. Actually did some HW – a little bio & art, too. But not much at all. Will have to work like buggary tomorrow arvy cos I won’t have any spare time on the weekend. Ha. My main concerns now are my work & (school work) & the party (my ‘love life’) [Most people would relate parties to ‘social life’ rather than ‘love life’. But I guess when you have no love life, parties are one of the places to start creating one – potentially]. Should be ACE! Really cannot wait. But now, its 10:10; I must get to sleep. Tomorrow is a free dress day. What have I to wear? What will I? Who knows. Periods were due yesterday. Hope I don’t get them for Angie’s Party. I’ll die if I do. [Haha, typical teen saying. I’m actually impressed I don’t say that more often.] Can not wait!! G’night!

A Life in Words
photocopied pic of Monique & I on the art excursion

Friday 17/10/86

Cannot wait!! (although Cameron isn’t going) Not long now! Today was boring, rather. Thought MW dropped Nicole yesterday – nope!! ELISSA WAKE UP. He doesn’t like you. Nothing will happen at this party. [continually self-lecturing] I felt a big dag today – wearing my pale (aqua) polo shirt & mum’s white shorts and my daggy school shoes. Everyone else had at least some bright colour on – and something ‘dressy’. During 4th, 5th, big lunch & 6th CAD went to the wharf to draw. Boring – I lost Sandie’s $2 to the sea; it flew over the jetty [back then $2 were still notes]. A Life in WordsGetting on well with Angie and Trish & Michelle. Why do I get the feeling Mark likes me? Is he really looking at me or is it a coincidence that he glances in my direction the same time I do? It’s just like 1st semester again; I don’t know if he does or not – but I must think he doesn’t otherwise I’ll be hurt [self-preservation thought pattern development. Or simply, pessimism.]. Is 10:25.

Saturday 18/10/86

Went out in ‘am’. to see nana (& get ribbon for my home-made roman sandals) Monique (after 3 calls) & Sandie came round 12:30 I waxed my legs & it took yonks. Mima’s not going. Fi came round 2:00 & sharon was very late. We wore our togas on the train. At Kuranda (this train trip wasn’t really fun like last time) Trish, Leanne, Moni, Sandie, Fi, me & Sharon got grog & drank it before we went in. Trisha spewed Fiona & (a little bit) Leanne was off her face. In there, it was a little boring. I didn’t see Mark for ages. I’m sure he was with Angie – some say yes, others no. (what??) [←this “what?” means “so…. which is it?”] Keith & I talked alot. In fact, he followed me round all night. we talked in depth about cosmic things- (being typical emotional Pisces) universe, UFO’s & Ghosts & unknown, death & love… he wouldn’t when I asked him, tell me some things Mark used to say about me & I really nagged. He also told me only 3 of the guys out of the supposed 15 – himself, Mark & believe it or not, Steven!!!! [Back in May, one of the guys in my biology class told me he knew of “about 15” guys that liked me. If you want the full story, check out this post]  [At this point, I omitted some potentially sensitive personal detail about another person.] Also that he thinks Mark does like me a lot, deep down. I said some things I shouldn’t have – some really silly private things. But I guess so did he. [continuing on to Sunday’s page…]

Sunday 19/10/86

Finally when Mark reappeared (after a sleep) I tried to stay within roughly same area as him. It was dull, but soon we were all on the trampoline. [That trampoline again. Where I “fell in love” the first time, months earlier. Click here if you’re interested in that ‘episode’.] We had apple juice fights – Mark squirted me for no reason & after fight reckons. I started it. We fought all night (Keith was trying to crack onto me – arms all over the place – soon I got out [‘out’ of what? his reach?] but …there ended up; me, Mark, Steven, Fi, Sharon & Quallus. Mark was picking on me… & steven too, but it wasn’t too bad we took ages & ages & ages to get into sleeping positions – would always be disrupted again But the main thing was Mark & me- we were the centre of attention – physical fights- slapping, thumping kicking, pinching. SHIT it was bad- does he like me? Hurts me enough. [I can’t believe this person was me. I mean, there’s no way I’d tolerate that kind of treatment now, let alone remain attracted to the guy.] Anyway, about (God I dunno) approx 3:30, 4:00 Got settled but rain made us all go elsewhere – about 5:30-6:00. I & Sharon couldn’t really sleep again. When everyone finally woke, I didn’t talk to mark at all really. He joked a second time & being tired I kinda snubbed him. Then I think he got angry or wasn’t talking to me. Even all on the train at 12:00 (Sharon & I didn’t have tickets – sneaked on!! – was the tourist train) A Life in WordsFinally when we got off, he, Steve & Leanne hung out the windows. Mark said “ByeBye Lollipop Lady!” [I can’t remember whether this has come up previously, so you may not understand this term. It certainly doesn’t refer to ladies in fluorescent vests at school crossings (I don’t think they even existed back then) rather, a story I’d told Mark about thinking of myself as a lollipop because I have such a long neck and (back then) a round face, Like a lollipop. So he coined the nickname. Perhaps it was actually born at this party? I can’t recall.] I smiled … we waited till the train moved. I said sorry about his arm (dead from punching) he said “I’ll bet.” & I waved & he was smiling & so was I!! Back at home Moni, Sandie & Sharon left about 1½hrs later! I slept & showered. Is now 8:05 Gonna sleep I only got about ½hr sleep that night. Been a Bloody EXCELLENT weekend. Fi, Sandie & Moni I was upset a little with cos at the start – they got off their faces esp. Fi & were smoking etc. [It’s pretty judgemental but it came from a place of care for my friends. Learning, over time, about Tolerance and even later, about Non Attachment has helped to curb my ‘judgementalism’]   Also SIX SEA SHELLS [art assignment]!! Trouble – not done!!


Adoration, Shyness, A Fight & THE Phone Call (30 June-6 July)

Monday 30/6/86

Actually felt sick & didn’t want to come [to school] this morning, but, if anything, this was an excellent day to prove Mark really does like me!! He was always up in my line of vision (and me in his!!!!) [oh dear, Elissa, that is not reliable ‘evidence’] Sharon & I made some goofs! At big lunch, he wasn’t around so we decided to go and watch the volleyball. got halfway down & saw him there. It looked so sus[picious]→ we stopped walking, stood then turned and walked back up (cos he (& Cameron & Steven) were too!) We then went around under N block, waited till they’d gone & walked down to volleyball (which ended up not being on) so spent rest of lunch hour at [our usual] spot, right in his vision. A Life in WordsI was kinda avoiding him cos I felt embarrassed. WHY? Well, that’s just me!! [Massively insecure, which I labelled ‘shyness’ because I had no idea how else to describe it.] 9:02 Fairly early night. Not much HW. Mr Grossetti was away for english – we had no teacher!! Talked with Donna

Tuesday 1/7/86

Mmmm. What a hunk♥ Yum Yum Yum Yum! Stayed as much in view (as I dared) today. In Biology, we were in G block. He sat in front row, we sat in 2nd front – I was right behind him so there was no way he could see me, but, he turned and sat sideways on his chair!! [Wow!] (Cos Mr Short was talking from the side of the room) [Oh. That casts one helluva lot of doubt on your idea, Liss.] But also at lunchtime, I got some good ‘long’ looks at him.What a honey – what a hunk the best body & perfectly gorgeous face – spunk ♥♥♥ Yum Yum Yum! [Vomit bag, anyone?] Did only maths HW – all I had. Am ashamed I have done nothing for speech. Is 9:37. Yet another late nite?? Hunk of the year!

Wednesday 2/7/86

Not-so-much drooling over Mark today→ in biology tho, I (Maureen, Donna & I did absolutely nothing! Big Bludge) told Maureen everything I  did on my holidays. Mark was sitting in front again in the lab (Talking to Dwain -or greg?? I think !!?? Dunno!!) and when I was talking about Crocodile Rock, mark briefly turned and looked at me. Wowee kazowee!! Biggest hunk out!! [Oh my God. Really?] Then, everyone disappeared at lunchtime→ finally came back as mima, fi & I took off to Fi’s news agency – skipped athletics try-outs. That mightn’t sound bad (we sat in the back room reading magazines & eating food!!) but we missed a parade where we were marked off. Hope we don’t get into big trouble. [I’ve never really been a Rebel] Justine just rang; been on the phone for about 40 minutes. Is 9:07!!

Thursday 3/7/86

What a bloody hunk!♥ Sat in the same row (1st row) as him today in biology. I was on the end & there was Maureen, Donna &  (then) Greg between us but he was unperturbed. He has such a penetrating gaze. Sometimes I was caught out and didn’t know what to do. He is such a hunk. I wish things would speed up. [Hmm, ever heard of ‘being proactive’?] Sharon’s not talking to me for some reason. A Life in WordsShe hurt me (not physically) today. Cutting remark about my shyness “If you want to blow your chance then I’ll have nothing to say about it.” [She’s clearly exasperated by my lack of  initiative.] Bitch. That hurt me cos I know its true. [Exactly] I am shy & I probably will lose my chance cos of it. Otherwise it was a fair day. I try to tell myself to keep looking at him often as possible but… easier said than done. 8:33. Early night cos the bags under my eyes are getting bigger & blacker

Friday 4/7/86

Fat lot of good going to bed at 8:30 did me: didn’t’ get to sleep till around 10:30.. then slept restlessly & woke around 5:30-6:00 And Sharon has pushed things too far. Bad day today. So weak & tired this morning; then I was the only one standing on the bus. But worst of all: I (still hurt about what she said) ignored Sharon this morning so she got shitty. Then mima asked me what was wrong – I couldn’t help it – the tears sprung up & Fi told her. Mima saying how much of  a bitch she was Linda & Justine ‘comforted’ me too. So I didn’t say another word to her all day. After last period chemistry, Linda told me how, in 6th p. choral music, Sharon told her everything. EVERYTHING – I like Mark, Mark likes me etc. After talking Linda said she wouldn’t tell. I know she won’t but if Sharon told her… there’s no doubt she’ll spill the beans to everyone to hurt me more. 8:53 See if I can get some sleep tonight. Julia went to see Police Academy III with some friends; Cherie & Melinda are staying over. Big Bitch Sharon. [It’s great to look back at this now and see how I brought the entire thing on myself. Sharon’s comment the day before clearly struck a raw nerve: exposing one of my ‘flaws’ to me – which I actually acknowledged! I should hardly have blamed her for that…wasn’t she in fact doing me a favour? And the rest of it is Karma. I reacted poorly, setting of a chain of reciprocal reactions… that’s how it works. Ya gotta break the chain where you are involved in order to stop the ball rolling!]

Saturday 5/7/86

Earned $39!! Did 96 drums in exactly 3 hours!! (9:24-12:24 = $24) then 3¾hrs making new labells = $15. Not bad eh? Mum took me home. But the big event was… I was getting ready to go to mima’s and the phone rang. Mum said “It’s for you…it’s a male!” I got “excited” a bit .. but I practically knew it’d be Brent…but what for? I said “Hello?” “Hi, it’s Mark.” I FREAKED!! He said “You wanted me to call you.” I wondered who said that.. “nope” I was embarrassed. Apparently he got a message “Mark ring Elissa 552143” I hung up after a lot of embarrassment saying “ahh…sorry…I’m so embarrassed” ..and giggling. A Life in WordsRushed round to mima’s & told her. Then YOU KNOW WHAT?? SHE MADE ME RING HIM BACK!! At first it was hard to talk but I talked for 1hr!! TO MARK!! (And by that, I mean I talked… he barely said anything I thought I was boring him then after watched Fletch.. slept at Fi’s – waited til 1:00 till Brent came….got to sleep around 3:00.

Sunday 6/7/86

Woke around 9:00 – thinking alot about Mark. Wondering whether that phone call will benefit me or not. Hope it does… hope he can say hello to me, or at least smile at me. Hope, I hope so much… we had brekky around 10:30 then mima & I went back to her place (Fi had to work) And went to Ellis Beach. Was fun.. got burnt (but it doesn’t hurt at all!) Thinking about Mark….. Fiona thought that “message” was made-up, ie: an excuse for him to ring. [Either that or one of my girlfriends – possibly even Sharon – rang masquerading as me and left a message with my details. I never found out regardless.] The only thing is.. it’ll be so obvious to him, now, that I like him. It’s not that bad; but I didn’t want him to know initially. [Again, with so much hindsight, this is hilarious. Naive little me! Many people had worked that out a long time ago.] Oh, I’ll be freaking out tomorrow especially… worried about going to school and seeing him.. I am already Sheeitt! I’m watching “Blue Lagoon”. It’s almost finished. Almost 10:30. Lost my digital watch at the beach & Anna’s coming to CHS now!!

Pandas & Rainbows & Mary, Queen of Scots (16-22 December)

Monday 16/12/85

Am BOILING Just now. wasn’t too bad today – just got hot (noticeably hot) in the last 10 mins. Today was O.K.. Got Julia’s prezzy ( a brightly patterned & coloured singlet) & the other ½ of mum’s (the $30 voucher from Sussan’s.) A Life in WordsGot Lucy’s – a plastic novelty (wine) glass from Mr Timothy’s [a local novelty gift store, along the lines of the 80’s franchise Granny May’s] & filled with smarties & the fucking cup broke when mum dropped it. So, now, I won’t have time to get Lucy one cos’ I’m not going to the movies. Fuck that I haven’t got any money. But I’ve gotta see Lucy tomorrow – to give her a present & that book. Saw Steven B today. Is a spunk but I don’t feel for him (like Mark too) as I still do for Sean. Tim’s a blurry shadow. Yuk. Early-ish (hot) nite.

Tuesday 17/12/85

Went to Earlville with Julia this morning till about 12:30. Got Nana’s, mima’s, Lucy’s (new one), Fi’s & Beka’s presents. Nana – 2 prs stockings [oh my dear Nana…who used to wear stockings year round, because it’s just what you did. Regardlless of heat and/or humidity. Such a staunch traditionalist] & 1 bottle of perfume & for Lucy, Beka mima & fiona, acrylic patterned glasses ‘filled’ with smarties & M&Ms. Have to give Lucy hers tomorrow. Gotta get Geoff’s & Justine’s now. Thank god. Will, hopefully, have some leftover too. Ate sooo much today – lotsa chocolate. Feel so fat & bloated. [There’s a good indication there of my ability to sense the effects of poor food choices…er, even if it is only emotional (guilt) at this stage.] Is humid not hot. Am tired – having an early nite (9:10) Wrapped all the prezzys & made little ‘tag’ cards. Thinking of making Nin some decorations & a tree but remember she’s going away. [Now at what stage in life did I lose this creative desire? Gift tags, christmas decorations? These days I’m hard pressed giving any card with a present. And I hardly ever bother with a christmas tree.] Everyone is. Xmas & New Year will be boring this year. (Got in a big cranky rage this arvy – terrible – swear like hell & throwing things & slamming doors. Am HOT now. Tired. Nite. PS looked for new diaries – found none

Wednesday 18/12/85A Life in Words

The only time I really start to feel hot & sticky is at night. Am soooo HOT!! Early nite – watched last episode of Sons & Daughters for ’85 [Really? I didn’t know Sons and Daughters was still going in ’85] Country Practise’s last episode is tomorrow night. Today I ate soooooooooooo much. Am getting terribly fat in the stomach again (again? You mean as usual!) Feel ashamed. Today, Lucy left. I went around to her place around 9:45. Helped her finish packing etc. Picked up Beka & went to the airport. Was all very quick I didn’t cry – Mrs Warner, Beka & Jane did – my eyes watered a little. Gonna miss her – will try to write letters (if not, notes will do) per week & send them down in bunches. [Well, the thought is admirable. Am fairly sure that didn’t happen…] this arvy I ate, watched TV, ate, drew & vegetated. That’s about my style. AM HOT. Is 8:45PM  SLEEPY – NITE!!

Thursday 19/12/85

Lazy day. Was tired – got up – did a bit of drawing, then spent the rest of the day in my bedroom, on my bed, listening to the radio & tapes and reading through old ‘Dolly’ magazines. Then rode down to hairdressers. Spent a lot of time deciding what to do with my hair (everyone ‘except Geoff & me think I should have short hair… YUK!!) Finally, just got a little trim & an Inch off the back – nice’n’short (-ish) now!! Casual, cool!! Watched TV at home, then went to park – no big thrill till Julia, Fiona, Rachel, Melanie & Melinda decided to strip me. I stormed home. Got into tears. Absolutely thrashed Julia when mum called her home. Then had a BIG fight. Julia rang dad. Mum got upset & cried. Poor mum, I feel the strain she bears, now. Will try to help more. Start by doing some housework & cooking meals. Late nite. Not too HOT now. Am tired. Nite.

Friday 20/12/85

Mum & I went shopping today, at Kmart & Big W (Earlville) I’ve now finished my Xmas list!! (Geoff – put towards a $20 shirt (mum paid rest) & Justine – a box a choccies) Also, got $20 from papa to spend. Dunno what to get – will ask mum if she can get me something (I love surprises!) [….as long as I like what I’m given…] Watched movie am bugared – Dunno why I did. Also, went to Richardson’s & got pretty material with Pandas & rainbows!! Can’t wait to make the shorts!! They’ll be unreal!! [Oh I remember those! There was a time when women’s boxers or pajama-style shorts – to be worn as outerwear – came in, so the ‘cuter’ the fabric print, the better.] Wasn’t too hot today; then again, we were in air conditioning most of the day. Is almost 11:00 – must get some sleep

Saturday 21/12/85

Is 10:50. Very boring day today. I read through a dictionary (believe it or not) to sort out some Greek & Latin roots & looked at the Australian vocabulary. [Reading a dictionary? Now that is TRUE Boredom. I actually remembering doing that though. And had full intentions of continuing.] Also did some doodling of hairstyles. Am thinking of getting my hair layered & permed & setting it like Lucy’s. Dunno, but. Went to the Drive In. Saw Police Academy 2 & ‘Doin’ Time’. A Life in WordsAlright. Bit funny. Ate a fair bit, too. Umah! Did a little housework today. (believe it or not) Also Beka came around & got her bike (‘cos I called her) Also gave her her present. Now have only 2 more to get rid of. Was strangely tired today – ultimately lethargic. Maybe I need more sleep, or exercise or something. [Bingo to the exercise guess.]

Sunday 22/12/85

Got up late – I actually slept in! (Till only 8:30, though.) I just read the Dolly (January’s) and the morning flew by!! In the arvy I drew a bit, watched the movie (on TV) Mary, Queen of Scots – which I enjoyed immensely!! I love historical movies! Justine rang – we talked for yonks!! Got ready & went to dad’s for Xmas tea. Filling!! I got $1.20 worth of coins in my plum pudding!! Then I got 25c extra from other people who didn’t want theirs For my prezzies from Anthony, dad & Jenny, see the last page of “Notes” (where all others will be listed, too) [My ‘recording obsession’ meant that I had to log all the gifts I received, and not wanting to waste valuable daily diary space, I usually found another area in the diary, in which I could compile the all-important information. This extended to ordinary days when I felt I had more to say but couldn’t fit it in on the actual diary page. So there may be an extra blogpost, or an extra long blogpost, when I reach the year’s end…] Really wanna start’n’shape up my figure – wanna exercise & slim right down. Is a bit hot. Late night again. Going to J’s (Justine’s) tomorrow for swim → GREAT!! Is about 10:45. Am tired

Relationship Tests & the Hunger/Thirst Concept (5-11 Aug)

Monday 5/8/85

[Insert hand-drawn musical notes] Torn between two Lovers [insert more musical notes]…. Nah!! I dunno (still) who I like better!! My necklace (crystals – fake) from Jenny broke today. I took it to show my friends. Have lost about eight – ten beads. OH well… Dunno which camp to go on – the one to Little Mulgrave or Tinaroo.(Am really wanting to know which one (or if) Tim’s going on.) It’s a camp just 4 us YR 10’s!! Have begun cutting down on food intake from today. Read an article in “New Idea” about when you feel hungry (whether it be from seeing someone else eating, depression/boredom etc.) to massage certain parts of your body & the hunger pangs die. When I was hungry for dinner, I tried it & sure enough I had ¾ of the amount I would normally have had. Also am gonna try to drink lots water before a meal. Is supposed to fill you up!! Hope it all works!!! [Hmmm, and also dilutes your stomach acids so it kind of hinders the digestive process. You should only drink before a meal if you’re trying to determine whether you are actually hungry, since thirst is often confused as hunger. Either way, you need to wait 10 minutes or so to find out: if truly hungry, the stomach acids will re-concentrate, bringing back your ‘hunger pangs’.] 

Tuesday 6/8/85 A Life in Words

Today was boring. Ate less, but after dinner, demolished almost ¾ tin of peaches. Big brawl with Julia climaxed today – mum tried to make us explain Julia denied everything. She just gets shitty whenever I get a seat nearest to the back [of the bus] than her (or if I get a seat at all) at skool & home she’s fine – but on the bus she talks about me to her friends & gives me dirty looks. Late night tonight. Am going on Little Mulgrave Camp after all, even if Tim doesn’t. (Tina, Fran etc are)

Wednesday 7/8/85

Early night, mum’s at a National Trust meeting. Julia and I are at home on our own!! (Believe it or not!!) We’ll be asleep before she gets home (about 10) Is 8:30 now. Fiona isn’t talking to me. I think it’s because I don’t talk as much to her cos’ I feel that anything I say is stupid, unimportant etc. She, Anna & Megan went to typing room at lunch today. So I went to oval with Justine & Sara. She said to Anna on the bus (when I wasn’t paying attention) “Let’s go to typing again tomorrow.” I think it was a retaliation remark, to hurt me. /// Tim isn’t going on the camp. shucks!!

Thursday 8/8/85

Fiona is still “shitty” with me. She did go to typing today, too. (When I walked Megan to her bus to say goodbye as per usual I asked her how it was – typing – and she went …. i.e. she found it BORING!!) OHH… Also: dunno if I’ll get to go to Mulgrave. Only 40 people can go, and as I only got my form & money in today, I think I’ve pretty well missed out. (See today was a bad day. First I forget my lunch and camp & excursion forms – so ring mum to bring them. then I miss mum so Mr Roff, personally, walks thru’ YR 10 parade to give my lunch etc to me. [ANY connection to the Principal was socially debilitating.] SHAME! then in English I fall (backwards) off my chair!!! BAD LUCK, HUH?!!) Anyhow, as I wrote “Mulgrave Camp only” on my form, it means if I do miss out, I won’t go at all. S’pose that won’t matter cos then I can stay (at skool) & drool over Tim as per usual!!

Friday 9/8/85

[UH-OH…] Distressing news: Tim is crazy over Adrienne P. I knew it. Tina, Erica & Fran talked about it in art. They said if it wasn’t for John, Adrienne would go around with Tim. OH SHIT! Wish I was more outgoing. Fiona still shitty but not as much as before, cos in History, tried to tell her how I’ve changed (she didn’t really like that.) They’re going to CHSS Fete tomorrow. I’m not. Going to work & stay at Dad’s the night. (Jaqui & Anthony won’t be there.) Thinking this arvy how (god I’m ashamed to say this) it would be good to have Shane S. as a “best” friend. Could go to park on Fri’s & talk or something. Stupid, huh?!! But it’d surely be different from a girl friend. (Couldn’t tell as much) Tonite played Trivial Pursuit. Back is sore. Am bugared!! Late nite 12:15

Saturday 10/8/85

Woke early today, shit!! But “slept” in and dad came early. Rushed (& forgot diary & undies & bras!) Anyhow, at work, did a poster for Dad’s “mystery cruise”, next Saturday night (A.O.) [meaning Adults Only] on the “Cougar out to Michalmus Cay (or is it?) HA HA!! Anyhow did more work. Got $24, but dad’ll bank half for me. Went home but mum wasn’t there, so couldn’t get underwear. A Life in WordsWent to Penwardens. Was abit boring. Got hay fever from cat. Practically no diet today – hot dog banana fritter, chinese dinner, caramel tart, pavlova, lemon mousse. Talkabout breaking a diet!! Jaqui & Anthony didn’t go camping. She is still out now (it’s 1:30.) We’re going to bed. Gonna watch “The Day After” about the day after a nuclear bomb. or will I?? See how I feelA Life in Words

Sunday 11/8/85

Jacqui didn’t come home (when we woke at 9:30) the outside light was still on. We went home at lunchtime. I wasted the afternoon I should have been doing my poetry assignment. God I’m a shit of a dickhead. Ate again today had fruit loops 4 brekky at dad’s (& ate crumbs from caramel tart) & had a “frenzy” icecream (Like Sly cones) Did a bitta HW, before. Wrote a list of things I’ll want for my camp & 4 summer. $300 approx total. God!! huh?!! Am gonna watch the DAY AFTER. Well I might to go to bed ½ way thru. Am tired!!

Lots of Boredom & A Misunderstanding (4-10 March)

Monday 4/3/85 A Life in Words

Was hot – is still! Boring day. Didn’t hand in english essay cos’ watched “Yentl” in double period. Did more work in Science, Maths & started German Unification in History. German was boring. (as usual) I think Tim knows I like him. Julia embarrassed me in front of him today. He walked past and Julia wiggled her eyebrows at me & pointed (with her head) in his direction. SHAME!! Fiona didn’t (after all the begging I’d done) take me to the [interschool swimming] carnival, so I went with Justine & Beka. Saw Sean. Think he knows I like him. Lots of others do. On a worser note; Neville was there & pestering but I Love S.M.

Tuesday 5/3/85

Fiona looked guilty at the carnival last night. I’d catch her looking at me – & she’d quickly look away. Also talked alot to Angela, Karen M & Sharon M. Today, didn’t talk to Fiona much as possible. I know she’ll tell Jemima, then they’ll both be in a shit with me for at least a month. Otherwise, was a boring day. Karen has changed since our group split up. She’s more ‘shy’ (or quiet) than before & also, less immature – in fact, she’s quite grown-up! I want the Bluelight to come fast. I want to see Sean again. I’m tired. Don’t feel like doing any HW. Wanna watch TV but the stupid cricket’s still on….

Wednesday 6/3/85

Fiona & I started off badly, then it went good until big lunch, but it was her who was doing the isolating act. Then at speech, Jemima was trying to be friendly, but something was different; was wrong. Will ‘write’ notes to Fiona tomorrow. Tired & slow day, ran late. In PES, wet my hair, odourised myself, washed my feet’n’face! Might have a shower off, next time. Walked Lucy to music again always giving (or she’s so hungry) her food. Don’t think Jemima & Fiona like me anymore but I always say that, then change my mind, huh? Also Jemima knows who Sean is now. I think (I’m scared) she’ll say something.

Thursday 7/3/85

Today Fiona was the one in (no, not in a shit, just distant or vacant.) Not really quite there. I think; I know something is wrong. I will ask tomorrow. Didn’t like today – (then again) I don’t like any day of school. Really must stop feeling sorry for myself . I must look so selfish. Had a test in German which I didn’t learn for – just a little one. At Big Lunch, hung mainly around Anna, Megan & Melissa. Teased this girl (Monica) & her friends. Monica burnt her stomach so has to wear dresses & wears the gawkiest ones out (ever since Tues. I think) No HW – not in the mood.

Friday 8/3/85

Today we made up. It was all a misunderstanding. Fiona thought that I didn’t want to talk to her, so she didn’t talk to me…. etc, etc, etc. History was the period in which we made up  & art was fun. Hungry at little lunch. Maths boring & English worse. Big lunch was okay – walked around. PES was okay, too. After, wet my hair again, like I did on Wed. & BP (Fiona U. & I were late) was loaded with work. Went to yacht club tonite. Then had very late & filling dinner at that pizza place again. Am tired! Night-night!

Saturday 9/3/85

Today was……boring, really. Woke early-ish (compared to the time I went to bed last night). Had brekky & moped around wondering what to do. Did a little housework, then mucked around with make up, ‘barbies’, watched TV. Went to Petra’s with Jules after lunch. Bored there, too. At home again got songs off Countdown & watched TV. Movie has finished. Am bursting to go to the loo. Am also hot & tired. Malissa & Jodie (Julia’s friends) also came over this morning, asking Jules to nick some smokes off mum for them!! Jules said no, of course!! A Life in Words

Sunday 10/3/85

Today was even boring-er!!! Woke and felt grumpy. Decided to cut out yellow pictures from magazines. Did well up untill lunch time. Then made some patty cakes. After feeling bored, I began my HW. Got quite a lot done! Diane & Kerry came for tea. Got some more songs off Countdown. Had a shower (shaved, washed & conditioned my hair) then tea. Is now 8:30 (I think) and am bored & tired. Did I tell you I have “Batch #2”? I mean, my periods again. I also might have to miss out on the Blue light next weekend, cos’ mum might go to Brissy, leaving us at dad’s & dad wants to go to Port D. cos’ Jenny’s holding a party (& everyone’ll be there – Mulleys – all the hash guys.) I’ll PROTEST tho’! [A fat lot of good that would do me. I might ‘get around’ my mum, but hardly ever my dad.]

Year 10 Begins (28 January-3 February)

Monday 28/1/85

Boring day today. Wasn’t hot. A little rain. Poured last night. Woke 7:00. Watched cricket (day match) after playing records. Wrote out my thank-you notes. Didn’t eat too much. Will have a late night. Julia is gonna be rushed tomorrow because she’s staying at dad’s tonight. Experimented with make-up & also went over exercise plan for school days. School. What a depressing word. In Jodie’s letter I asked if she got Andrew’s or George’s (or both of their) autograph’s & if she did, she wouldn’t mind sending me Andrew’s? [My cousin must have seen Wham! in concert. Living in Sydney she had a lot more opportunity to see international acts. Cairns didn’t – and still doesn’t – manage to score many of those.] Haircut tomorrow. Last day Tomorrow. Why???

Tuesday 29/1/85

Well, this was it. My LAST DAY of Bliss!! I woke quite early & completed the (my) new exercise plan – an extract from an old Women’s Weekly. “Victoria Principal’s Lifetime Plan for keeping fit.” [Victoria Principal took over from Jane Fonda in the celebs-as-fitness-professionals game. She was best known for her role in the TV serial “Dallas” – which I wasn’t allowed to watch by the way] I started it yesterday & felt a little ill after it again, today.haircut Julia came home, but was gone 10 mins later. She’s in 8b!! I woz in that in  Year 8!! She has lots of friends with her – Katherine W, Melissa B, Brendan S, Andrew F & Yuri K. Today, I accompanied mother to town. A Life in WordsGot my dolly & the Wham! poster!!!! Lazed in the arvy. Am a little worried about tomorrow

Wednesday 30/1/85

Wasn’t bad at all! No rush or panic or over-excitement when getting ready. I am in Form 10J with Fiona, Rebekah & Justine. Know why? All the above-average kids (or most of them) are in a our form. Yes, that’s Angela R, Natasha W & Rebecca P, too. I hate it in a way – we might get our “goody-goody” label back. [I don’t know whether ‘we’ actually were considered “goody-goodies” (geeks) by others, but this was my self perception, and I held this belief for most of my time at Smithfield High.] Also, I think Sean has left. wasn’t here & I didn’t hear his name called out (I don’t think) in the forms. Got Mr Van Slooten for form, english & history. Today was boring. Just talking (Mr VS) all day. Got home & relaxed. Early-ish night. early tea. Will ask Sharon M if Sean has gone.

Thursday 31/1/85

Today was hot. More boringness – ¾hr parade in the sun. Couldn’t see Sean. I think I do still like him, cause I miss seeing him around. Got Mr Howard for science again this year (in a way I’m glad) Ms Bowelles for PES. Mrs Anderson again for art (good.) Mr “Way” for maths. He’s funny. Ms Stevenson for BP – she can’t control our class. Mrs Westerwald for German again. Today Shelley D came up to me (us) & began talking (at first about my hair) I think she likes us or pitys us for being in a “special” form. Very early night cos’ nothing on TV. Wanna get a new bag, mine’s too big. Chaotic today – all grades were back.

Friday 1/2/85

Did ask Sharon today. She said she thinks Sean’s still on holidays. But she sounded positive!! Extra hot today. Am boiled right now! Will have to get all my books this weekend, as most of my teachers wanted to begin work today. In PES, started  gymnastics – rolls! Forward, straddle, back rolls & I didn’t wear any bummies!! SHAME!! FLASHES!! [In case you missed my previous description, ‘bummies’ were a piece of athletic clothing for girls that actually looked similar to Bridget Jones’ giant undies, but not flesh-coloured. They were worn over underpants, but under your sports skirt – unless you were a true athlete in which case you wore them alone.] with nothing In period 5, had sports team meetings for swimming carnival. (Jules is also in Trinity!) I’m not in anything. I hate exposing my figure! When got home this arvy, mum wasn’t home. That got me cranky’n’since Jules has her periods, she’s hostile too, so we fought all arvy – really bad.

Saturday 2/2/85

BLUELIGHT TONIGHT!! Hope I see Sean! What will I wear? Ended up wearing (borrowing) Fi’s black’n’white striped jacket. With that, wore my black skirt & belt, white shoes & lime T-shirt. Lace in one pocket & lots of things cluttering my wrists (like Madonna.) Today read, before going shopping to get school books & other stuff. At home, covered my books & watched  TV until went up to Fi’s to get her shirt. Got home & prepared for Bluelight. HATED this Bluelight, tho’ I saw Sean quite alot. (Thank God) Well poor Justine & I had to dance with these hoony guys which scared the bog outa me, then this guy Neville hangs around; likes me. I don’t like him – Beka does. I ended up lying, saying I had a boyfriend in Brisbane etc etc & that Beka liked him ALOT so he danced with her the rest of the night. Fi has a new boyfriend. Greg K. he’s nice, suits her! & Liam & Adam G. were almost bashed up!.. I didn’t like it at all.

Sunday 3/2/85

Today woke early-ish, set out to do HW & book covering, but found I kept thinking too much about last night (which made me sick) so I read all day, to keep me occupied. I hate it – I always attract the wrong guys. Ate quite little today, surprisingly. Is rainy & cool. Want to do my homework now, but also want to have an early night. I can’t wait  for school, now. Want to see Sean & forget last night. SEAN!


Bullying & a New Heart Throb (3-9 December)

Monday 3/12/84

Maths was quite easy but I know I definitely have not got 100%. Science was ‘simple’ too but there were some questions and history too was easy but I didn’t know if I expressed myself correctly, in words. Otherwise, am pleased. Carol B. dropped mum’s plants over this afternoon. Had a late-ish nite & haven’t studied any BP …. UH-OH……..

Tuesday 4/12/84

I don’t think I did crash-hot. Around 55/65 I think I’ll get. Gave Rebecca P. more hell than ever today only to find her parents coming down to ‘scream’ at me. At first I packed shit, but then relaxed. Feeling guilty now about having to tell the ‘truth’ ie, naming mim & fi as some of the troublemakers. [I can’t remember exactly what kind of treatment we – because it certainly was not just me  – dished up to this girl but it clearly affected her enough that her mother (I don’t recall her father being present at all – if he was, he was definitely silent the entire time) flew into protective mode and was on the proverbial Warpath. I remember standing on our drive-way with mum as Rebecca’s mother verbally let rip at me & my mother. No one in our family is confrontational and our usual reaction is one of shocked silence, so I can’t really recall our ‘defence’.] Early-ish night. Haven’t studied much art…

Wednesday 5/12/84

Art was easy. Got History back 44/50 I couldn’t believe it! I went from 63% last semester to 83% this sem! Not as good as I thought in science: 56/70 OH WELL! Everyone knows about the P.’s coming to see me now. She will cop more shit than ever, now. (Apparently her parents only came to blow me up. Said  they were going to see everyone else but didn’t.) Mrs P., they’re all Bitches. Today (generally) was a bludge.

Thursday 6/12/84

Another Bludge. Am so glad exams are over! Got art back 37/40, same as last semester. Fran told Fi in their german class today what Rebecca P. actually yelled to me when we got off the bus. – “Poor Elissa, lives in a flat.” If her parents broke up, I’d like to see HER mum cope – OOH thats so mean. Makes me SOOOOO MAD. (Now everyone in the popular group knows). I think everyone does. [I have concluded that this girl’s parents (or parent, namely her mother) targeted me and my family simply because there was no ‘man’ around to defend us. In a pack of wild animals, I guess we would have seemed to be the ‘easy kill’?! They certainly did not confront any of the families of the other girls involved in the ‘bullying’ so in a respect, Mrs P. was a bully herself. With hindsight, it only serves to illustrate just how strong my mother was; to survive a marriage breakdown, work, build a house and rear two daughters. How can I not feel anything other than gratitude?]

Friday 7/12/84

Is BOILING the heat is suffocating. EVERYONE hates Rebecca P. Tina & everyone in the popular group talks to us more often now the others have left. I think I like someone else. I don’t think Mark is good for as SM would/could be. Tell ya who he is later … Late nite.

Saturday 8/12/84

God Sean is a spunk! I dreamt about him last nite (SM is Sean/Shaun M.) In 9G. Has been at Smithfield quite a while but I’ve only just woken up. I love ‘im! Was disappointed when dad rang to say we couldn’t go to work & had to go to Jenny’s. Went anyway. After shopping & housework (I got $5 for it!) went. Watched TV – very bored. Very late night.

Sunday 9/12/84 A Life in Words

*Fuckin’ hot today. Naaah! Forget that* Just hot & boring. Late outta bed. After brekky, sketched & played chess till ’bout 5:00. Went to pub. Staying tonight.