A Mandatory Stay with Dad (11-17 March)

Monday 11/3/85 A Life in Words

Today was a boring Monday except that Sons & Daughters is on (or started) again – tonight. & also – in place of New Price is Right – the “Perfect Match”. Is weird show. Want to ring mima soon – it’s about 8, 8:15. Going to say sorry bout how I acted at speech last Wed. (was moody about carnival) Beka also got her hair cut to level bottom of her ears. Looks REVOLTING. Doesn’t suit her at all. About mum going to Brisbane:- co’s’ we’ll have to stay with Dad, we’ll hafta catch the Holloway Bch Bus. That is something I DEFINITELY will NOT DO

A Life in WordsTuesday 12/3/85

Today was my last day at home. Mum is leaving early tomorrow morning. We are at dad’s tonight. He’s going to drop us at our bus stop tomorrow. I’ll get on the bus again in the arvy, for speech & he’ll pick me up after. BAD day. Watched a movie in English “The Voyage of the Damned”. Is good, but boring so far & uncomfy. Double maths was boring: so was science – Fi was going (faking) on about how she had inconstinence or something. “leakage of the bowel”. I almost believed her. [I have on occasion been considered gullible. Admittedly, it is still possible to pull the wool over my eyes…] LATE NITE 10:30

Wednesday 13/3/85

A Life in WordsToday was better than yesterday. Felt better. When rang mim yesterday, after school said sorry & asked about speech HW, then told her about Bluelight. She offered for me to stay the weekend. But dad said no. [All attempts to get out of going to Port Douglas for the weekend were failing.] We are leaving Fri night & coming home monday morning. Science was boring. PES was embarrassing, Ger was stupid, History was dull, Art was fun & BP complicated. Watched finish of movie today, lunch-time. Happy ending! Today I got on the bus before the 1st stop. Got off at Fi’s dis arvy Jules & me. After speech, went home to get more gear then at dad’s flat; I had another late night 11:00

Thursday 14/3/85

Missed catching the bus at Stratty shops, but caught it at Petra’s corner. Harry said we couldn’t catch this bus after all, without paying, saying that as long as we were out at Holloways, we had to catch that bus. But I told him it was only temporary & the whole thing was ‘forgot’! Maths, stupid. PES shame & I put my (left side) back out, Science, boring, Bought juice at L.Lunch, History was dull, BP (the light is dawning ie, I know how to do Bank Reconciliation, now) Big Lunch boring English slow & Art treadly fun. Got off bus & went home. Looks dull & lonely. Hate even being there. Dad picked us up at 5:00 (after we’d had showers ‘n’ gotten things we needed. Late nite – couldn’t find a backpack, nor diamontés. Big shopping load. At flat another late nite 11:00. Am bugared!

Friday 15/3/85

Today woke late-ish. Had to pack things that we’re taking to Port D. & everything else. Have decided now to get on the bus at Fairweather’s (like we did today) cos’ we never know whether the bus has gone past at Stratty shops, or not (like we did today!) School was boring-er!! than ever. After, at home, ate what we could (not much) & did HW, while watching TV. After dad’s run, we went to the Freshy Hotel for drinks, then drove to Port Douglas. Pizza for tea. Late nite 11:30.

Saturday 16/3/85

Today was boring. Got around 8hrs sleep last night. When woke, had to help in cleaning the house & pool. Before 12 sometime went with Jenny (Jules & me) to the Port Nursery and picked out about 20 plants! After a quick lunch the Mulleys arrived during the matinee movie then the others came. Wasn’t a bad party but I was bored. WISH I could have gone to the BLUELIGHT. Just read my book tonight, not hanging round Jackie & her hoony friends nor Amanda & Co cos they were too childish. Am scared. I hate Port D.

Sunday 17/3/85

Last night something was going to happen. In Jackie’s room, the hoony friends, Jackie & Anthony were going to do something to me. Whether it was force me to smoke or get drunk; I don’t know but that’s what I’m scared about. [I’m not sure if I actually knew ‘something was going to happen’ for a fact or whether I was uncomfortable & paranoid, and therefore ‘expecting’ something. My feeling is the latter. I can have paranoid tendencies – most probably borne of an inherent lack of self-belief – but thankfully they have lessened over the years.] I’ll never come here again. Hurry & come home, mum….. Today was just as boring. I want this weekend to hurry & finish. Got about 6hrs sleep last night. Woke around 8:00. Swam all day & mucked around. Read book when everyone had left & watched TV tonite. Want an early night. Want to ring Fiona & talk about Bluelite.

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