Helium Balloons, Reef Oil & the King of Fun in the Sun (14-20 October)

Monday 14/10/85

Today went quite slowly. I actually did some assignment work tonight – instead of skipping. I forgot totally about that. [Yeah, riiiiiiight! Sounds like a bit of procrastination to me…] What’s worse – I had Twisties & icecream today too. [Withholding names of two friends for their privacy] & I all have our periods now!! At the same time! Funny huh?!! Experiment in lab with sulphur – fumes were bad – couldn’t breathe! [Ok, so does anyone know if these sorts of experiments are now considered dangerous in any way? I can’t imagine sulphur fumes could be good for you?] Got surveys for english. Have yet to ask 1 adult & 2 elderly. Also, some people didn’t answer some Q’s properly. I haven’t slept well, lately. Fri, Sat & last night’s have been BAD. Hope I sleep better tonight. Goodnight!!A Life in Words

Tuesday 15/10/85

It’s starting to become very (well not VERY) Hot now. I am warm at the moment (it’s 10:30. The new mini-series part I has just finished. Is good so far) Today I was hot & my periods are well & truly here. Started taking notes for BP assignment. Am getting the 5 of them done VERY VERY SLOWLY. The surveys we made up for english were collated (by myself) & we arrived at a new idea for the talk – skits to illustrate the points we’ll (try) to make. Got the idea from Karl, Rodney & Warren’s talk. They did it on video – we watched it in english! FUNNEE!!!! Karl & Rodney dressed up. Karl was the woman! Talkabout scream a minute!! Anyhow…

Wednesday 16/10/85

Soooo tired – Still not sleeping well. Just watched movie is 10:48 & I am bugared. Nothing happened today. Sandra F’s birthday. Julia was on the news (we didn’t see her) because of this aviation/something day. Kids all over Australia (at schools) let go helium filled balloons simultaneously at 12:00 noon. The point is to see which way the breezes blow them. They all have tags on them with the school’s address & name so the pattern of flight may be determined. I didn’t do it. A Life in WordsOnly few classes could (Lucy did) [I have no idea what this national project was called, or who commissioned it, and am disappointed to report that I wasn’t able to find these details – or any – about it on Google either.] Did little more BP tonight. in double History today – started 1 assignment.

Thursday 17/10/85

Geoff’s birthday today. Dianne & Kerry came over (before Geoff!) for drinks (I didn’t have proper dinner cos’ it woulda been at 8:45) Had Twisties, cake & ice cream. Eating habits are getting bad again – gotta train myself to not feel hungry like I used to. [Hmm, hunger is natural. Perhaps I meant I needed to exercise more self control?] Anyhow, am gonna sunbake on the weekend while I do my assignment am anxious for a tan of some sort: Kim’s been here 2 months & she’s browner than me. I’m an Aussie! That’s disgusting. [Of course! Men at Work’s song “Down Under” had been out for a couple of years by then and being the international hit is was, everyone knew that Aussies were bronzed. Or should be. God forbid an American be more tanned than an Aussie!] Beka was shitty with me in the morning about english talk. [No idea why] Anna wants to go to CHS too that’s what she’s been upset about these last few days. Still not sleeping well. Having an early(er) night tonight. 9:30, well 9:40 now rather than 10:30-11:00. Still must go to sleep earlier. Woke late this morning 7:20!! Rushed initially but calmed & were ready in plenty of time!!

Friday 18/10/85

God it’s hot – its TERRIBLY HOT. I can’t stand it. We need fans in this place – god pray that we win the lotto PLEASE. I might sleep nuddy [naked, that is] tonight I think. Am going to (I hope) go to CHS too, now. There’s a special art course (which Fran & Astia have also applied for) that, if I pass, would ensure me a position at the Seven Hills Art College in Brisbane. [The Centre for Artistic Development (CAD) was the first ‘School of Excellence’ course offered in the Cairns region. It was for Fine Arts, and a Music one opened at another high school – Trinity Bay – a year or two later. The expectation of an ensured position at the Brisbane art college was fanciful: it certainly was not the case.] Only 25 people in whole of Far North Qld can get in & there is 18 so far. Justine & Kim might go too (cos’ Justine wants to do german & Kim just wants to go.) Went late night tonight – bought a blue hat a pretty large bag & 2 prs socks & notebook. watched American Werewolf in London on TV – god did they modify it!! soooooo much!! [I had forgotten about the censorship on ordinary television back then. Of course!! Nearly every movie with explicit language, violence & sex was edited for airing on TV. Amazing how quickly things change. This kind of censorship would be unthinkable in this day and age.]

Saturday 19/10/85

Waste of time day. I got up had brekky & fussed around. Finally got out & tanned for about ½hr – I went browny black! Not funny! I thought the Reef Oil had stained my skin (but I’m only burnt now – around hips (top ‘o’ thighs) & low chest area.) A Life in Words[What’s that skin cancer advertisement say? “Tanning is skin cells in trauma”?] Otherwise, watched TV & did HW. Manda & Janelle came around. Amanda’s had her hair cut again – it looks great. Kinda like how I wanted mine IS STILL SO HOT! I needed (took) 4 showers (cold) today! Just watched “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” by Steven Spielberg. Movie is okay – but the end part is EXCELLENT so touching! DAD WON KING OF FUN IN THE SUN!! great he gets heaps of prizes + 30% of the funds he earned

Sunday 20/10/85

Boring day – finished BP research but did no more assignment work. TERRIBLE. Ate heaps today – am very ashamed. Went to procession – were a bit late. Dad didn’t even see me! Riccardo, Larry & Chris M did but pa didn’t. Blind!! Julia went to Green Is for Matthew C’s birthday so we picked her up after parade – went to Munro Martin Park. Found dad. A Life in WordsDidn’t stay long: had a quick walk around. Is very small this year – the parade was also very short. Met Jemima & DUN-UN-UN-AH!! Fiona was NOT with her. miracle. She obviously doesn’t know I’m going to CHS. Watched “Endless Love” on TV. Is so good. I hope my love is as strong as that. [I was such a romantic. I probably still am, under the layers of concrete applied by each failed relationship/encounter in my life. The ‘hardened’ version of me chooses to describe it as being ‘realistic’. Ha!]

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