The Camp, the Fete & Some Indecision (21-27 October)

Monday 21/10/85

Had a fire drill today. Wowee. And another camp meeting. Everyone in our cooking group except Adrienne was away (at the geography “excursion” to Green Island.) Got Jenny’s sleeping bag also got into a BIG tantrum. It is TOO BIG. It won’t fit in either bag – without taking up all the space in it. Mum’ll have to buy me a smaller one tomorrow. [Typically high expectation from a typically naive teenager. Children are expensive – demanding – little critters!] Everyone was dull today. At Bluelight apparently Praybon took an interest in Beka (danced & kissed) Anna got fiercely Jealous. And Erica everyone forgot about her but she said she doesn’t care about him at all anymore. Early night. Am tired after weekend of good movies. Still dunno about CHS [Cairns High]. Got the art forms today.

Tuesday 22/10/85

Little excited about the camp today. Mum got me a sleeping bag & it FITS INTO my KNAPSAC!! Yahoo!! A Life in WordsI have everything (except things I’ll need for tomorrow) already packed away. Can’t wait!! Watched part II of “Flying Doctors” thought it was last episode – but there’s a III one! IT’S SO FRIGGIN’ HOT I can’t take it!! I was alright during the day but the heat now is killing me!! Lucy came round this arvy. Went to shop – to Lucy’s & to shop again. I bought Lifesavers for the camp. met Fran & Colleen & Anna & Trudi Goodness me! Didn’t get my art forms handed in [for the special art course (CAD) at Cairns High]. I’m lucky Ms Anderson is gonna accept them, elsewhere. [elsewhere? what?!] Am tired – is 10:35 I wanna get some sleep

Wednesday 23/10/85

[It would appear that I left my diary at home for the whole time I was on the camp and filled it in upon my return. This kind of diligence obviously underlies my habit: if for some reason I’ve been unable to make an entry for one day, even now, I am compelled to recount it as soon as possible afterwards – usually the very next day. On this – and the following two – pages of the diary –  I ‘highlighted’ the fact that I was away on camp by drawing diagonal lines across the pages, through the handwriting. At first sight I thought I’d made a huge mistake – like making diary entries on the wrong days or something. But then I realised I was just being ‘cute’.]

RIPPER FUN!!!! The whole camp was tops!! But first I’ll tell you what happened today. Got packed in morning & struggled to bus stop. At 9:00 got on the buses. Arrived around 10:30. Immediately noticed March flies – sooo many. After setting up & having lunch group 2 (Fi’s) & group 3 (mine) did canoeing. I went with Shane S. [to think only two years earlier I’d’ve died & gone to Heaven to be in the same canoe as him!] Fi was with Wade. Everyone swapped around. Paddled up stream (Fi, Connie & I were finally together) Had to walk canoes over rapids – got big bang & ankle is swollen now. Got back ½hr early. After dinner & relax period, activities started. Only watched nature films & did bush dancing BORING!! Fran, Fi & me finally got to sleep around 12:00 I think.

Thursday 24/10/85

After brekky (woke about 5:30) we did orienteering. It was really an obstacle course was fun, too. some things were quite hard to do!! After lunch, did canoeing again, this time Connie, me & Mr Ross went, canoed down stream in steady rain (for 1hr) took us about 3½hrs. SOOO many rapids!! We went over soo many rocks & then Mr Wilson (other teacher) blew us up! At the bridge – boys took canoes to trailers & most people squished into 2 cars. I got in one. Others had to walk back & it was a long way. A Life in WordsFound out our tent was saturated (& sleeping bag from rain) [That wouldn’t’ve gone down well with me. I can imagine the sook I’d’ve become with that ‘tragedy’.] Lucky our bags were in Connie’s tent. After tea, watched “Killing Fields” for nite activity. Soo uncomfortable that I didn’t watch it. Slept in Sharon D’s tent

Friday 25/10/85

Woke again around 5:30. Pity it’s last day. Mainly ate up scraps for breakfast. Fires were hard to light just like last night’s. Our last activity today. HIKING – god!! the mountain was 90º! So hard to climb up – was so slippery & everything. Only got 1 leech – a baby – & it didn’t have time to start sucking blood. [I absolutely detest leeches, and still do.] Got back early. Went for a swim. (Had packed up sleeping bag & tent earlier) After lunches, buses came, we boarded and went home. Boys had egg fight at skool. Tinaroo-ers said they had fun but probably not as much as us. Nana was at home. Disorganised night. Watched movie. Glad to be home but camp was unreal. So many things that happened also but I can’t fit in. Night night!

Saturday 26/10/85

ANOTHER late night  tonight!! My goodness!! Will I ever get a full night’s sleep? The fete was unreeeal! Not so good stall-wise, but many people were there and disco and fashion parade were a HUGE success. Also, tim actually talked to Justine while I was there!! But it looks as if he’s going with Joanne B. OH well!! Slept in late this morning. Watched abit of TV & did a bitta drawing – wasted day in other words. Tim was hunky in parade!! He actually looked at me while Justine was talking with him – but only when I butted in. Still, it’s a start – he could (must) get to know me better!! WADDA HUNK! Is 12:54 now ni nite

A Life in Words
Included in my portfolio for the CAD interview

Sunday 27/10/85

Today was another complete waste! I woke late again (believe it or not) & lazed around all day. Watched TV, did some drawings & the questionaire for the art thingo. [CAD] My interview is tomorrow. Got my samples [‘portfolio’] ready. I’m going same time as Fran (we’re latecomers) Did absolutely no HW whatsoever TERRIBLE!! Shoulda, huh?! Had a water fight with Julia. Pretty boring day. Am having second thoughts about Cairns High. I like Tim still. & after the fete, who knows?? I thought he disliked me for some reason. Hope he doesn’t. Wanna be a friend then who knows??!! [Oh…my…God! Seriously? *shakes head, rolls eyes* Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do in life – make decisions based around others. Especially others who seem to barely know you exist. Tsk, tsk!]

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