World War 3, Butter Menthols & a Very Tactile Dream (14-20 April)

Monday 14/4/86

Mark was away at baseball trials and was accepted in the country team (Qld country, that is) Unreal, huh?! Good to see him again – drool. I Failed chemistry like I had the feeling I would 18½/40. Which accounts for 4.625% out of the 10% it was worth. [I’m surprised I didn’t chastise myself here] I should’ve worn a jumper today. It wasn’t cold; but I knew the coolness wasn’t doing me any good with this cold. [We still believed it was better to “sweat out” a cold. Old wive’s tale.] Bio tomorrow (looking forward to it!) Jemima went to NightHawkes Saturday night, with Sharon for Anne-Marie’s party. From what Anne-Marie told me, I gathered no (or not many – esp. M) didn’t go. But I think she might think she’s a bit high-and-mighty now. [I think I’m referring to Jemima here, not Anne-Marie] Wish I could go. I think Fi does too – but she’s allowed anyway. 9:33. Must get some sleep tonight. Am always so tired at school.

A Life in Words
Cartoon published in The Guardian (UK) 15 April, 1986

Tuesday 15/4/86 

We are on the EVE OF WW III

Today at 11am, the US bombed the capital of Libia. The USSR have now moved 40 Battleships from the Black Sea to surround 20 US subs in the Mediterraenen. THIS Is the eve of the 3rd World War

A Life in Words
Special edition Australian $1 coin released for the International Year of Peace. Haven’t seen too many left in circulation…

I hate the world. Why? Why? Why is there so much hatred & violence & corruption? And to think this is INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF PEACE. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE IT??

I lost my appetite at dinner & this arvy. [My guess is because of the news. I’m clearly quite passionate and I know this hasn’t really changed much, so I take action to avoid getting ‘worked up’ like deliberately not watching the news, or reading papers] It’s 9:00. I hi-lited all the bits about Mark in my diary this arvy. Dunno why. Kept my jumper on all day – don’t feel as clogged up now. Bad mucus this morning. Couldn’t suck it back. Mark is such a spunky name!

Wednesday 16/4/86

They said Reagan bombed Libia again, last night. The feud continues…. I was so bored today. All my subjects except Biology bored me.. Even recreation “Fabric Painting”. Borwing! But sneaked out & talked to Tina S & Deyanne H. Also saw Karen G & Jane O. [All old Smithfield High classmates] But ‘best(??)’ bit was when we were let out at 2:55!! Sharon & me & Cameron talked & joked while waiting for the bus And it was funny! He’s wierd! (Nah!) Forgot about speech again, too. Cold is average – fading. Bad mucus which I can’t suck back or even spit out is always at the back of my throat & is VERY annoying. [I had bronchial issues for a lot of my childhood and if I get a cold nowadays, my recovery is protracted if the infection makes it to my chest.] Is 8:42. I asked mum about Nighthawkes. She said “NO”. Bitch. [What? A mother is a bitch because she won’t let her 15 year old daughter go to a nightclub? For the record, Jemima was never ‘allowed’ either…] Jemima’s smoking. I thought it was Megan’s fault (still do a bit) But apparently Fi said she wanted to start anyway. I think she should do what she feels, but personally I’d hope she’d stop. So does Sharon & Brent & some others. SHARON’s really mad about it. HATES MEGAN TOO.

Thursday 17/4/86

Well, well, well. Today was ‘fair’. My overdue library book which was lost in the art room I finally cleared up. The Librarian(s) was(were) very nice. They didn’t expect me to pay for a book which someone else had misplaced. It’ll just go on the ‘lost book’ list. Spent lunch & time before school with Sharon in Library, doing her english assignment. [I have a feeling I was helping her…not just keeping her company…] butter-menthol-single__16273.1281000014.1280.1280And little-lunch I stayed at art room. Made a big mistake – took a packet of butter menthols [throat lozenges] to school – I had about 1/5 of the lot!! [In other words, everyone else ‘scabbed’ them off me.] My mucus congestion was really bad yesterday & this morning. So thick I could neither spit it out or suck it back. But I took 2 sudafed tablets & after period 1, I was clear!! [You don’t say? Pseudoephedrine cleared up your mucous? Wow. Bet it made you a little bit ‘happier’ too…] (Mostly) YAY!! Is 10:06 Went late night shopping at Earlville. Boring – Really. Had Kentucky Fried for tea. Haven’t started my english assign. yet.

Friday 18/4/86

A Life in Words
The now worse-for-wear clipping of the photo that made the Cairns Post. (I’m in the top right corner)

It’s 11:02. I’m bugared, but the Logies will be over in about 30 mins. Today was a “depressing” day. I was shitty (trying to be) with Cameron cos he got shitty when I tried to get on the bus before him. [Wow, really? Chivalry was obviously dead in the 80’s] I think he called me a bitch too. Then, before double art, Steven B & Mark♥?? were ‘crowding’ the door, so I kinda ducked through. I heard Mark mention ‘impatient’. I think he called me impatient. Thinking that upset me [OMG – hypersensitive! It was mostly likely said in jest. But in my defence, I was quite intimidated by him.] then there was general depression thinking about my weekend – boring again. See, Megan (Jemima’s influential friend) has invited almost everyone to her place for dinner Saturday night, to the movies & to her place sunday to watch videos. Except me. She even asked most people right in front of me – I knew she didn’t like me. mima said she did. Didn’t hand in any eng. assignment. Mr Grossetti was away. Russell Francis [a renowned photographer for the city’s newspaper, the Cairns Post] took CAD photos today. I’m gonna be famous!! (Nah.)

Saturday 19/4/86

Oh! I’m a bit warm! I’ve got winter PJ’s on. Wore them last night too and had my covers on too but tonight I’m just right. Earned $23.00. Drums & office work and labelling (or de-labelling) At home I did nothing. Wasted 2 hrs or so. Coulda done HW. Last night my dream was really funny. I actually felt as if it was really happening. For example, Jarrad B held my hand and I could feel the roughness and types of feelings I could expect to feel when a guy holds your hand (not that I know) 11:30 now. I expect the others are out of the movies and all at NightHawkes or something. That’d be right. Leave me out. [I hated “missing out” on things. And especially being “left out”. But this has been a somewhat strong ‘theme’ in my life, so I have to wonder if this is one of my ‘life lessons’?] I am TIRED!! “Grease” was on TV. We’re doing it for CHS school musical. I definitely want a part now!! (Not major)A Life in Words

Sunday 20/4/86

Today was another total waste. I did chemistry homework and that was it. I know I should have been doing my english assignment but I couldn’t get myself to do it. Auntie Hil left today [here I am omitting factual information about others’ lives that is not my place to publicise]. I can see now why Jodie didn’t want to be left in Sydney. [And another bit of ‘hearsay’ relative to the event] That’s kind of “fizzed out” my excitement about going to sydney in Xmastime. Anyway… It’s only 8:40. We just watched the most pathetic showing of the Countdown Music & Video Awards. It was sucked. Boring day. Ate a lot. Eyes are sore.!!

Nasality, Quadraplegia & Hiding from Cars (9-15 December)

Monday 9/12/85

Earned a further $25 today. Still want more. [Aha, first hint of an earning addiction. Working to earn, to accrue – whether to spend or save – can become a compulsion. While the discipline is admirable, on the whole it’s not great for your mental/emotional health.] Have to work to earn money for Wednesday, too; Beka, Justine, Lucy, me & Sharon D are gonna go to the movies & mum said I have to use my own money, so.. IS BOILING HOT!! Guess what we’re gonna see?!!! For my 3RD TIME – Back to the Future!! OMIGOD I don’t believe this heat! Mum bought some more new Xmas decorations. Adam G & Steven S rode by. (See, Friday arvy, when Beek & I were getting ready for the party, Adam talked to us – Beka reckons he was chatting us up. Anyway I think she might be right cos’ he & Steven were ‘hanging’ round this arvy.) Anyway, am having a (pretty) early night for once (is 9:45 now) So goodnight!!!

Tuesday 10/12/85

A Life in Words
One of the most iconic Australian women’s clothing brands of the 80s

I am afraid – afraid to speak, that is. Everyone at work tells me how nasally I am getting. [Unfortunately little has changed, although I am surprised how few people have mentioned it in these later years of my life. “You have a distinctive voice” was the most recent – and very tactful – description of my voice.] I really want to have my adneoids out. I feel it would help a lot in preventing my allergies (getting totally rid of them) & much of my mucus problem, blood noses & of course (& most importantly) my nasality (& sinus). [Dr Elissa] Today I went to work again (for the money, and the sake). Earned $24. My total is now $132. Went to Kmart this arvy – forgot to take my money. DUMB, huh?!! (No comments, please!) New part looks good – there’s Cherry Lane & some other jewellery shops & ‘sunnies’ shops. Dear me, thinking about it, I think I do go to work not only for the money, but for something to do during the day. (Mum’s usually not home…) [My sister was in Grade 8 and they didn’t finish up for the year until a fortnight after us Year 10’s. And with Mum needing to work obviously I would have been very much alone at home. Everyone needs ‘Purpose’.] Dad’s running out of cash. I’m not allowed in there for some time. Oh dear!!.. Movies (again) tomorrow

Wednesday 11/12/85

Was ready to go to town early, so went to Lucy’s. A Life in WordsGot mum a purse & dad’s running shorts. The movie was good (I’ve seen it 3 times, now) Beka loved it and the supporting film. Warren D & Wayne C saw us at interval. Came & sat near – BLECH! Caught 4:00 Bus to Lucy’s (Sharon D went home) Played board games (Anna & Colleen dropped in.) Beka & I are staying the night. Mucked around – went for a walk around the streets & I (of course, with my Luck it was me) got ‘sprung’. See, we played that we hid from cars when they came. I hid behind a car & Luc & Beek jumped into a bush. Stupid guy fairly blew me up. Fuckwit. Latenite. Read books

Thursday 12/12/85

Woke what musta been quite late, cos Beka got in BIG trouble with her mum. Apparently Mrs H came around to pick her up from work; knocked on the door & no one answered, so she went home & rang up later. For me & Luc, it was a very lazy day. We just read books. Ate very little untilA Life in Words [at this ‘juncture’ a long arrow wound through and around my text, pointing finally to the ‘Cake Day’ sticker, next to which I wrote “Well, I mean I ate a LOT of cake, today!!”] (I got home) Watched a bit of TV & I went home at 5:00 Nana was here. Anyway, is almost 11:30, now. I finished my book about 20 mins ago. Gotta give it back to Lucy before she goes (she’s going on Monday) AM SOOO TIRED. I also have an ‘infected’ eye. Is all puffed up and sore. Mum thinks it’s a bite…

Friday 13/12/85

Lazed round this morning till 11:45 when got ready & went to the Dr.’s! At the clinic I saw J. C-S’s health card & I thought she must have been in there, but up pulled an ambulance & Jodie was in it. Julia said she was on the mini-trampoline in PES – she has a suspected fractured neck. There goes her sporty achievements. He (the dr) didn’t move her out of the vehicle for if he had examined her, & touched/moved the wrong things she could become quadriplegic. My swollen eye was just another side effect of my allergies. Dr H said I must continually use my Beconase – not just for the allergy attacks. It’s like “taking the pill once you’re pregnant.” So I’m on a trial run for 3 weeks. If there is no improvement in my sinus, nasality, allergies or mucus congestion then he will refer me to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialistic who might consider removing my adenoids. The Bluelight was boring in action – but the people were “good”. John Cl- & John Co-, & SEAN! He’s still a spunk. Also, after (on the way home) had to squish in Justine’s car with Jason P, Mark, Martin P & another guy. Funnily enough – I felt nothing towards Mark as I had for Sean. ←I was sure he likes me. STILL A SPUNK.

Saturday 14/12/85

I’m boiling.Today I concentrated on (& got) mima’s letter written. Was quite boring….About Green Is, tomorrow, dunno much. I’m taking Beka & Justine in. Dunno anything else. Will have to ring Justine in the morning. Jeezus – IS HOT. Watching Countdown this arvy (& Wham!’s new unreeeal clip) Andrew Ridgeley (with his new short crop cut) reminded me so much of Sean…. I think I’ve taken a liking to him again…… Watched the movie – is now11:00. Nite! A Life in Words

Sunday 15/12/85

PHEWEE!! I’m burnt again! Except a bit more – I didn’t wear a shirt cos’ the only other person to come besides Justine, me, Lucy & Beek, was S. Poor Shane! on his own – but I don’t think he minded that much. Boy is it hot! We got there 11:30. We swam sunbaked for about 1/3hr then got lunch at about 1:30-2:00 Spent the rest of the arvy (till 3:45) in the water. Bet I’ll peel again, too. Went back to Justine’s (instead of home) to have a swim. Lucy & I walked home around 6:45, Got home around 7:10 – dusk. Big dinner (the Bests were here) I am HOT!! & very tired – “exhausted” Pity no one else came. OH well!! Late nite.