Cross Country, Halley’s Comet & Sales Tax (7-13 April)

Monday 7/4/86

Very boring, actually. I was glad to be back at school, but tried to stay out of YKW’s way cos I hated my hair. Most people did notice. Some really liked it but by far the majority thought it was just “nice”. [Tell tale sign that they actually didn’t care, Liss!] I told everyone I didn’t like it. And that’s the truth. [I still do this, and I really don’t see it as being self-deprecating. I honestly just tell the truth.] Fiona told me today that ugly “tough” black guy with big lips and nose & crucifix earring likes me. Lynette C told her. I always score the YUKKY ones I wish Mark liked me. Oh, how I wish. I also wish my hair’d grow back fast. No poops at school→ got the pains but withheld and, surprise, surprise, the one I did tonight was about 90% normal! [Surprise, surprise! Oh dear] 9:34. Didn’t do any HW naughty. mima & fi weren’t on the bus → they went with Mr G. Also went different ways after school

[And at the back of the diary in ‘Notes’ section, I’d written:] Yeah man! It’s the 7th – I’m back at school in 2nd term. My first week of this month was shithouse. I was sick and depressed (about mainly my flop of a hairstyle. N’ever mind…..)

Tuesday 8/4/8A Life in Words

Cross Country run. Didn’t even get a place. [Seriously? Reading this I was surprised that I’d even written it. Did I really think it was a remote possibility? I wasn’t a runner, I barely exercised on a regular basis. That is strange …and funny.] Heather, Justine, Mima, Fi, Joannah & Megan & I ran sort of together. Actually we walked most of it. I’ve got aches in my legs now – not like from doing the exercise → like growing pains. At the end Mima, Fiona & Joannah, Melissa [uh, Melissa? Who’s that? I think I meant Megan] ran ahead. But we (J,H [Justine, Heather] & me) beat them cos although we walked, we jumped the fence instead of going all the way  round. Did no HW again. Bad, huh? I’ve got to do some Esp. chemistry tomorrow night – exam on Thursday. “mmmm…looks good to me” is my new thing about Mark “mmm” is mark. [Oh really? I’d NEVER have guessed…] Another late night. Yes! 9:45. My watch band broke on the run. Gonna hafta get it fixed proply

Wednesday 9/4/86

Got 43½/50 for my Biology & 8/15 for Chemistry. Worse still, it’s 10:50 and I have barely looked at my chemistry work for my exam tomorrow. I got only 4 more flowers (all the others they were all out of) & a lot of speech homework. And my art isn’t finished. I’m in a real fix. I’ll hafta wake early. My watch is fixed. I forgot to clean my teeth this morning & put deodourant on. Not a good start, huh?! Now my feet; I think I have damaged from the cross country in sandshoes…There’s a big hard lump in the bottom of my left heel. I don’t feel good at all. I got my fringe straight today → blow-dry technique. Geez. I really feel down sometimes 

Thursday 10/4/86

I did fail chemistry, I’m sure. I knew almost nothing. Heather & Brent & I (don’t tell anyone) cheated a little – compared answers. I think I’ll have to start a home study timetable or I’ll fail chemistry and maths. Biology and english are basically simple compared to those. [I am definitely a ‘words’ not ‘numbers’ person (which is why I’m amazed that I ever thought of accountancy as a career prospect) and as it turn out, biology has come to figure prominently in my fitness career] It’s 10:20 Another late night. Watched TV, started my journal for art (when I realised I’d left the script [?] at school so I couldn’t do it anyway) then did (or started) what I hope to be my 6-adjective piece. A Life in WordsDidn’t get to see Halley’s Comet again. Haven’t seen it yet. That’s appalling. It’ll be out of sight soon too. Trust the weather to be bad when it’s visible. [This was the only opportunity I would have to see Halley’s Comet in my lifetime…unless I reach the age of 90 with perfect vision (and, uh, that’s already an impossibility) Since it returns to our solar system every 75-76 years, it’s not expected again until mid 2061. Bummer, dude.] Ate a lot when I got home from school. Always do. It’s a shame. I eat little except when I get home. I could be losing weight. Wish I didn’t pig out at hm. Mark was away today. (So was Angela M) You don’t think…? Nah. Impossible! (??)

Friday 11/4/86

11:20. How time flies. Only an hour ago, it was 9:00, I could’ve sworn! My throat is slowly killing me (well, not quite) I am worried about what I will do after Yr 12. I’m so insecure. [No idea, which I wasn’t to know, is the same for many…] Geoff advised me to get a job and found a career before dabbling in art, cos’ the competition in that arena these days is so high. But I want also to go where most of my friends go (not “James Cook” Uni – yuk – townsville [JCU was a new tertiary education institution then and was founded in Townsville, Cairns’ rival city] I hate thinking about it. I’m terrified. I might be getting a cold I think Hope not. Bludge in double english – Mr Grossetti was away. Did bio assignment & decorated my diary. Wondering if Mark really does like me or if it’s his way of flirting. Hope he does He was away again. And I’ve had a sore throat all day – it’s been a bad day

Saturday 12/4/86

$28.20. (I let dad keep the 20c!!) I did $12.20 worth of drums – big and little. And 4½hrs work (sales tax.) It could have been 7½hrs, but my foolishness cut it back. You see, when I started at 11:30, I went the wrong way doing the tax so I’d just repeated what was already done. This was at 2:45, I realised. Dad said he wasn’t going to pay for my mistake [hard task-master], so I started again – correctly this time and worked till 7pm. My itches also became worse today (ever since Wed, I’ve been getting really itchy all over, but only for a short time in the mornings) A Life in WordsToday I came up in lumps And was totally red from scratching. Now I have blood blisters from it. Yuk [I get itches these days too but it’s definitely not the same as this. ‘Neural Dermatitis’ doesn’t produce lumps, rashes or any other kind of skin affliction.] 11:00 LATE AGAIN. Wonder if Mark is at Anne Maries Birthday party. Wonder… I like him. [You don’t say?]

Sunday 13/4/86

AUNTIE HILARY’S HERE!! She came at 11:30. I did my art today. Wanted to get english, bio & maths done too but didn’t have time. I read over some of my diary (the parts that I was at school) [True procrastination – no time to do all my homework but time enough to read my diary…] Esp. about Mark. Gee, I was so confused then (not saying I’m not now) One day I’d be sure (?) he liked me, the next he wasn’t interested. Its all the same, tho, huh? Always like that. Jodie gave us a present – a cute exercise book & pen. Cold is just nasal now i.e.: no sore throat just blocked & runny nose. Nose is sore. Is 8:56 Early-ish nite for once. School is tops except for the work. (!!!)

Life Begins at Cairns High & Winifred Blows In (27 January-2 February)

Monday 27/1/86

Woke later this morning – 9:00. Camp was too short. SCHOOL TOMORROW. OH NO! Tanja, Mima, Fi & me (& hopefully Sandra B) will be a group. [The little Cancerian, driven by the desire to feel Secure.] Anyhow, cleaned up after a Gigantic brekky of pancakes again. Went for a swim. Others got 2 paddle boats, left us (4) behind. We swam out & they paddled away. BITCHES. Sandra felt bad – we understood her. We were half-drowning. Cooked big lunch too – soup, custard, popcorn & damper. [Yuk!] Then left at 2:30 in combie. Tired on way home. A Life in WordsBut had fun. Exhausted now. Beka rang to wish me good luck. Felt guilty about not seeing her before school like I said I would. Am almost composed (I guess) [I can imagine how nervous I would have been feeling] Is 9:34

Tuesday 28/1/86

Today was…. quite….. UNREAL!! I’m in 11B with mima, Fiona, Tanja, Lynette (G), Brent, David S, Cameron McK, Mark F, Kevin L and a few more. Great huh?!! English – I’m with practically no one; Bio – Angela J; Maths – Fi; Chem – Fi, Mim, Lyn & (everyone else) in our form; Art – Sandra, Astia, Elisia. Great!! Heaps of spunks – mostly jerks though. Bus was empty  – about 10 people on it!! More tomorrow – will be packed. Sean M is in my Bio class. There’s a cute spunk (his friend I think) there too. Mmmm! At lunch, walked Angela to her parent’s shop & met Jason P, MR & MP Busting for pee all day – didn’t wanna go to those yuk loos. [I’d heard tales years earlier about razor blades being embedded in the cakes of soap, and the coloured girls attacking the whites in there: no doubt a part of the fear mongering older students liked to dish out to keep the ‘newbies’ in submission, because I never experienced anything remotely like it in my two years there. A Life in WordsHaving also come from Smithfield High, which was a brand new school when I began there, I was accustomed to somewhat newer & obviously cleaner amenities] Is 9:15.

Wednesday 29/1/86

I am sooooo tired. My english class is full of dead-shits (dags, idiots, delinquents) Donna B is with me. We’re the only white girls. The best thing is the teacher – Mr Grozetti. (Adam’s dad) He’s good, mima says (she & Fi have him too) Also my biology class doubled mysteriously in numbers today. So that means we’ll be split into 2 classes & with my luck Angie (J) will be in the one I’m not (I’ll have Donna B) Art was embarrassing. Had to get to know each other. Neville pretended he couldn’t say/remember my name. How pathetic.  [Fair go! Maybe you actually aren’t memorable, Liss?] Skool finished early. So we went to town.. Caught bus home. Is 9:33

Thursday 30/1/86

Orrrright. My Bio class is …. small. Angie is with me so is Donna. Love Chemistry & Maths (Fi) Ben’s also in our Maths class now (David D, too) Cyclone Winifred has intensified and is directly east of Cooktown Gales up to 150km/hr SHIT! That’s why the wind picked up (one hell of a lot) today. Raining still. LOVE IT, though!! Sean is in other Bio class so I have nothing with him (thank god) need not pay attention to or sneak glances at him. He’s a jerk, but he’s cute. So’s David S. Double english tomorrow YUK. Oh well!! Heapsa work for art. This course is gonna be VERY HARD Is 9:48  Have no leathers for Chem!!!!

Friday 31/1/86

Best of all, I like David S I think. I also like Steven B, Cameron McK, Sean S, Mark W, John C, Rikki & Ben P. I don’t like like them – I think they’re spunks. God I’m tired. Wind has dropped & rains a little less. Am behind in art already. Gonna hafta make my folder a rush job. Oh well!! David’s sooo cute & Steven’s such a spunk. Gord, CHS is a haven of spunks. [Like a kid in a lolly shop!] I’m bugared. Getting my leather shoes tomorrow. Periods finished. Gonna look after my skin. Is 11:50 Movie was slack. Gosh I can’t believe how tired I am nite nite!!!!

Saturday 1/2/86

A Life in Words
Cyclone Winifred’s path, as tracked by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

I am writing by the light of a torch. The cyclone is now nearer to Babinda – Innisfail and heading SW at 15km/hr However Cairns is still on cyclone warning. The power has been off since 3:30 this arvy due to various fallen power poles. The wind is very gusty. Radio reports heaps of telephone/power poles, bus shelters, trees, sheds & roofs – hold it, they just said that FNQEB men are trying to restore power  at this moment. Great – hope they can. The wind and rain sounds like the ocean now – great gusts remind me of waves breaking against the shore. This morning went searching for leather shoes – nothing. Saw Mark R – works at Mathers. Smiled at him & smiled back. Felt a tinge of confidence!! Is 9:10 saw heapsa others too [Up to this point Winifred was one of the most destructive cyclones to hit the Far North, as the Australian Bureau of Meteorology noted: “Winifred produced the most disastrous effects on the Queensland coast of any tropical cyclone since Altheain 1971.” She was a Category 3 on the scale of 1 to 5 (five being the most intense) and the eye of the storm crossed the coast just south of Innisfail, which is approximately ¾ hour south of Cairns.)

Sunday 2/2/86

Tonight I’m writing by candlelight. The power has now been off (it’s 8:36) for 1 day and approx. 5 hours. Today, we cleaned up the yard & took all the stuff back outside, before dad came. We  went to Duffy’s (her whole front yard was a torn, lifeless muck – jungle & her shed at the back no longer existed) & helped her clean up (then to Roger’s old place – he lost the fence & some windows on the granny flat.) Then to a party at Kingfisher flats on Esplanade (BORING) Jenny drove us home (after a tour of the town) mim & Fi were at the park waiting for me. We talked. Rained a bit. SHIT the weather’s fine again. There’s pretty bad things – old 100 year old trees fallen. [These were mostly fig trees, which apparently have weak or shallow root systems so are obviously more at the mercy of storm conditions than many others.] It’s a shame. But I love the rain

At the back of my diary, in the notes section, I expanded upon the cyclone:

THE CYCLONE WINNIFRED has been pretty vicious. They say that what Cairns looks like is nothing compared to Innisfail – 100 houses approx. are roofless. There are only 2 trees still standing in the whole of Mission Beach & worst of all, 2 people have been killed. [According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the death toll was actually three] A young girl was hit by flying iron & a 43 yr old man fell from his roof, trying to secure it down. [The third was apparently a drowning] The oldest trees around Cairns have fallen. Heaps & heaps. It’s a terrible shame. 100 years old – we’ll never see others if they’re planted now. I wish cyclonic winds would leave trees & power poles alone. [Ha! A pipe-dream. Clearly, I was sensitive to flora destruction but at the same time also couldn’t bear electricity blackouts.] Everything else – I don’t care. I hate seeing beautiful trees up-rooted. It’s ugly & saddening.

Slave Labour, Car Pushing & Thong Theft (20-26 January)

Monday 20/1/86

And the rain continues…. it’s nice & co(ol)ld now, too! Mima got back 5:30 this arvy – rang me about 8:00. Thursday is the day I meet with other new CHS students. Mom [I actually wrote ‘mom’? Surely a joke?] woke me this morning to say I had to go to work, Jenny’d had a big fight with Steven & wasn’t going to work anymore (ever – again) That’s childish So Steve’s on holiday & Dad’s the only one at work. I earned $19.25 did 65 drums + (reduced rate of $2 per hour) 1½hrs. [Reduced rate? I wish I could remember what reason my father gave me for halving my usual pay rate, but I have a feeling it related to needing someone there but not wanting to part with too much for it. Ain’t no way any official employee would have to put up with whimsical pay changes like this…] Saw Justine too. She must have gone for a walk (with this guy – a friend) along the wharf & I saw her just as she was walking out the gates. [My dad’s business premises then were in a shed near the wharves on Trinity Inlet, not too far from the CBD. Of course there’s no sign of their existence now.] Anthony got back from Melbourne today. Hafta work tomorrow again. Late – is 10:34

Tuesday 21/1/86

Did very little at work today, 3¼hrs altogether = $6.50. I got my total pay (yesterday’s too) which came to $25.75 (But I forgot 50c). And Julia got $4 + $4 extra – for no reason except that dad said he could “pay her what he wanted”. So it’s easyily defined – she’s the favourite – ooh!  [I remember this. Pretty hurtful. And my father considers my mother always ‘molly-coddled’ my sister. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?] I’m sick of the mozzies. Aussie flogged India won by 100 runs or so!! Rains only (really) at night. Rang Beka – couldn’t come to Rocky IV. Finally got thru to mima – she’s coming. Rang Fi & Mr D said she was at mima’s Tried & it was engaged again. Have to ring Fi in AM. Late nite: 10:45

A Life in WordsWednesday 22/1/86

Rang Fi – she was at mima’s! Rang mima. Invited Fi & agreed to Jay coming. Rocky IV was unreeeeal!! It was …. ohh! We were squirming around in our seats, covering our faces & saying shit, shit, shit, knock him, kill him! [I’ve never been good with suspense …nor gore. And don’t even bother mentioning horror…] Saw Tashy & Beccy & mima said they just sat staring with no expressions. Punces! [Punces?!] Met Anna & Polly after. Mr B took us back to Brewers. All stayed there the night (Polly’s birthday party (kinda)) Walked to our places & got gear. Had beautiful tea & played Trivial Pursuit (ours) till about 12:30 (mima & I won) Mum said I hafta go home early 2morrow cos the washing machine repairmen are coming & Julia doesn’t want to be on her own there.

Thursday 23/1/86

Woke pretty early (7:30) Mum rang – Mr B said I didn’t have to go home at all this morning – great!! Had no brekky (not too bad – I wasn’t very hungry) [It’s good to know we were always breakfast-eaters… I mean, brought up to eat – and therefore miss, when it wasn’t to be had – breakfast.] then around 10:00, everyone (Tanja, Elisia, Lynette & Ngarie) came [I actually already knew Elisia – she had gone to the same primary school as Jemima, Fiona & I]. They’re all nice!! Talked about a camp at the Tinaburra Recreation Hostel. Got a list. & then talked all day. They left around 4:00. We played cards, before leaving to get our gear for the Waterworks. Got there around 6:15. Was fun! Heaps (our gang) about 18!! Went home in a taxi (WO!) [Yes, a taxi ride was a big deal back then. Since we all lived in what was then almost an ‘outer suburb’, taxis weren’t the most cost-effective mode of transport.] Watched the movie. Am bugared. Glad to have my bed again. Am allowed to go to this camp thing. Is 11:30

Friday 24/1/86

9:37pm. I wanted to have an early night. OH well! Woke latish. Guess what? I got my periods – I’m glad, but mad. Glad cos’ before school – mad cos’ the camp’s tomorrow SHIT. Oh well. Rang mima at 10:36. Got to her place at 10:53. Caught Fi at 10:01. Mrs D took us in. At 11:45 we all (present) went to coles. We finished at 1:45. Walked to Fi’s shop (just me, mim, pol & her) ate & caught bus home. I was tired & had [period] pains. Lazed round all arvy. Didn’t do any housework – lazy dick. Have a shopping list 4 camp. For tomorrow Gotta pack, too. Leaving at 12:00

Saturday 25/1/86

A Life in Words
Obviously this was not us… but I’m sure it felt the same!

Woke around 8:00. Packing seemed to take Years. Went and got the shopping list complete. At 12:00, Mima said (rang) and asked me to go up there. We got to mim’s – they weren’t home. Went to Fi’s. mum left & we walked to mima’s. When Tanja came we left. But we got to Reservoir Road and the car conked at stoplights. We had to push!! EMBARRASSING. Went in back of Idstein’s Ute. [Yeah, those were the the days! Riding in the back of trucks – without restraints – wasn’t yet highly illegal. If it was, it wasn’t strictly enforced.] Uncomfy with 2 dogs. But finally, at 4:30, got to Brewer’s block. Took combie van to Tinaroo – Fun!! Unpacked – messed around. Had a big long tiring swim across dam & back. Late night (pretty good tea) very late, probably 2:00. Had period trouble – quite heavy.

Sunday 26/1/86

Light flow last night thank god. But got caught almost today. Went canoing. Woke around 7:30. Pancakes 4 brekky (we cooked) Then we took the canoes & went out till about 2:00 in the afternoon. Was great But Elisia was so fussy. We ended up doing what we wanted (i.e.. 5 canoes tied to a tree in the middle of the dam 4 lunch & elisia’s on the other bank starving.) Then More fun around 4:00 when went to dam wall & all chased (not all) by the gardener. Took Elisia’s thong – she went hyper-active [‘ballistic’ would be a more meaningful word to describe her reaction, nowadays. Or “off her nut”] – did everything to get it back, but Tanja, Mima, Fi, & I stayed out. Earlier night – no ghost stories etc – straight to sleep after an exciting walk at 10:30. About 12:30

Silver Hoops, Gold Lotto & Reincarnation (6-12 January)

Monday 6/1/86

Today I watched TV until Beka rang. She had some letters from Lucy for me to read. She walked over. We watched TV & went on the swings, then when mum had to go to Stratford, we picked [up] her gear [to ‘sleep over’]. Back at home, we watched TV, went for a walk (long) & then on the swings again. We visited fi in our walk but she wasn’t there so we got a phone call from her. She’s gonna try to come to town (try – she’s a bit sick) tomorrow with us. Is pretty hot (10:00) Petra’s staying tonight too. I dunno  what else to say but I think boarding school’s gonna change Lucy a lot.

Tuesday 7/1/86

I’m sooo tired its not funny. I got 6hrs sleep last night. [Hmm, 6hrs is almost standard for me nowadays, though I prefer 7-8] Just couldn’t sleep in. Went to town (Fi did come, too) Was quite boring. All we did was walk around, Fi looked for & tried on togs & we saw “ST ELMO’S FIRE” Again (me & Fi) for Beka. I didn’t have near enough money so I borrowed. Was great – love that movie (so did Beka!!) (‘I’m Your Man’s on NOW!! LOVE IT!!) Just watched a 2hrs special about reincarnation. Terrific, scary, eerie, weird, incredible. [No doubt one of the many contributors to the formation of my spiritual belief system] (God I love this song!) I wanna work – I need some money. BADLY. Is 10:34. NITE NITE.!!!!!

Wednesday 8/1/86

Dead boring. That’s what today was. (Hey, I’m overdue on my periods, again)…(they were due on the 3rd)…(Uh oh) [It’s pretty entertaining to think I expected a natural body function to follow a man-made calendar.] We (should I say I) woke early & tried my darndest to sleep in. Got ready to go grocery shopping with mum. Ended up bored shitless, waiting for Nana & her blood test. Finally (after having to search for nighties for her too, (and I got a pair of silver hoop ear-rings!) Mum & Nana hate them) [I have previously mentioned how ‘traditional’ my grandmother was, and part of that was naturally ‘instilled’ by her in my mother. Nana hated pierced ears, so mum wasn’t a big fan either. It took a lot of whinging over many years by me and my sister to finally be allowed to get them, but when we did the proviso was that we never wore ‘dangly’ earrings. Ever so slowly this stipulation eased over time but clearly at this stage, a mere pair of hoops were still enough to piss my elders off] mum dropped us home before the shopping. I watched TV & ate. Also, today bought more shorts material – cute tiny dots. Watched movie. Is 10:33. Didn’t win Lotto (never do)

Thursday 9/1/86

A Life in Words
Now that’s a very young Peter Sellers

Another HOT day. Very lazy: just watched TV & ATE & ATE & ATE. Amanda came over to play with Julia & she kept saying the earrings (my new hoops) looked nice & my hair & my face….. I went slightly red!! [Never been good at accepting compliments. Again, speaks volumes about my self image.] Watched the TV movie. Had Peter Sellers in it (he was very young) so it wasn’t funny after all – it was “stupid” comedy. Wierd film.  Fi & Beka rang me today. I’m going to ride with Fi & Anna to the Rocks tomorrow (will have to ring her to find out definite details tomorrow) then tonight Beka asked me to town & the movies with her & Juz (Justine) But I’m broke. Tonite I cooked dinner!!  Tropical shish kebabs were Nice!!

Friday 10/1/86

Today’s max was 34! I made myself a pink miniskirt (from one of Jackie’s old dresses) after watching a bit of TV & before leaving for Fi’s. Got there about 11:45. But we went to the Rocks at 3:30, because it was too hot to leave near noon. So we bored ourselves talking, playing cards, watching TV, listening to tapes and feeding Stuart’s pet birds. Once we got there (the pools were crowded) we lay in hot, shallow rapids, downstream. The Rocks, for as far as I can remember has always been ice cold even in the hottest of summers. Anyway, got back around 6:00 after a soft drink from Redlynch. I cooked tea again (good girl, huh?!) meaty casserole

Saturday 11/1/86

Boring day. We shifted (some) of the furniture in the lounge room around – just the washstand, the bookshelf & the white table & port sea chair. Looks different, tho! Also wrote (began writing) a letter to Lucy which (I decided) will be a continuous one, stretching over the rest of the Hol’s. Went to the Clarke’s tonight. A Life in WordsI’m reading CATCHER IN THE RYE terrific book. Julia’s at Petra’s (has been all day too) I made a barby doll skirt (outa scraps from my panda bear print shorts.) Is cute! [Really? I was really still into Barbies at 15? Nah, I think it was more about the ‘fashion designer’ in me. Surely?!] Also mum & I went & bought some fruit from Coles today. Wasn’t too hot (max 31° I think) Is 12:42 now. Anyone wakes me early tomorrow gets a punch on the nose!!

Sunday 12/1/86

Cor, today was hot. AND, we found out that we won DIVISION 3 in the Gold Lotto!! We’re in ½ shares with Geoff, though. But that’s unreal! It means about total $1000 so $500 for us! Unreeeeeal!! [Um, $500 isn’t really that much to get excited about. But then, this is 1986 and $500 could buy one helluva lot more back then so that could justify my glee.] I just wrote to Lucy. Finished Catcher in the rye before I got out of bed this morning. Also read the Bird Smugglers by Joan Phipson. A Life in WordsWas good: AND AUSTRALIA actually WON in cricket!! Beat the Indians by 2 runs, with 4 wickets in hand, and about 5 overs left, too. The last hit was a 4!! It’s unbelievable!! We haven’t won in cricket for years! [Uh-huh. Cricket talk. That’s not something you’ll see in any of my more recent diaries] Is 10:10.

Soggy Shoes & Socks Up Shit’s Creek (4-10 November)

Monday 4/11/85

Got  my BP assignment written out this morning and finished illustrations in History because Mr Van was away. Raining this morning Was lovely! I got drenched from mid-thigh down. I couldn’t stand my socks & shoes but they eventually dried out. [Ugh yep, wearing saturated socks & shoes – especially in a humid climate – is pretty bloody uncomfortable. Mind you, having same in a cold environment is pretty horrible too. When I visited Yosemite National Park in 2005, it was late November, it was wet, there was sleet, snow & my runners were drenched. Horrible.] Is raining now. It stopped around lunch time & only started again around 7:00. If it rains tomorrow morning I’ll take spare socks to the bus stop & I’ll wear a torn garbage bag over my skirt!!! NO JOKE! Lucy’s havin’ a party on the last day of school after we’ve been to Green Is. Dunno if it’ll be a success. We have to bring a ‘date’. Who’d have enough guts to go with me? Harry K was going to organise a gigantic party for YR 10’s elsewhere. I think that’d be better. Anyway…

Tuesday 5/11/85

Fran told me today on the way home that I was accepted [to the CAD art course at Cairns High] cos’ she asked Mr Roff. Fiona overheard and said, “now you’ve got to decide”. I looked away in thought and she said “well?” & I said “it’s not going to take me only that long to decide.” She’s anxious to know whether I’m going or not. Ha. Ha. Justine’s B’day. Planned to ‘forget’ on purpose, but she was shitty so we didn’t. So much HW mum came home late. We sat outside. I only got impatient when the phone started to ring cos’ I knew it’d be Lucy ringing to ask if I’d go for our typical ride. [For the younger generation, it must be explained that there were no such things as mobile phones. We only had landlines, so hearing a phone ringing off the hook inside when you were locked outs – and expecting a  call – was quite frustrating.] Ate a lot. Had cake & Kit Kat & yogurt.A Life in Words

Wednesday 6/11/85

My Homework is piling UP & UP & UP & UP all the time. I have 4 assignments to do, + study + outside work (otherwise I’ll have nothing to buy Chrissy presents out of.) I’m going nuts! Riding with Lucy this arvy, ran into Jemima. She congratulated me. I still don’t know whether to go or not. It looks as if I’m leaning towards leaving Smithfield but I must properly decide by writing out the pros & cons & seeing which outweighs which. Have to read now “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck. Only 100 or so pages. Hafta have it read by Friday so (it’s 8:30 now) I’ll read it all tonite. Mad Max II is on TV now. I’m not up to watching it – too tired. Only had 6½hrs sleep last night, cos slept at 11:00 automatically woke at 5:30 Another late nite I can’t hack!A Life in Words

Thursday 7/11/85

Is starting to get very hot and my work load grows higher by the minute. I can’t get myself to work on my assignments on week days. I have 4 assign’s. + the assign’s & studies I must do for exams. (I’m BOILING.I’m not gonna cope. Saw Neville at the park this arvy round 6:00 with a girl who looked like a boy from a distance. It’s his girlfriend. In a way I’m relieved but I’m mostly very curious. Riding again with Luc. We’re trying to get fit for the Green Island trip on the last day of school (there’s a rumour that CHS yr 10’s will be going same day too. Hope so! UNREAL!!) But’s not certain we are going yet. Late nite is 10:07

Friday 8/11/85

School – yuk. Sallie’s “party” (not many people were there) was great! (all the same.) Had fun at waterworks [the Waterworks was a water-based amusement park, virtually in the heart of  the Cairns CBD and apparently the first of its kind outside of the US. It had four ‘pipe’ slides were the main attraction, some of which apparently had razor blades in them if you believed the scaremongers! Eventually it was dismantled & relocated to what would then have been the southern outskirts of the city (Edmonton) & renamed Sugarworld. So far as I know, it’s still in existence.]  it was 5:50 to get in & I only had only $5 to start with. After dad picked me up (cos’ mum’s out somewhere) & went to Crown Hotel till 1:00. At dad’s watched end of movie & late movie the worst movie out “FJ Holden” Aust. of course. So stupid I coulda directed it better!! Anyway I crashed about 1:00 I’d say. Heat is becoming unbearable, almost. Rain has stopped & is hotter. Rode with Lucy & Sharon D. (cos’ she was at her shop) today. FUN!!!

A Life in Words

Saturday 9/11/85

Today was a big waste of time & energy. Got home around 10:30. Read my book & finished it up to 2:30, then watched TV. Yeah! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! Ate a fair bit today, too but drank heapsa water. Was BOILING & I am soooo tired cos woke 8:00 and don’t feel good. Watched movie tonite, too. (Waterloo) Am absolutely stuffed but is my own fault went for a walk tonight cos’ we’re minding Auzzie while Dad & Jenny go camping. Saw Neville’s house. Is quite nice. MUST do work tomorrow is my only wekeend left before 4 of ’em are due. SHIT I gotta sleep now – can’t keep eyes open.

Sunday 10/11/85

Got my english survey written out & re-wrote my first history assignment. Wrote a crappy ending which I’ll get Mr Van to help me re-write. as for the other 2, they’re up shit’s creek. Like me. Lucy rang at 9:30. We rode to Stratford News Agent so she could buy a book. I bought milk at Freshy. Julia went to Green Is for Brendan S.’s Birthday Party. Aussie was bored, I could tell – Jenny & Dad came around 5:30. Dad’ll photocopy my survey tomorrow. I have sooo much work it’s unfair. [Hahaha, love that one. UNFAIR?] In a shitty mood. No good razors left so I cut myself & I haven’t done that for yonks. early nite

Stressing, Riding & the Potty-Mouthed Doctor (28 October-3 November)

Monday 28/10/85

A Life in Words
I’m wondering if this was the kind of thing expected of me in the job mum ‘encouraged’ me to apply for?

Mum made me apply for a job this morning. I rang up & the woman said I had to paint scenes & things on to coral, wood etc to be sold at Rusty’s Bazaar. Have to go round at 7:15pm tomorrow night for an ‘interview’ Don’t want to – probably are hoons. [Ha! I’ve no idea why I made this assumption about my potential employers, but the fact that mum “made me” apply for the job in the first place is very enlightening. It has made me realise just how much faith she had in my artistic abilities. She would never have forced me to get a job just to earn money – after all, I had work with my dad for that. No, she wanted me to advance my talent. Every so often, even in these later years (I haven’t done any art for decades now) mum would suggest or ask why I don’t do some drawing/painting/art again. She really believed in me. Perhaps I should try again, if only for her.] Anyhow, my interview at CHS went alright. Astia & Ingrid are accepted. Fran came late. Isn’t going to attend even if she is accepted cos’ she’s going to Sydney. I’m having doubts. At school everyone wanted to know how I went. Mrs Marslen was s’posed to ring me & tell me tonite but hasn’t rung yet. Elisia’s also in it & Neville too. & Michelle W. Fairly boring day. Didn’t see Tim at all but was sure he was here. Had a camp meeting. Retrieved my drink bottle!! Heapsa HW didn’t get started till late therefore [I often used 3 dots in the shape of a triangle instead of the word ‘therefore’ because someone had once told me it was shorthand for it] finished late. Is 9:30.

Tuesday 29/10/85

Didn’t go to that interview – rang up & informed that lady that I wasn’t a ‘painter’ & that I was coming into exams & would be too busy to work anyway. She said “that’s alright. Thanks for calling.” [Hmmm, excuses, excuses?] Watched last part of flying doctors mini-series. Was sad & happy but great news is it’s coming on  as a programme next year!!! UNREAL!! Fiona is ‘happy’ (pretending she is) that I’m going to CHS (& I have not made up my mind yet.) But I know she doesn’t want me to. I’m losing sleep over this thing!! Just don’t know what to do. Mrs Marslen hasn’t even rung me yet to tell me if I am accepted or not. God it’s a worry

Wednesday 30/10/85

Mrs Marslen still hasn’t rung but I got a subject selection booklet for CHS from Sharon D. who got it from her. [There’s a hint, Liss] Just watched the movie. Am bugared now. Went out riding with Lucy this arvy. Wanted to get back at 5:00. Was an hr late, cos at shop, met up with Anna, Polly, Adam, Liam & other boys. They were all so funny – I just had to stay around. Rushed HW, at home still haven’t done any assignments. Better hurry, huh? It’s imperitive now. 2 weeks to exams. I must hurry along. Tim & still very friendly with Joanne B. Tina called her his girlfriend. NOT FAIR. Too tired now is 10:30.

Thursday 31/10/85

I am so mixed up about this art course  – its not funny. I am confused & worried. I just don’t know what to do & that teacher still hasn’t rung me. Jeezus! Rode with Lucy this arvy again – but Polly & Anna weren’t with Liam & Adam etc so we didn’t hang around. I got back just after 5:00. HW I did a fair bit + I ACTUALLY STARTED 1 ASSIGNMENT!!! (History.) I wanna finish it & BP tomorrow & on weekend so I can show Mr Van it. He’ll probably say it’s all wrong. Meat head. Got maths chapters to study from. Will do that on weekend as well. Early night (believe it or not!) Am tired. Getting shitty lately. Appetite is also increasing again

Friday 1/11/85

Am tired. Was only one who stayed up tonight. (Movie was slack – I was reading the new Women’s Weekly.) Riding with Lucy this arvy was good. Rode to the shop (bought nothing) then to Freshy Creek Petrol Station & pumped up our tyres – then to Redlynch & around the back streets to Lower Freshy Road stopped at Lower Freshy bridge. Saw Jill & Barry & Dean & Carol B, running then went back to Lucy’s (stopped & saw & talked to Roger M) then after Lucy’s went to shop – ate 5 lollies each then rode home. Enough exercise, huh?!! Have heapsa HW for the weekend mainly ART, BP, HISTORY & ENGLISH (orr & maths/science I s’pose too.) [In other words, for nearly every subject…] See ya round!!!

Saturday 2/11/85

Busy day today!! Went to Dr’s. Rode with Lucy. Completed 1 assignment. And Mrs G. & Lauren & Tiggy came over. At the doctor’s, (Dr McD.) had great big long talks about shaving legs, facial make-up, boy & girl attractions, my bruises, doctor’s exploits & my nose bleed. He swore, too. I was in shock. ‘Cunts’. Mum supposed he thought I’d heard it all before. I couldn’t stop smiling!! [As in, I found it funny?] About my nose, if it doesn’t heal, I’ll have to have the ruptured vein quarterized (burnt) & he said my bruises are just carelessness. Riding with Luc, went on Lower Freshy Circuit, to the church (where Martin P. showed off in riding his dad’s motorbike) to Savina Estate Park, to Beka’s & then home in 1½hrs. Felt good…exercising!! Late nite: is 10:32. Gonna WORK tomorrow!

Sunday 3/11/85

Got BP finished today. Also got cranky about a design for my T-shirt. Just don’t know what to do. Is such a hard choice. Have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow to finish BP properly, ie write it out correctly and do the illustrations. then I’ll have only 3 (perhaps 4) assignments left!!! Finished working on BP around 3:00 today. Just sat and vegetated, until 6:00 when I watched countdown. Really got upset about the TShirt logo. I just have no idea what to do. None at all. Is 10:30. Just watched a funny movie with Chevy Chase & Goldie Hawn!

The Camp, the Fete & Some Indecision (21-27 October)

Monday 21/10/85

Had a fire drill today. Wowee. And another camp meeting. Everyone in our cooking group except Adrienne was away (at the geography “excursion” to Green Island.) Got Jenny’s sleeping bag also got into a BIG tantrum. It is TOO BIG. It won’t fit in either bag – without taking up all the space in it. Mum’ll have to buy me a smaller one tomorrow. [Typically high expectation from a typically naive teenager. Children are expensive – demanding – little critters!] Everyone was dull today. At Bluelight apparently Praybon took an interest in Beka (danced & kissed) Anna got fiercely Jealous. And Erica everyone forgot about her but she said she doesn’t care about him at all anymore. Early night. Am tired after weekend of good movies. Still dunno about CHS [Cairns High]. Got the art forms today.

Tuesday 22/10/85

Little excited about the camp today. Mum got me a sleeping bag & it FITS INTO my KNAPSAC!! Yahoo!! A Life in WordsI have everything (except things I’ll need for tomorrow) already packed away. Can’t wait!! Watched part II of “Flying Doctors” thought it was last episode – but there’s a III one! IT’S SO FRIGGIN’ HOT I can’t take it!! I was alright during the day but the heat now is killing me!! Lucy came round this arvy. Went to shop – to Lucy’s & to shop again. I bought Lifesavers for the camp. met Fran & Colleen & Anna & Trudi Goodness me! Didn’t get my art forms handed in [for the special art course (CAD) at Cairns High]. I’m lucky Ms Anderson is gonna accept them, elsewhere. [elsewhere? what?!] Am tired – is 10:35 I wanna get some sleep

Wednesday 23/10/85

[It would appear that I left my diary at home for the whole time I was on the camp and filled it in upon my return. This kind of diligence obviously underlies my habit: if for some reason I’ve been unable to make an entry for one day, even now, I am compelled to recount it as soon as possible afterwards – usually the very next day. On this – and the following two – pages of the diary –  I ‘highlighted’ the fact that I was away on camp by drawing diagonal lines across the pages, through the handwriting. At first sight I thought I’d made a huge mistake – like making diary entries on the wrong days or something. But then I realised I was just being ‘cute’.]

RIPPER FUN!!!! The whole camp was tops!! But first I’ll tell you what happened today. Got packed in morning & struggled to bus stop. At 9:00 got on the buses. Arrived around 10:30. Immediately noticed March flies – sooo many. After setting up & having lunch group 2 (Fi’s) & group 3 (mine) did canoeing. I went with Shane S. [to think only two years earlier I’d’ve died & gone to Heaven to be in the same canoe as him!] Fi was with Wade. Everyone swapped around. Paddled up stream (Fi, Connie & I were finally together) Had to walk canoes over rapids – got big bang & ankle is swollen now. Got back ½hr early. After dinner & relax period, activities started. Only watched nature films & did bush dancing BORING!! Fran, Fi & me finally got to sleep around 12:00 I think.

Thursday 24/10/85

After brekky (woke about 5:30) we did orienteering. It was really an obstacle course was fun, too. some things were quite hard to do!! After lunch, did canoeing again, this time Connie, me & Mr Ross went, canoed down stream in steady rain (for 1hr) took us about 3½hrs. SOOO many rapids!! We went over soo many rocks & then Mr Wilson (other teacher) blew us up! At the bridge – boys took canoes to trailers & most people squished into 2 cars. I got in one. Others had to walk back & it was a long way. A Life in WordsFound out our tent was saturated (& sleeping bag from rain) [That wouldn’t’ve gone down well with me. I can imagine the sook I’d’ve become with that ‘tragedy’.] Lucky our bags were in Connie’s tent. After tea, watched “Killing Fields” for nite activity. Soo uncomfortable that I didn’t watch it. Slept in Sharon D’s tent

Friday 25/10/85

Woke again around 5:30. Pity it’s last day. Mainly ate up scraps for breakfast. Fires were hard to light just like last night’s. Our last activity today. HIKING – god!! the mountain was 90º! So hard to climb up – was so slippery & everything. Only got 1 leech – a baby – & it didn’t have time to start sucking blood. [I absolutely detest leeches, and still do.] Got back early. Went for a swim. (Had packed up sleeping bag & tent earlier) After lunches, buses came, we boarded and went home. Boys had egg fight at skool. Tinaroo-ers said they had fun but probably not as much as us. Nana was at home. Disorganised night. Watched movie. Glad to be home but camp was unreal. So many things that happened also but I can’t fit in. Night night!

Saturday 26/10/85

ANOTHER late night  tonight!! My goodness!! Will I ever get a full night’s sleep? The fete was unreeeal! Not so good stall-wise, but many people were there and disco and fashion parade were a HUGE success. Also, tim actually talked to Justine while I was there!! But it looks as if he’s going with Joanne B. OH well!! Slept in late this morning. Watched abit of TV & did a bitta drawing – wasted day in other words. Tim was hunky in parade!! He actually looked at me while Justine was talking with him – but only when I butted in. Still, it’s a start – he could (must) get to know me better!! WADDA HUNK! Is 12:54 now ni nite

A Life in Words
Included in my portfolio for the CAD interview

Sunday 27/10/85

Today was another complete waste! I woke late again (believe it or not) & lazed around all day. Watched TV, did some drawings & the questionaire for the art thingo. [CAD] My interview is tomorrow. Got my samples [‘portfolio’] ready. I’m going same time as Fran (we’re latecomers) Did absolutely no HW whatsoever TERRIBLE!! Shoulda, huh?! Had a water fight with Julia. Pretty boring day. Am having second thoughts about Cairns High. I like Tim still. & after the fete, who knows?? I thought he disliked me for some reason. Hope he doesn’t. Wanna be a friend then who knows??!! [Oh…my…God! Seriously? *shakes head, rolls eyes* Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do in life – make decisions based around others. Especially others who seem to barely know you exist. Tsk, tsk!]

Subject Choices, Exams & Equal Pay (9-15 September)

Monday 9/9/85

Soooo tired today. Couldn’t stop yawning. 1st, 2nd & 3rd periods were spent with approximately 150 other YR10’s in L1 & 2 making subject choices, counting numbers etc, that was boring & uncomfortable since Justine wanted to share my chair with her big bum. Fiona left at Big Lunch for the Doctors. Beka missed ¾ maths at guidance officer & (Lucy was away) Anna went home with her mum so Julia sat next to me on the bus. Asked Mrs Stevensen about Accounting.A Life in Words She’s pleased I’m continuing. [That’s right! I’d totally forgotten I had considered becoming an Accountant. Oh how glad I am that that idea left me. I’d never have kept up with the most complex tax system in the world…or would have died of boredom first?] My final choice would have been 7 subjects: Maths I & II, English, Bio, Chem, Art & Accounting. Can’t have 7 tho. I’ll haft drop Maths II I think.

Tuesday 10/9/85

Didn’t get English done, so didn’t get it handed in…. not that it mattered cos’ Mr Van didn’t demand it. Got upset (very) this arvy trying to do it. English exam tomorrow, so won’t have to hand it in then either. German was quite easy. Think I’ve done well. Riding tomorrow – going to the beach for an hour in PES (lunch & 6th period.) 7 of us – Just, Beka, Fi, Sharon D. & Kim (& me) We’ll run late I reckon. Late night. Just watched last part of “princess Daisy”. Happy ending. Is 10:30 nite nite!

Wednesday 11/9/85

English test was hard. I am bugared. Mum went to National Trust Meeting. I felt like going, too. Stupid me! There was nowhere to go to sleep. Today at the beach was fun – but hardly long enough. Got a little pink on the face – full stop. Didn’t miss any History (pity) cos got back earlier than expected. Most of us had showers. I have a headache. The ride to school was good & so was it on the way home, however Justine & Kim were so slow. Along Lower Freshy I dropped from first to last. My knees were about to give way. I was quite pooped. Kim & Justine came in for a drink & to see the House. Mum likes Kim. [why wouldn’t she?!] Still haven’t done my English poem. He’ll kill me.

Thursday 12/9/85

Boy, was I dog-tired today. Mr Van didn’t say anything in english (thank God) but we read from poetry books instead. I actually did it this arvy!! [Assuming ‘it’ is the poem I’d hitherto been unable to verse] (I had to use a poem, y’know change the words [er, isn’t that called plagiarism Liss?]… will fix up grammar in the morning ‘n’ write it out at school. Is 9:30. Have just finished revising maths. I will be confident!! I hope! Got 28/30 for Ger. writing & 14/15 reading. Did listening test today. Am gonna dad’s Saturday night cos’ mum’s going to Townsville. Will work with dad stay the night & come home on Sunday.

Friday 13/9/85

Didn’t do too bad in maths test – but made careless errors. Know I don’t have full marks – prob’ly 26 /no! Won’t get my hopes up – say, hopefully around 22/30 more (I hope) but… in german got 11/15 for listening, so my total out of 60 is 53. Quite good! Have now (next week) only BP, Maths (anudda one) & practical art tests left. Must study a lot this weekend. Got a fair amount of HW done. Mr Howard said he thinks I’d cope with doing Chem & Bio (I forgot to bring my selection sheet back today – big trouble!!….) It’s now a toss up between Chem & Economics. – I dunno. Oh shit! Mum won’t be here in the morning – Hope we’re awake in time for dad.

Saturday 14/9/85

Mum left quite late this morning. I was too tired to wave goodbye. [This ‘waving goodbye’ is a family ‘tradition’ of ours. I think it was borne of an old courtesy, something like seeing someone to the door, but also – and especially within the family circle – being about sending love…as if there was the possibility that it could be the last time you’d ever see them again. It’s not a habit I have kept to the same extent as my father, mother & sister, who often stand right outside and wave until you pull away in your car (or sometimes until you are out of sight!). I’ll walk you to the door or the gate but I will turn and head back inside after the final wave or parting word.] I woke again at 7:00. Packed etc (made beds) Dad was late. At work did hardly anything but earned $20. Had to work with Jacki, see she worked when she felt like it & when she stopped I had to otherwise I would’ve done more than her and only been paid the same amount. [My sense of fairness has always been strong.] Ended up that she wasn’t (measuring the stuff out) properly. At flat, watched TV, scratched “BP” petrol cards 251 of them! A Life in WordsHad a late tea – late nite – we played Trivial pursuit. Julia shitty – she’s homesick. thinks dad’s ignoring her. I Ate too much. Jaqui went out. Anthony bombed out. Slept restlessly.

Sunday 15/9/85

Woke last night briefly when Jackie came home probably 3-4:00 in the morning. I dunno. Everyone slept in. I read (started to read) a book. Had 2 pieces toast & bacon for brekky at about 10:00 in the morning. Went home at 12:00. Stopped for a Frenzy met Gloria – Peta & Marney’s aunt. Still looks so young! Also saw P’s. They left as we came. Mrs P didn’t give me a 2nd look. Good. Stupid bitch (they all are.) [For those who haven’t been following these diaries for very long, the hostility expressed here derived from a ‘bullying’ incident in the past. See the post entitled “Bullying & a New Heart Throb”.] At home, didn’t study at all. Had a water fight with Jules then sunbaked (unsuccessfully) Nana came over. Watched TV. She was reluctant to leave us on our own. Wen she went – I had a bath – began shaving; power went off. Came back on just as I’d dragged out the lamp (& found it had no batteries anyway) Had tinned dinner. Mum came home 7:15. (Nana rang before that to check on us. Must admit I did get a little worried for awhile – but that’s just my Cancerian nature!) [My grandmother was also Cancerian, so her over-protectiveness stemmed from her ‘natural’ propensity to worry as well.] Late-ish nite 9:30. Last week this WEEK! YO!

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Sinus, Class Photos & Lip Gloss (2-8 September)

Monday 2/9/85

Can’t wait for camp. Uh…yes I can … I still have lotsa weight to lose & a tan (an even tan) to get. I asked Fran about Adrienne McA – she thinks she’s in group 3. Anyhow, was warm today, went quickly (the day I mean.) Didn’t do much HW ie, did HW but didn’t study etc. Should start soon. Late night. 10:30 now.A Life in Words Watched “Clive James – At home.” the equivalent to Mike Walsh. Is funny!! Cold, now too. Want to sleep well. Mum’s not going to send that letter (good.) she feels better, just for writing it. Hopes it’ll blow over. [This is a good and yet a not-so-good thing. Avoiding unnecessary drama is definitely positive but ‘hoping’ something will ‘blow over’ is almost asking for trouble in the future. This is the perfect example of how my sister and I were (unconsciously) conditioned to become non-confrontational.] Cold is still bugging me → mum thinks it’s sinus. Probably. German dinner on 17th Sept. (Tuesday) AT Alpine Chalet. FUN!!

Tuesday 3/9/85

A Life in Words
I’m just right of centre, in the middle row.

Gosh today went quick!! School photos – stupid!! The wind was blowing everyone’s hair back from their faces (- I took my plate out, of course!) which looked ridiculous & ugly! [Because it’s so attractive to have hair ON your face? I think what might have upset me more when I actually got this photo was the way the wind billowed my blouse, making me look either too buxom or worse; fat.] Laughed alot today (feel good for that.) also got my periods. Is supposed to be 11º C tonight – was cold last night (just as well I took that blanket to bed!) I’m all bundled up tonight! Am tired. Is 10:30. Watched  new mini-series “Princess Daisy” is good I think. Last part next week. Fiona’s ringing me tomorrow to tell me if she feels like riding or not. Don’t know even if I’ll feel like it

Wednesday 4/9/85

Went to doctors. Dr D. prescribed some $15 drug in a spray pack for my nose. [‘Beconase’ was the corticosteroidal nasal spray I was prescribed. I have rather unpleasant memories of tasting it as the excess slid down the back of my throat from my nasal cavities.] Anytime I feel allergies etc It clams me up more. Even plain ole’ Drixine works betta, but he said it’d take more than a day so I s’pose I betta try it. My nose is so sore from blowing, & sticking nasal sprays up it. Poor me. Couldn’t start study cos’ I went to the doctor’s. Will 2morrow if possible. is supposed to be cold again tonight. Really want to save lotsa money, cos’ I got a big list. (Eg I wanna get me a swatch, mum one (for her birthday) & also a clothing gift voucher for her.) Ha!

Thursday 5/9/85

Still didn’t start study for maths. I didn’t know I was such a procrastinater!! I must do it & start soon. Ate alot today. Well, not a lot, but more than just 3 meals. See, nana came round & brought a small bun loaf which had icing & sparkles on it & I ….had….3 pieces. UMAH. So instead of studying I went to the park to try’n’work it off. Neck sore today. has been quite lately. In History it ached cos’ an Aboriginal man (58 yrs old & not one wrinkle) talked to us about life in a mission. [I believe what I would have meant is that I had to crane my neck to see the speaker from whatever position I had in the classroom.] He was a reasonable, great bloke. A caring man. Not like nowaday coons. [Obviously, a shocking sentiment. The slang is bad enough, but the whole sentence screams Racism. The explanation for this statement – which by no means excuses it – is very complex. It was a generalisation, referring to the (alcoholic) Park People, which was all I had witnessed firsthand of Aboriginals in Cairns – apart from fellow students with whom I had no qualms whatsoever. This is clearly a statement founded upon Fear. For now, please remember this was nearly 30 years ago and that kind of attitude was long ago exchanged for Compassion.]

Friday 6/9/85

Glad it’s Friday. Went to town tonight & bought (roll-on) lip gloss – finally – & “coconut” deep tanning lotion. [The old coconut oil tanning lotion! Smelled divine, but as for sun protection? Hahaha.] Hardly anyone in town, let alone anyone we knew. Saw Karen M. & Tania P. at work. Didn’t see Steven. Bus was late to today. Came at 3:30, so got home at 3:50. Normally get home at 3:40. Stupid driver. Bludge day today. I must start study this week end. It will be work, work, work all the time. Full day’s work tomorrow, dad said & then on Sunday – study, HW & english (& other) assignment(s) Is cold again. Wind is up & it rained tonight. Looks like wet has set in.

Saturday 7/9/85

Worked literally all day today:- 6¼hrs labelling + 54 drums cleaned gave me $38.50 but dad thought I was so dilligent that he made it a round $40! Was hard work – back, hand and arm muscles were strained. Dad’s renovating his office – will look or-right! He wanted it finished today, but Jenny drove me home at 6:45 & didn’t look near that! Got home & Geoff & his mum were here. Had tea (dinner) (& 2 helpings of dessert) Watched TV. & the 2 movies that were on tonight. Both comedys. Alright. 2nd one was better. Weather was changeable – sunny/rainy but always windy. Mums going to Port tomorrow. Julia & I’ll stay home. I have to study.

Sunday 8/9/85

Got HW done & revised all maths Ch’s. Mind you – it took all day & I didn’t get to study german or even start my english assignment (due Tues.) so it wasn’t that “profitable” a day. Put on make up in between. [Ah! So you didn’t study solidly?!] Love the lip gloss I’ve got! I just keep using it. At this rate I’ll run out!! (very soon) Weather is still windy, overcast & sometimes rains. Am starting to snack again. Must control myself. Filled week this week: 2 maths test, assignment due & german test. Shit. Mum & Geoff & Mrs M. got home 5:50. Played Triv. Pursuit (my wanting to) but I pulled out first Is now 9:30. Must sleep well.

TAFE Excursion & a Fat Lip (12-18 August)

Monday 12/8/85

Better with Fiona, now. Not best – just better. (I don’t think Jemima likes me much tho’) Anyway, was surprised how I didn’t get jealous or anything when I asked about fete. Was funny!! Cos she told me wat Natasha & Rebecca P. did to them & how she danced with David S. etc. So was good. Got ½ english essay done & ½ way thru, have decided to do Q1, instead. I’m not starting again, tho’. What I wrote (½) of Q2 will do 4 the whole of Q1. (I hope) [Confused? Good, so am I…] (I’ll see HIM [my english teacher, I assume] at skool – probably won’t like it. Shit!) Didn’t go to aerobics. Did no HW, too. Glad to be back at skool – routine!! Don’t see Tim much; lost interest I think, now I know who he likes….

Tuesday 13/8/85 

Almost normal with Fiona, now. But I think how we are now is how we will stay. Very friendly but I’m not as “pushy” as before. Went to Mr Van today at lunchtime. Major/minor changes to essay. He thinks I’ve answered the question but my expression is not quite correct in some places. Tomorrow we’re going on the excursion to TAFE College. (Career Education) Wonder if we’ll have to wear our black leather shoes??! Hope not.A Life in Words American exchange student coming next Friday (23rd) Can’t wait!! Kim D. I think her name is…. Oh! Also, I’m on the Mulgrave Camp! I was selected (my name was first girl’s read out.) Along with Fi & Justine. Initially, Tina wasn’t & Angela R. was  – but Tina’s swapping with Angela cos’ she dearly wants to go. Angela can go with Toni on Tinaroo

Wednesday 14/8/85

TAFE excursion was – boring (got a whole lot of pamphlets 4 the fun of it.) [I’d never do that now – paper wastage is an environmental travesty! Don’t even try to give me a plastic bag when I’m shopping…] Went on same bus as Tim!! At school, after big lunch, spent last two periods on parade. Teachers explained to us subject choices open for next year. I dunno quite what to do. Tonight there was a whodunit movie (don’t ask me who the murderer(s) was/were – too hard for me!) Am tired. Aching. Think there’s more growing pains in my legs. Shit- (At TAFE guys whistled at all us girls) SKINT!!

Thursday 15/8/85

Today was not good. I’ve never been to the office more than once to see about sores/sickness. First, at parade my top lip was itchy (under the skin) so I scratched it & it swelled, in fact, in BP it almost touched my nose!! So went to office. Got calamine lotion which didn’t help. [Weird. I never discovered the cause of this freakish reactive condition.] A Life in WordsThen, after P.E., (we were made to run relays, 4 x 100m.) I was SICK. Carter (STP!!) wouldn’t let me out. [I’m guessing STP stood for ‘suck-the-pus’ coz that’s the only phrase I can recall using around that time, that would fit that acronym] In history didn’t write notes (dictation) just rested but I was weak, trembly, sick & had a gigantic headache. Spent ½hr in the sick bay. [I might hazard a guess and say that many of those symptoms I describe could simply be the result of a really good, hard workout – an out-of-the-ordinary, intense  physical & neurological challenge, catapulting me into the Fight-or-Flight response I so rarely experienced as a relatively sedentary kid…?] Alright after that (Tina isn’t allowed on the Mulgrave Camp, still.) Wunda why?

Friday 16/8/85

Saw Jemima yesterday. She was well. Diff’rent I think, Anyhow: today was better today (huh? that’s sounds abit funny.) Gonna work tomorrow. Might even clean drums. God today was boring. Absolutely NOTHING “notable” occurred. Anna has a new haircut. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. It looked better before & even better before that. Periods finished, I think. Thank god. Hope I don’t get them for camp. Got a list of things I’d like to (want to) buy for summer (& camp.) One is a nightshirt to sleep in. This one I nicked off mum is too short now.A Life in Words I’m growing too fast About 5’8″ – 5’9″ (175-180cm) Big huh?

Saturday 17/8/85

I may as well write my diary now, save writing it out tomorrow. [That is, playing ‘catch-ups’…] See, its about 12:15 (we’ve just been to Dianne & Kerry’s. Geoff’s mum’s there.) We stayed playing Trivial Pursuit. It was boring. Am dog tired. Also have to do HW & english essay tomorrow. Earned $21.25 today. Kept $10.25 & gave $11 to mum to bank for me. Can’t wait till I can spend it!! Can think of so many things to buy. Cleaned drums & labelled today. It [10L chemical drum cleaning] isn’t too bad after all (x-ept that you get everything wet (well I do)) [oh and maybe get a little poisoned by the toxic chemicals I was rinsing out of them?] Didn’t eat much. Had a sly cone (yogurt tho’) & desert at Di & Kerry’s – still, must lose.. 6kgs I worked out. Keep going Liss

Sunday 18/8/85

I feel a strange kind of freedom. See, I got all my Homework done before 2:00! [a feeling I haven’t known many times in my life: I am usually a ‘last-minute’ crammer] And (that includes my essay) what’s better, the time went so slow after that! I just didn’t know what to do. I made a barby shirt & fixed up their “living area”. I removed (tried to) unwanted hair (underarms & bikini line) and had a sly cone (umah) that’s another good thing. I didn’t feel hungry at all today! So I didn’t eat much. I’m quite happy overall. Dunno particularly why. (Also, put some things on my door) Gonna have an early night So I feel 100% in the morning. Can’t wait till next weekend. Will write a list of all the things I can do so I don’t get bored!!