Memories of Poo & Dead Pets (7-13 January)

Monday 7/1/85

Was our last nite. Tonight are staying in the house in the dark – bar 4 or so candles. Fiona did not call back last night. (I stayed up late to watch the movie) Neither did she call today. I think it was Mr D.’s fault. He has a poor memory (so Fi says.) Today was busy. What with carrying the last few loads to the house, then scouring out the flat, to make it shiny & clean (as possible). [One of my favourite stories relating to this exercise was mum’s experience of cleaning out the toilet; she discovered something that had hitherto been imperceptible to us all – that the result of my grandmother’s daily explosive bowel movements (with thanks to regular consumption of Epsom salts) – had somehow lightly spattered the walls. Mum, Julia and I were in absolute stitches!]  There are some boys who have moved in where Diane W. used to live. They whistled (well, one did, I think he’s 15 or so, not bad looking. I’m writing by candlelight.

Tuesday 8/1/85

Last night while having our Kentucky Fried Chicken the Skinners came to the Fishers. Skint!! Me in my frilly nightie!! I don’t think we are gonna get our bond money ($200) back – Today was hot, but quite a lot cooler in the house. In the morning FNQEB & Telecom came so we now have electricity & a ‘phone! Rang Fiona around 6:15. Had to ring back 15 mins later. When she answered, she was bright & chirpy and didn’t at all sound guilty about not ringing back Last Thurs. Are both coming tomorrow. Petra came up after lunch & is sleeping. She has given us 3 goldfish, from their pond. Hope they don’t die. [Our track record with smaller pets wasn’t too good. Mutliple fish had died in our care, most often jumping out of tanks when we weren’t around to put them back. One summer we accidentally killed a pet budgie by leaving its cage in the garage on a day that temperature soared. We came home to find it on the bottom of the cage with its eyes hanging out of its head. Terribly upsetting. We have had much more success with dogs as pets.]

Wednesday 9/1/85

Had a late night last night. Ate ice-cream as a midnight feast. Were sprung! This morning, playing cards with Jules & Petra when Fiona & Jemima came. Got a photo frame from Fiona (brass) & notebook, room card (vacant or home) & sticker from mima. Then went to mim’s for a swim. WAS STINKIN’ HOT TODAY! After a quick swim, danced to Madonna (great exercise) then we had to go home cause mim had to go to art classes at 1:30. Fi rang when I got home. We went to shop & looked at new railway [‘Freshwater Connection’] I came home & went to the dentist. A Life in WordsVery quick tightening. Came home & relaxed.

Thursday 10/1/85

Jemima & Fiona asked me if I’d like to see ‘Ghostbusters’ with them tomorrow. I think they do like me; they are trying to start afresh. Being as best, best friend to me as possible. Today, mainly waited for mima/fiona. Woke quite early after a late night, then went out to do some things before lunch (getting things for the house) then just read, played cards, ate & lazed around all afternoon. I rang mim & fi about 20 times, finally mim answered. She couldn’t stay tonight but I was to go to her house at 8:30, along with Fi & Beka to catch the 9:00 bus. A Life in Words

Friday 11/1/85

After a late night last night (10:30) woke at 7:00 & began the rigmarole of deciding what to wear to the movies. Actually it was easy. Got to mime’s a little early, but got going (Polly, Beka, Fi, Mim & Me) at 8:45 When got in to town, got off near Coles & bought our “supplies”. Got a seat in the theatre (by the look of the que, didn’t think there’d be any room). Glenn came.. Ghostbusters was terrific!  No other word to describe it. After, walked around town then took bus to mim’s at 2:00 Swam all arvy. Wanted to sleep somewhere but weren’t allowed. Had to go to Yacht Club for tea.

Saturday 12/1/85

Quite a late night last night as well (10:30). Have decided to sleep at Fi’s tonight, in the garden, under a tarp… Hope we’re allowed tonight..!! Got to Fi’s at 9:00, she only just got out of bed! When mima came, we played cards till Lucy came at 10:00. Then walked (after lunch) to mima’s got her stuff, walked to my place (stayed for lunch) walked back to fi’s. Set up the tent. Looked like it would rain but did not. Rebekah came late. Fiona told me what Beka was upset about before ‘ghostbusters’ – she didn’t know I was coming – she “can’t stand Elissa.” Stupid bitch. Lucy was bitchy too.

Sunday 13/1/85

Last night got to sleep around 2:00. Had 3 smokes only for fun, ate & played cards. Have a sore throat. Have had it since I woke at 8:00 this morning. [Not the ‘fun’ smoking the night before, poten After clearing up, we all decided to go Freshy for a swim. Was cool & overcast. Lotsa guys None spunky (x-ept one) who, from a distance, looked like Sean (my spunk) on our way back (Lucy was picked up) these “toughies” wanted us to come back & swim. We didn’t – who would. Then, came to my place. Lazed about, Beka left, lazed about, went to shop, picked up mim & fi’s gear. Late nite AGAIN!


A Dinner, a Fete & a Crook Neck (22-28 October)

Monday 22/10/84

After yesterday, have to go strict on diet. Boring day. Mr Van Slooten picked on me (ALOT) today in History.

Tuesday 23/10/84

We’re all sooo tired: Hafta get used to summer again. Told Luc my idea of bringing alcohol to Justine’s party. She wants something exciting to happen too. Boring, plain ‘nothing’ kinda day. Fi went to sick room at little lunch & was sick all day. Hope she feels better in the morning.

Wednesday 24/10/84

Very boring day. still didn’t know what to wear until I had my bath. After speech, Fi, Lucy & I walked to the Freshy shops. Had fun at the German Dinner. Ate yummy tea & dessert UMAH! Walked up & down the street. On the bus on the way home the kids lit up a smoke & SHANE, WADE, IAN & EVERYONE ← (almost) smoked it. I couldn’t believe it. & still can’t. Anyway am tired so nite nite!

Thursday 25/10/84

Woke with a sore neck. Went to bus stop (in a shit). Decided to go back & kiss mum. Went back to bus stop, grabbed port & went to chiropractor. Made an appointment for this arvy. At school – BORING. Mum was late to pick me up from school so I got on the bus with Fi told bus driver & saw mum. Flashed headlights & I waved crazily. Dropped me off at Smithfield shops. Soon mum came. Lucky Julia saw me or she would have driven right past me & left me there. Got a little relief from chiropractor. Hafta go back tomorrow morning. At K-Mart, bought Justine’s prezzy – fluoro beads & Bangle (yellow.) A Life in WordsHad a big row – no dinner. Am not hungry now.

Friday 26/10/84

At chiropractors, a few twists & cracks made me feel 99% relieved. Feel HEAPS better. Got back to school at 9:40. Am going to fete with mim & Fi. We’re taking them & Mrs D.’ll take us home. Matthew C. loves Fi. It started last Tues when him & Clayton peashot us. Then on ‘Matt’ has written MC 4 FD on blackboards, desks & winked & blown kisses at her. Poor girl. Tonite Clayton rang to ask Fi if she’d go with Chappo. [To ‘go with’ someone was the 80’s teen terminology for ‘date’ or ‘go out with’] Don’t blame her for saying NO!!! Melinda’s staying tonight.

Saturday 27/10/84

Good day. Woke 7:15 lazed around. Began vacuuming but mum finished it. After a small lunch, had a bath, dressed & went to Smithfield Fete. Boring this year but Justine, Angela & us made laughter & shared food & drink. Before mim had been at her school carwash. Met 2 boys who’d suit Fi & me. Stuart (for Fi) from Trinity Bay (rest unknown) & Peter (for me) from CHS, Gr 11, blonde spiky hair & funny laugh. Great to meet him, huh?! [Of course that didn’t happen, so to this day I have no idea who Peter is/was] Will 10hrs sleep 2night hopefully.

Sunday 28/10/84

Did sleep 10hrs! Great! Woke, had brekky, did ex’s, had shower & packed for dad’s. Went to Mulleys today instead. Roger is shifting. Moo & Nellie didn’t want to come, so Julia stayed there. Went to Roger’s & sunbaked (had no suncream – got a little burnt) Picked up Jules after went back to Roger’s (old) place. Stayed for tea. Broke diet (UMAH) Penwardens & many more came too. VERY LATE NITE!


Jigsaw Puzzle Panic (3-9 September)

Monday 3/9/84

Toni didn’t pick me up today thank god. She got ‘the message’. Karen is upset about our thinking they’re immature so now she gets on at our stop, before me, and gets the seats closest to the back (cos’ she knows I like to sit there)

Tuesday 4/9/84

Haven’t fought once with Julia since Friday! Good, huh?! Mum is going strong on the nicorettes. Am VERY PROUD of her! It took a lot of willpower & she’s done it, alright! [Hmmm, it’s only been a week Lissy…!] Am still very tired. Worked on the jigsaw puzzles again. Did no HW. Got a terrible headache – worse – I got a few more during the rest of the day.

Wednesday 5/9/84

In speech, we asked Mrs McI. if Fi could come to class (we weren’t doing work cos’ exams had finished) so Luc & I got Fi worked up – she was worried all day – thinking it was something bad! Had fun! In Double Science, we swapped rooms with 9B. We had B1 & they went to F1². PES mucked around Got some more headaches today.

Thursday 6/9/84

Woke ‘automatically’ early (6:00). Slow day. Started gymnastics puzzle & finished it this arvy. Fooling around, I bruised my arm – the bone. I was using my right arm for support on the floor, when Julia pushed me, I fell on it & so did she. I panicked – thinking at first it was broken but (un)fortunately it wasn’t. [I’d fractured my right wrist when I was about 10 years old – landing on it after a failed high jump attempt – so I knew the pain of a broken bone. UNfortunately meaning, time off school and/or the excuse that I’d be unable to write…] Early to bed – but I can’t sleep.

Friday 7/9/84

A Life in Words

Woke again ‘automatically’ around 6:00. Didn’t learn for maths & I think I’ve failed (or close to it) but – german was a SYNCH. Took $5 to school – $2.20 for German BBQ on Wednesday & 50c for pizza lunch. Watched movie “Can’t Stop the Music” & it’s now the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen it.

Saturday 8/9/84

Did go to tennis finals cos’ didn’t know where it was held/or what time etc. When I rang Fi she said she wasn’t going either cos’ she didn’t know enough about it either. Lazed around. Got words for songs, while listening to a tape. ATE UMAH After yummy salad sammy, went to help mum paint house but Jules & I ended up playing hopscotch, catchey & water fights. A Life in Words At flat – washed my bike for the 1st time EVER! BOY was it DIRTY! After tea watched the movies. Late one “No Sex Please, We’re British” was HILARIOUS!!

Sunday 9/9/84

Woke at 8:30. Had pancakes for brekky. Got dressed, sat down & did HW. Dad came at 10:00 and at his place (took him 2 GIANT pancakes) went to beach & did HW till Jill & Barry came. Looked over their house, then went for drinks to the ‘San Remo Hotel’ Pub. Watched movie and am pooped!

Exam Results & Cross Country Asthma Attack (18-24 June)

Monday 18/6/84

NO MORE TESTS!! Science awful 50½/70 English awful 29/40, Maths good 61½/70 German ok 42/50. Mr Van hasn’t finished marking history & I didn’t have art or BP. Am quite upset about Lucy’s coffee table. Mum’s going on about paying for it etc. Bought bubble gum & ice block, rode around, talked to mum rode Petra and Lysarne home after speech. Julia had a bad migraine before.

Tuesday 19/6/84

Mim, Fi & Beka & I were gonna wag the last day of the semester but can’t cos that’s when we get our reports. Cross country tomorrow YUK. 67% History overall 32/50 Oh! BP 35½/40. (70/75 so far) Art 37/40 (9½%/10%!!) Definitely decided to wag tomorrow. Gonna ring Fi now to see if she’s allowed. Started girl drawing business again (at lunchtime). Watched TV this arv. Egg-flip for tea. Tired.

Wednesday 20/6//84

Woke early – decided to go to school cos’ Fi was. Was alright. FREEZING morning – wore gloves to bus stop! Not much work today. (I’m s’posed to go to bed now but my excuse is I’ve got filthy/cold feet. CROSS COUNTRY wasn’t bad but I now know I have asthma – Got 4/5 way back when started uncontrollable wheezing. At speech mim said we’re not going late night shopping 2morrow now.

Thursday 21/6/84

Ellis won cross country yesterday; overall. Toni told me she’s wagging it – naughty. Career Ed today can only call it BORING. Went late night shopping. Put a layby on black shoes – Julia got belts & chains etc. (She) Went to a disco last night. Mum & I walked her there  Was cold.

Friday 22/6/84

Huffy with mum. I was running late she didn’t get my brekky for me so I couldn’t have any. COLD AM again Didn’t do any work at all today. AM NOT HAPPY with my report card. Science, Hist & PES are not all highs. Took a gigantic ham bone to Max. Stayed watching Heath.

Saturday 23/6/84

Rained abit at tennis. Went to our tree & after bought a yummy lunch dawdled home (at 4.30) rang mum on the way so she knew. Decided to go to Bluelight (mim & Fi sleep over after.) Am SO excited!! Can’t wait. Gonna wear pinafore, white shoes, bangles, mima’s mum’s black esprit shirt, Jules new belt, white scarf, fingerless gloves & dog chains (Y’know the silver ones) – ≡ Was Unreal! Rebecca P came & went with us. A boy she didn’t even know & she ended up dancing close to him. Thought Mark R. looked at me strangely must be my imagination. Nothing good happened to me but mim was followed around by two guys, one ‘Gavin’ from TAS & ‘Liam’ from CHS – Also a ½ mongoloid guy (Mark) from TAS like Fi & kept asking her to dance. Poor girl – god I’m mean.

Sunday 24/6/84 A Life in Words

Played a game all morning, went to shop, ate, rode and decided to sleep at Fi’s in hammocks. Fed St Cloud’s cats – had a fag & 1st drag. Is REEEEVOLTING FOUL. Didn’t sleep in hammocks tho’ cos’ weren’t any. Stayed up late (1 fag & requested songs (3) only Fi’s – “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” was played.)

Vomit, Exams & a ‘Smashing’ Good Time (11-17 June)

Monday 11/6/84

Woke late. Are all very tired and lazy. Slept with mim cos’ mattress on the floor was sandy: Packed up and went to the old museum – boring. Driving home, stopped at Palmer River Station 4 lunch. Boring drive home. Dropped mim off. I watched Sons & Daughters and went to bed at 9:00. AM EXHAUSTED!!

Tuesday 12/6/84

Was SICK!! Luckily missed out on my science exam (which according to Rebecca P is very hard.) Soon as I woke, felt sick. No brekky – when Toni came, chucked up my orange juice. Felt better then so went to school on bus – felt sick again. Going to ring mum at office, chucked up under a bush. Mick took me home. Spewed 4 times today.

Wednesday 13/6/84

yesterday felt better around 3:00. Talked to Lysarne & Rebecca P. Had dry toast with honey & 2 grated apples! Kept ’em down! Today felt heaps better. Poured at bus stop – english was pretty easy – maths competition was hard and science was quite easy. Came home in pouring rain, after speech, updated BP – but didn’t study – and I have maths (OH NO) Art (okay) & History (Hell!) They could all be quite hard. Tell ya later

Thursday 14/6/84

Maths and Art – a synch BUT I just know I flunked History. It was liking giving a 2 Yr old a uni-test. Besides that, I’ve just been to Freshy School viewing films of Julia’s Lizard Is. Camp. Not many shots of Julia, but the one she was in the boys made finger shadow like pinching her bum!

Friday 15/6/84

Shane was there last night. I don’t know if I like him anymore /// BP was good, german was better, but the best thing is no more exams!! Rode to shop this arvy, met Karen and walked her home. Ms Chant said I could hand in my BP book on monday instead. Thank God! Julia’s staying at Dad’s. I’m having a pretty early night considering its Friday.

A Life in WordsSaturday 16/6/84

Rode to tennis – think I’m allowed now. Rang mum & told her I was going to town. Had ripper fun!! Got clothes 4 mima’s – had tacos for tea which was too hot 4 me to eat! Watched 3 movies. Really tired. Movies – Alligator, Class Reunion & Polyester which you can smell 2!! scratch’n’sniff card comes with it.

Sunday 17/6/84

Got to sleep ~ 2:00 worse – woke about 5:00 (3hrs sleep) Dozed til 9:45 Beka had been waiting outside for ½hr, we found out – umah! Anyhow watched Alligator again (3rd time) for Beka, cleaned up, went to Lucy’s about 11:30. Watched “Hostage” (true story) Had a ‘gala’ lunch & played a ruff-tuff game. I sat on the glass coffee table and it broke. I feel absolutely terrible (Had a smoke – they were “Drum” roll-your-own! UMAH!


Really Gross Gas & Cooktown Discovery (4-10 June)

Warning: some surprisingly graphic bowel-related descriptions coming up. If you are sensitive, I highly recommend you skip over Monday and Tuesday this week. Personally, my embarrassment expressed itself in the form of uncontrollable laughter.

My father frequently used to – er, and still does – refer to the “Coxen Bowel Fetish” – a phenomenon peculiar to our family (hence the name) in which  uninhibited verbal discussion of anything and everything related to the Excretory System was ‘natural’. I always knew it was a joke – a long, long-standing joke – but it would seem from the following that a part of me chose to believe it was real.

Monday 4/6/84

Tiring, hectic day. School went so slow. Didn’t get the whole dump thingo taped. Trudged home. Getting ready to go to Justine’s, did a big juicy fart & next thing I know, some watery juice drips on the floor. OH NO! – maybe getting that wog that’s going around. Listened to tape at Justine’s, did role play & had some arvy tea!!!!

Tuesday 5/6/84

Toni can’t be wagging it – she was away today again. Got another juice in undies during skool – wet’n’ooozy’n’reeevolting. Hooray! Finished taping Dump thing! Got Science test back 23½/25 Best ever in science. Had arvy tea & rode all arvy. Did HW – heaps of it. Got in a tantrum cos’ everything’s going wrong 4 me.

Wednesday 6/6/84

Woke early. New plan – “all catch-up & HW at school & all study at home.” Down-to-earth, boring day. Good seats on bus. At speech, mim & I discussed Cooktown. [She was coming with us to the Cooktown Discovery Weekend, traditionally held on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend] Lucy, Fi, mim & I went to my place. I wrote mim a list of clothes & she took 2 records to tape. All went to shop. Came home Just on dark!!!

Thursday 7/6/84

Toni actually came to school! NO!! She was sick. Criticized Martin & Shane. God they’re dickheads. Fooled around under our tree at lunchtime. After a shower, went to Westcourt mum took back the sweatskirt she bought me, then at Earlville got a ‘splendiferous’ grey box pleated sweatskirt. Late nite. Gotta do my assign. tomorrow.

Friday 8/6/84

I’ve been so confused. Thought Wed. was Thurs. & thurs. was Fri.! Guess I’m excited. Bought lunch of pizza. Woke early. Rushed my english assignment – got it done and handed in. sooo nervous about exams, too! Got off at fi’s stop & we all went to mim’s Made fudge for the trip. Both so excited and nervous! Packed enough to last me a week! Mima came an 1hr late I panicked, but am calming down now!

Saturday 9/6/84

A Life in Words
Julia & Mima leaning against indigenous watercraft outside the Sea Museum

4:45 – mum woke us. Dressed, packed extra clothes & had brekky. Finally left 5:30. Slept 1hr. Good trip – ate, ate & ate. Finally arrived (after numerous stops) at 11:30. Flat is disappointing – no fridge or TV, cramped’n’filthy dirty. After lunch Jules, mim & me went to Sea Museum. ½ way through the tour, kind man said we could come back after 3:00 (for free) as the parade had begun. After parade, lazed in flat while mum & Geoff went to RSL. After completed museum tour, studied maths 4 2½ hrs, then went to dinner. We stayed home talking until mum came home from pub – feeling sick from drinking the water. The 2 men who came with us are really weird. One is mean 2 us. [I actually have NO recollection of anyone else accompanying us on this weekend, let alone two ‘weird’ men.]

Sunday 10/6/84

Woke early to a bright, windy day & church bells. At 9:00 watched re-enactment of Cook’s landing. Then went to Grassy Hill – windy as hell! Corn 4 lunch – rested – went to Cementary studied again. Lazed – watched fireworks (spectacular – but not as good as Cairns show works) Dins at the pub – mum’n’Geoff went with those 2 men. At the flat, talked, laughed and watched a man in another hotel making tomato and apple sandwiches, when a lady in the same hotel sprung us. Tried smoking. Was fun! I heard a noise – chucked smoke down the loo. Mim worried about the smell and how she felt bloated, dirty etc. FUUUNNY!